Do Not Quit

Friday, December 30, 2011


I missed Mir's challenge and decided to bring my idea from weight watchers to blogger. I created a new challenge First Day Of Spring Challenge!!

This challenge is to lose 20+ lbs or make your goal by the first day of spring 2012 which is march 21st. Please check out this link for the page below. If you want to join please follow the blog and leave a comment. Thanks so much!!

I look forward to hearing from some of you and I would appreciate it if you would pass this on to some people who may have missed Mir's challenge too and are looking for somewhere else to join.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year New Me!!

So today is my first official day back on on track as far as sticking to my points plus program and it is not as bad as other days have been. The points are lower as I said before but they are manageable I have to continue to be strong and stop letting people and holidays make my decisions for me. I have tried to continue my diet through the holidays but was asked by many people why diet during holidays and I let that question roll and decided to wait until new years day to start until 2 days ago I said no I'm starting tomorrow and damn if I didntget why would you start before new years thats stupid and I replied this time why is it stupid? It's one day! If I can't get through one day I can't get through life. So today is my new day and I will stay on points unless I have my cheat day lol from now on.

I created a challenge on weight watchers called lose 30 lbs or make goal by the first day of spring 2012. I am looking forward to going through this challenge with the lovely people who have already signed up for it :) 98 people in not even 3 whole days. That's awesome!! I was thinking about making a challenge like that on here but I wanted to see how many people if anybody would like to join. So if you are interested please let me know and I will open a challenge soon. I have noticed that not that many people seem to stop by anymore so i don't want to make something that nobody is interested in.

So how did everyone's holiday go? Are you looking forward to new years eve or are you a little scared of the multiple food choices you are going to endure? Also what are people's goals this year? I would love to hear them. So far I just have lose more weight and get my certifications (BLS and CPR) so I can get into a hospital even if just as an aide. I want more than though I usually have goals out the butt and I can't seem to think of any this year sonhopefully you guys give me some good ideas.

Well nice to talk t everyone again I hope to hear from some of you soon, if I don't hear from youor talk to you in the next couple days have a happy new year and stay on point with your diets. Stay strong and stay safe. Good luck all!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Why hello there you lovely people lol I hope everyone had a great Christmas now let's move on to the new year where we will have new goals and new year resolutions. I just started my new challenge on weight watchers sites to lose 30 lbs or make goal by 3/21/12 the first day of spring. I feel this is not too much to ask andnis very reasonable. It's just enough time to lose weight and not feel overwhelmed and over exhausted. Are any of you on weigh watchers online?? If so def look up the challenge or look me up my username is kimc87. I am always looking for more people who are on the same road as I am on the same diet too. We could help each other out in many ways. But speaking of the new year what are your new goals/resolutions? If you even went towards thinking about that already. I am trying to lose those 30 lbs and make goal this year. I'm not putting a time frame on it this time because that just is silly to me now. Your body will have ups and downs and it will lose all the weight when it feels like it lol well at east my body. I could eat on plan everyday work out 4 times a week and still gain or see no movement on the scale and I got tired of blaming myself because I know I was doing good and I know I was achieving other victories so why beat myself up if it's not my fault? Not any more. Today is a new day weight watchers has a new program and I am a new me :) I will do this I am going to do this..... Who's with me???

Well like I said in the opening I hope all of you had a great Christmas and in hope everyone got what they wanted. Stay on point and don't give up even if your stuck wight the same number for weeks at a time. There is hope and you can do it. Just try reaching out to someone or venting. It helps a lot and will put you back on target and get you moving again. Good luck all keep up the great work and stay strong!!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Last CDCC 12-19-11

Oh my I'm so sorry I was out of state and it slipped my mind :( then I come back to a shooting outside of my job and having to make sure my employees are ok ect. What is the world coming to seriously??

Any way with out further ado I did lose this week FINALLY!!! I am down 2 lbs yay!!! This puts me at 170  ugh that's up from original weigh in of 168 but I'm still a size 10 and measurements are still the same thank god! In any other case I'd be disappointed with myself but with what I went through and what I managed to do I'm not upset at all I know I will keep losing and get the where i want to be it's just when my body is ready not when I am. I can deal with this now. I have loved being in the challenge even though sometimes I was late on posting and got so overwhelmed with things in the end tha I couldn't comment like I should have. Sorry to all of you for that. Well I didn't get the dress I had in mind due to money issues but here's my new addition :)

Gotta love my bathroom pics and sorry bout the smudge on the mirror lol.
And here is what I was doing out of state

I hope everyone did great on this challenge and are happy with what they have achieved. I am proud of everyone who stuck with it even if they were in a situation like me. We will continue to lose we will continue to be healthy. I hope to still hear from everyone and continue to see great posts. Good luck and keep losing!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

CDCC 12-11-11

Oh where oh where has my weight loss gone oh where oh where could it be lol! Seriously though this is unreal!!!!! Once again ladies and gents I have not lost anything not even an ounce. Good news though weight watchers has changed its plan I wasn't so sure about changing since you have the option to stay the same. I was like why fix what works haha but for real I have seen some amazing numbers coming from fellow weight watchers on the new plan so I'm thinking I'm goin to start tomorrow. I still have to go to a meeting to get all the details on how it works but from what I was told its pretty much the same just lower points. I hope this works for me because I have hit a MAJOR Plateau.

So way off topic but I was studying and happened to come across bag of bones series by Stephen king on a&e and let me tell you GREAT show or so it seems so far. It comes on tomorrow starting at 7 and repeats every four hours. So you can catch tonight's and tomorrow's. Seriously though you should def check it out :)

In other news my final is tomorrow and im crossing my fingers something serious haha. I have to hit the books again so I'm sorry but once again this is a short post. I plan on getting back to blogging more faithfully when i get a break from everything. I miss it :( I hope all is well with everyone and I hope everyone's weight loss has been going great. I will ttyl!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

CDCC update 12/3/11

What's this?? Kim is actually updating on time lol. First off thanks everyone for all you lovely comments I wish I had the time to comment back right now but I haven't.... So sorry everyone for me lack in support but I know you ladies are doing awesome you have been up to this and you haven't given up so I am proud of you all! Great job!! We have exactly 3 more weeks until Xmas wow did that go by fast. I am actually walking by this place at my job and They have a scale so we are going to check this out. Im going to put this on hold for one moment and see what's my damage. Well I'm down .03 lbs lol still a loss but def still looking like a plateau. Oh :( I was hoping to get down to my 150 goal and my my size 8-10 but not going to happen from the looks of it. It's ok though I'm happy where I'm at and I will continue to lose because I am never giving up. I hope all of you had a great weigh in and if not you have a good look on things like I do now, and will always have. Yes we all have the why moments and the depressed moments but in the end we have to have the I dont care I will get there and I'm proud of where I'm at I'm proud of what I've accomplished and what I will keep accomplishing. Good luck all!!! I gotta go before I get caught lol :@

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

CDCC update 11/28/11

I know I know I am late as usual but late is better than never right?? lol Seriously though Im sorry but I am going to be late most of the time if mir will allow me I work all the time now and am in school. This week has been oh so hectic where do I even begin? So my job for some reason did not pay me for three weeks straight which made it so I could not grocery shop so that brought my thanksgiving dinner to SUCK majorly no healthy eating for kim :(  it finally did come on weds. the 23 but they sent it to the wrong store so I had to drive 45 miles to get it an 45 miles back home. then guess what.... YUP you guessed it no one was open to cash it. WTH!!!!! luckily I have the greatest bf ever and he lent me the money on thursday thanksgiving so i could go shopping YAY!!! So the one good thing about this story thats still not done is I got to go black friday shopping and when I was there I got the last leap pad tablet for my daughter and when I say the last one I mean the last in the store. I had to ask the guy who had one in the back :) and no you can not find them ANYWHERE. So the end to this horrible story is my daughter ended up sick on saturday sunday and today with either a virus or the flu.... I hope she gets better soon its so sad :( my poor baby. And now the drum roll.......

I MAINTAINED AGAIN!!! what the heck.... I think I hit a palteau. This weight is not moving, I guess thats better than gaining though so I am happy especially since I didnt gain during the holiday. Now I just have to defeat xmas and new years with no gains.

How has everyone else been? I hope you all lost or maintained as well. I will try to blog again later, and if I do it will be a late one as always lol. Good luck all.

Monday, November 21, 2011

CDCC update hope I'm still in

Overly overly sorry guys I have tried so hard to check in but I have been working until 1-3 am almost everyday so by the time I get home I just want to sleep. This is probably the earliest I have gotten in for 3 weeks and I still just want to sleep. So here it is unfortunately I gained last week AGAIN!!!! And then this week I maintained :( I need to get these lbs off. I know why I gained last week and I'm actually surprised I didn't gain this week too. I'm sorry for not checking in last week believe me I tried just couldnt seem to get the time or keep my eyes open once I got in. I did exercise this week so yay for me now I just got to get my eating back on point. I hope I'm still able to be in this challenge and if not I completely understand I mean I missed two updates :( we will see. I will def try to check in again this week when I have time to sit infront of a computer and not my phone. Sorry again guys!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cdcc update 11-6-11

Let me start this off by saying WAY TO GO RAVENS!!! I dont care if we even make it to super bowel beating the steelers twice is my super bowel!!! Now on to the weight I stayed the same which I am happily excepting right now because its not a gain and for some reason thats all I have been doing lately. I am also happy because I got a job :) its only seasonal but hey it gives me christmas for my little one and family so Im happy. I just hope I can pull my grades up and work all day. We will see. I have got some work outs in this week too which I feel great about, still battling depression though. I dont know whats triggering it but it needs to go somewhere lol. I am last minute updating right now because as you can see I was watching the game, and what a GREAT game it was. Now I got to take my butt to bed so I can get up early study some more and go to school and take yet again another biology test GRRR!!! lol I hope all the weigh ins went good this week and I hope to have some of these lbs gone next week but like I said as of right now I am pleased with maintaining. It works for me. I will check in later if I have a break this week if not tty next update. sorry its so short but I have 3 mins to link up lol.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

cdcc update

Ok so I have tried this for days and multiple times a day.... lets see if it will post this time around. I am a very unhappy camper not only do I and have I felt like butt all week but I gained 3 lbs WHAT??? The babies are gone... I know my depression and my midterms are here but really???? Three lbs???? I dont have that much time to chat about this but I feel like a complete failure like I let and am letting everyone down :( I wont give up though!!! I just hope I dont look like the failure of the group because as of right now I am and I feel like a waste of space in this challenge that someone else could of used :( Sorry it took so long posting this but I have had a problem with blogger this week it would let me type everything up but it wouldnt save or post GRRRR and when you keep typing the same thing over and over again it pees you off! Well Im gonna go now I will check in sunday and hope I dropped down some I cant keep taking this gaining stuff its draining depressing and overwhelming. Hope everyone else had a great weigh in this week. TTYL

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cdcc check in

Ok so this was my last weekend with twin and you would think I'd be happy but instead it's the complete opposite I have a had a streak of depression going on and I think I just need some kind of a break I wish they had a damn pause button in life. Well any way this is gonna be a rush type of blog but I promise next weeks check in.... It's on lol. I am sad to announce that I maintained my weight this week grrrr when will this up maintain thing come to an end??? This week I will do better this week I have the time to do better this week I Must do better. I hope everyone had a great weigh in though and I hope all went well for everyone I will def. try to check in within the week but right now I'm so depressed I just want to go to sleep I'm sorry guys :(

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sick Babies + T.O.M. + midterms + depression=

Yes equals a slight gain. I am up 1.5 lbs which means I am back up to 168.3 GRRR! Im disappointed in myself but crossing my fingers that its just from T.O.M. Sorry I did not get around to commenting last week I was completely Overwhelmed, and I didnt get to post on sunday because I was in the hospital with what I thought was severely sick babies which thank god turned out to be severe allergies. This is my last week with them. I am happy and sad all at the same time.I am very sorry for this short short post but they have had me going bonkers all day and i had school and my cleaning job on top of that so I right now feel like a walking zombie lol. I will try to write soon and get around to all your blogs. I hope you all did well this week though. Keep up the great work and stick in there if you had a gain like me. Good night all!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

CDCC Update 10/9/11

So I stepped on my scale today and saw 166.8 I don't believe it and usually my scale is off a lb anyway so I am posting it as 167.8 just to be safe. which means I am down 2 lbs since last weigh in :) I am so happy I am not seeing a gain again this week. Hopefully next week will be even better. I can learn how to be healthy with everything that is happening I will learn!! I am slacking on my books this week and maybe even next week(just a heads up) because I have 3 tests and a practical. blah. I also am sucking on the exercise part this week which I hope to be up next week we will see. as for water... drinking plenty and staying in my points range not too sure about calories though oops. This is a short post and I'm real sorry but I def need to hop to these books. I CAN NOT FAIL THESE TESTS!! or I will fail my class. I got screwed over with trying to study and handle 3 kids at once I cant do it and I give major props to ppl who can. Good luck on next week everyone and I hope weigh Ins were great this week. TTYL

Friday, October 7, 2011

A giveaway?!

So one of my fellow blogges is having a give away of a craft she made. I entered this because she is such an amazing women and here blog is awesome! She made a cute little craft out of cork board that days motivation very cutely around the top of it. It's honestly a great craft that I would never have thought of(major props BTW) you could hang your motivational pictures and quotes off on it and it would be a daily reminder of why you are doing this and keep you going strong even when your discouraged. You can change them too which is awesome so you don't have to stare at the same one all the time.The best part of all it won't take up any space you cab hang it on your wall :) I hope I when this because it would mean a lot to me one because a fellow Blogger, weight loss friend, and challenger made this herself to help a person in need and boy am I in need right now LOL and two because I like never win anything so sad I know haha well anyway you all should check it out and even if you don't win you will have a new interesting blog to read right? Well the choice is yours and good luck....
I hope that shows up I am posting this on my phone if not I will edit it later. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just when I thought

This will be over soon I will give the twins back and have my weight loss life back and my my school/blogging life right?? NOT!!! I just got a call yesterday to add to an already way beyond the point of hectic telling me the jets are coming back in from Afghanistan on the 15 and I have to work that weekend so now I wont be there to pick up the kids until the 22nd. Well that would be ok if I wasn't in school. I am already failing the most important class I have right now and its going to be rough to bring my grade up I was hoping to have the first week of no babies to study for the second test that I was going to have which is literally the week after they would have left. I think the 19th or 20th well.... THAT WONT HAPPEN!!

I am also so drained always tired I feel like I am at the burn out stage. ( I hope you guys know a little bit about psychology and don't think I am talking about a burn out *pothead* lol) I don't know how I am even functioning anymore no lie. Its exhausting its putting all my goals plans and more importantly my career on hold. I love them to death and I love my sis to death but its like I already did this for a month I cant do it anymore. I would take them to her if I had the money but I am broke as a joke. No lie. Sorry I had to vent :)

I was ready to go up to the YMCA and ask for their financial assistance like I had at one point of time so I could start going to the gym again. They offer babysitting while you work out so that's a plus and the fact that I could then throw my daughters bday parties there and she could have swim lessons all at discounted prices because I am a member. I hope I can still get up there to drop off the form it would be nice to go somewhere and work off all this exhaustion and anger I face on a daily basis haha!.

Well I am trying my hardest to do better this week but Its not happening to well. Yesterday I did good until dinner time I was at 22 pp and then It went down hill because me being stupid said well I am already over my points and I figured since the fam was getting chick-fil-a why get a 12 pp salad if I could have a meal for near the same points. Cough Cough DO NOT EVER THINK LIKE THAT THERE EVER I ate a freaking 30 point meal REALLY!!!????!!! I didn't know that was possible. Def. will never make that mistake again sticking to salads there.

So today I did good so far but I do see me going over 3-4 points :( not too bad though and I am going to try to make it so that doesn't happen by make my food even smaller lol I have to and I will do this, with or without babies. I know I have said that before but I am messing up everything I worked so hard for. Everything!!! Well that's all I think I got my venting and my mistakes out there. I will ttyl. I hope everyones day/week is going great!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

cdcc 10/1/11

I am on a roller coaster. Seriously my weight keeps going up and down and up and down. I can not wait until the 15th so I have more me time, which means more exercise time and more planning meals. Last week I was 168.8 and now once again I gained and am at 169.8 WHY?!?!?! lol I know why just cant seem to help it much with not time to myself. My schedule consists of waking up at 7 getting my daughter bathed and dressed for school making her breakfast and feeding babies. At 9 I take my daughter to school try to get babies to take a nap so I can do some homework and studying which let me tell you when one sleeps the other is wide awake and craving attention. This goes on until 11 30 when I pick up my daughter from school and then I start to get ready for school myself and fix lunch for me and my daughter and feed the babies again. At 12 30 I leave out to school and am there until 4 which then I ride home to make dinner and be back to school by 5 45 until 7 30 from there I drive home pick up my mom and we go to our cleaning job from 8 30 til 11 then I come home take a shower and try to study some more and wait to see if the babies wake up again. I usually don't get to sleep until 1 am and then wake up at 7 and do everything again but on Tues. and Thurs. its a little different. UGHHHH!! so exhausting!!! Only 2 more weeks though and I'M FREE!!!!!!!!!!

So I did drink plenty of water but did not stay on calorie as I should of. I also have yet to have time to sit down and read my chicken soup book. I hope to get to this soon I love these books so much. As I said last time though I love my 400 calorie book. I also was slacking in exercise this week too. I only exercised probably 2 times this week and nothing too exciting either. I feel disgusted in myself eww lol I have noticed that my first post I posted I wear a size 10 pants now and a size 8 dress.... well I have noticed that's was only true with stretch pants and and only certain dresses. so I think I will be changing my goal dress size to an official 8 or a 6 in the same brand dress I have now that already fit me. If that makes sense lol. I know from experience V.S. dresses are a little on the smaller side so I don't want to have a goal I know wont happen.

Well I hope everyone else had a great WI and a great week! Sorry for the long post and I promise give me 2 weeks and I will be back and stronger than ever, but for now I'm on a roller coaster ride. TTYL

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Good news on my part I weighed myself as 168.8 which would mean I lost .07 this week. Hey I will take it since it seems all I have been doing was gaining. I just hope when I finally get a chance to step on that WW scale it says the same thing or (wishful thinking) less lol.

Okay as for my goals:
I was slacking on exercising and water this week :( tiss tiss on me
I worked out 2 times and I drank lots of water but not near my goal I think on average I may have got 80 oz a day.
Although I slipped on counting calories a couple days this week, I am loving my cookbook :) Have not opened the chicken soup book yet being as I just got it in the mail a couple days ago and it happened to be and still is try to study while babies are sleeping/gone. You guys should def. check it out 400 Calorie Fix the easy new rule for permanent weight loss by liz vaccariello.

So I was baby free (except my little one who just wanted free time with her Momma) from 2pm and still am until about 3pm today feels weird now not having my sis' twins here but they will be back my brother and his gf wanted to borrow them lol Go right ahead I have a test on monday you would be helping me out. But figures they wont keep them for football no matter how much I begged them lol.

I hope to read everyones updates later and actually get around to commenting everyone this week. Sorry to those of you that I could not get around to commenting last week So Sorry :( I will do my best today. Good luck this week all and I hope last week went good for everyone. Until next time TTYL

Sunday, September 18, 2011


So my starting weight was 168 and sadly now it is 169.5 what in the beeeeeep.... I don't know if its because of my TOM or muscle gain or what but ew lol. Some how I gained 1.5 lbs this is not what I expected but I WILL get this off. WILL!!!! This week it is on! Bug time! I don't know what happened I have been walking jogging riding my stationary bike so I def sis exercise on top of my diet I do not know what happened. No idea at all. UGH!

I hope everyone else had a great loss or maintained. I will get around to commenting tomorrow I seriously have my hands full right now. I wish blogger on my phone had all the features the website has because then it would make all this so much easier to maintain. I wish you all luck as always and like I have already said I hope you all had a great WI! I will blog later since this is so short. TTYL

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where Have I Been You Ask?

I have been doing fine so far this week some slip ups here and there because I have my sis' twins on top of my kids but I love them to death! They have got me some extra exercise in... I have been going on walks with them every morning for 3 + miles. Also on Tuesday I went to the track and did intervals of brisk walking and jogging/running. This completely killed my thighs lol Fist of all I felt like I could not breathe after the five laps and then I hit six seven and eight and I was breathing so heavy that I  was sounding like Herbert the pervert coming up behind people HAHA! The next day I woke up and started to walk down the stairs and OMG did they hurt... it felt like I was kicked or really beat down just on my legs though, I mean I had a little soreness in my ribs but I can still feel the pain in my legs today.

I have been doing great counting up points and calories and have been getting in lots of water I am a little short on the water but I am def. close. I have been getting in 112 ounces and I need 128 to make a gallon so "close but no cigar"

Well I hope all is well with everyone I have been going a little crazy over here with the babies and school and my daughter so I am sorry if I have been slacking on commenting your blogs. I am lacking on sleep right now so I am taking my butt off to bed before they wake up again to get some z's in. Good night all, stay motivated and stay strong!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

First update for cdcc

I have a break from class so I figured I would take this time to blog. This is my first official post besides the intro blog and I have to say today I feel sooooooo hungry and I don't know why... and don't get scared I didn't go over points or calories, its just whenever I eat it feels like I barley ate anything I don't understand this. I must have a tape worm or something. Other than that I have been doing great today I didn't get exercise in so that means tomorrow I def will. I need to find something for breakfast that is real filling and holds you for a long time and for me this is difficult being as I am the pickiest person ever when it comes to food.
Tomorrow I plan on riding my bike for 30-45 mins and attempt some crunches. I don't know if both will happen but they bike is a def. I was going to go for a walk today but I got side tracked :( I had to do all kinds of stuff for my daughters school that I forgot to do so my break away from her I was still taking care of her stuff lol. Tomorrow its on though!! I am getting two of my nieces tomorrow too for a whole month!! I am super excited just wish the others were here too I miss them all oh so much! I just hope this doesn't make things difficult for me.... I doubt it will but who knows, things happen at the worst times it seems. 
So how has everyone else done today? Did you get your exercise in? stay in calorie range and get enough water? I hope all is well and everyone is doing great. I have to go back to class so sorry for the short blog but I will def. ttyl. Luck to all!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge

I'm am posting this early because you may not here from me until Monday. Here's my goals dress and more....
I am starting off at 168 lbs (yes I gained weight.... Sad) I want to get down to 150 or 140 haven't decided yet we will see as we get closer :)
My dress size right now is an 8-10 I wish to get down to a 6-8 (right now I wear a size 10 pant so I want to be a size 8 pant size 6 dress)
My exercises will be bicycle crunches and my stationary bike
Daily Caloric goal 1200
Amount of water consumed a day one gallon
My books are 400 calorie fix and chicken soup for the dieters soul
My dress I have already posted but will post again...
I am here for any support or motivation needed by anyone just ask I do not mind trust me I love helping ppl and would not feel bothered in the least bit.I can't wait to read everyone's updates and can't wait to get to know everyone. We can do this ladies!!! Well I hope I didn't forget anything.... If so I will update. Ttyl

New skirt :)

I So I got my new skirt last week and have not worn it until today lol I have to say I am not too impressed with how it looks on me as of right now but I will get there. don't mind my many house clutters but here's the pics
I really hated this one I look fat and I didn't do my hair and as for this one....

I like....Nice side shot so I could show you the shoes that def. blended in with everything :(

The tights are real cute they have a pattern on them which unfortunately you cant see either. I tried!

So I have everything ready for my first blog of the CDCC I am excited and ready I need to get these last couple pounds off so I can reach goal all ready. I have it I will reach goal by then even if I change my goal weight by then. I am aiming for 150 but may drop it to 140 depending on how I feel once I reach that weight. I think I might do 2 different exercises for this challenge because I need this pouch to disappear or minimize itself sometime soon. If that was gone or small I would LOVE my body right now but because of it ughhh.... I feel like butt. HAHA!! 

So I am off to study for my test tomorrow. I hope everyones week has been going good and sorry for not commenting on blogs for the past couple days I am trying to get this studying in. I will catch up later. Have a great day... or night!! TTYL

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Christmas challenge

I can not wait for this challenge to begin I am super excited. I have already got my calorie counting down and have picked out a dress and a book :) EXCITING!! This is the dress I chose...
I love this dress may have to wear a body shaper with it because I don't want my pouch to be hanging all out lol I am in love with this dress I mean IN LOVE WITH IT hehe I have multiple challenge with myself for Christmas 1. Meet the challenge (on here and on ww) 2. Buy my daughter lots and lots of presents 3. Buy my bf a trip to Poland 4. Buy my parents and siblings presents. which brings me to 5. SAVE UP ALL MY MONEY!!! all of it every last dollar no spending for Kim unless it somehow will fit into my goals. My bf's trip alone is 2400  my daughter usually takes 1000+ and the parents and siblings 500(unless I send the parents to Vegas then that will be raised to 1000) which means I need to save up at least 4000-5000 bucks WOW I work a seasonal job and that basically means that's every check in the bank but the plus side is I can get my bf's present a few weeks after Xmas. I'm gonna be a busy girl with nothing to show for it besides smiles on everyones faces! That's priceless so I am willing to do that. Savings starts October 1st.

So moving on I am on point today and plan to stay that way. Its hard when you have barley anything healthy to eat in the house and you have no grocery money until tomorrow night. How have you been doing with your diet? Good I hope. Well I have to get my butt back to studying just wanted to take a little break and blog. I will ttyl. Hope all is well with everyone.

Monday, September 5, 2011

WI 9/3/11 and more

I went to WI on saturday which I believe everyone knows and am proud to say I lost 2.2 lbs :) Good for me I havent went past the one lb mark in ages. I am now down to 166. How was everyone elses WI?

I also went to a wine festival this weekend where a local celtic rock band was playing. I had a great time! I love the irish!! The atmosphere was incredible and the people were friendly this is a must for next spring and summer I think I just might go each week lol

I didnt do good yesterday points wise and everyone is aware that saturdays are my day to do me so I got to kick my butt into high gear this week. I have to manage to study for two tests and somehow get some exercise in. I can do this!!

I can not believe I have two test already so my second say of class for bio I have a test and my second day of lab I have a test. I think they are trying to kill me already in the beginning of the semester. AHH!! haha.

Well I am little busy with studying right now but had to drop in and see how everyone was doing and let you all know how my WI and weekend went. Enjoy your labor day and be safe!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A test on the second day?

So as you all may have read I started my new semester at school yesterday. I am only taking 2 classes this semester being as I only have biology classes left and I'm not going to confuse myself with multiple bio's So this semester I am taking bio 110 and math 111, two awful classes if I may add. Any who I got told by my bio teacher well you don't have class Friday because that's your lab day and you don't have class Monday because of labor day but when you come back on Wednesday you will have your first test. WHAT? WHO DOES THAT? so not looking forward to this :( Then my math teacher tells us we have 2 projects I never even knew you could do math projects.... Interesting.

Well moving on yesterday I didn't eat breakfast I know bad right...

Bagel thin ham turkey and ww cheese with 14 pringles light sour cream and onion with Lipton diet green tea citrus  7pp

3 fig newton cookie things lol cranberry citrus with water 3pp

Panera bread Pick 2 half cup of broccoli cheddar and a half Thai chopped salad with a whole grain baguette with grape fruit2o 14pp

Cherries 0pp

fiber one brownie (eh not as good as it looked) 2pp

I really feel like I ate something else but I guess not lol. I also signed up for myfitnesspal so I can start tracking calories too. Sad thing is you can only chose to lose 2 lbs a week at the most and even when I did that my calorie intake will only let me lose 1.4 a week :( I WANT 2 LBS LOL. so today I will be tracking calories with points This isn't going to be fun but should be very interesting. Well that's all for now I hope all is well with everyone. Have a great day! TTYL

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tomorrow is school

I'm kind of worried about how I'm going to get my work out in and do everything I need to do through out the day with the little one on my butt lol I'm taking two subjects which require a lot of study time and work time. I can do this though Right?

I am determined this week to at least lose 2 lbs. I don't know if its going to happen but I am determined. I need to lose more than a lb a week. I am so close to goal and so close to 50 lb star :) I am thinking of if I am going to change my goal weight or not. I think I will be happy at 150 but then again 140 sounds pretty good too lol. We will see how I feel look wise and go from there I guess. I was 150 after I had my daughter and at the time that was the heaviest I had ever been and I loved my body until I kept gaining and gaining. Oh that was such a nightmare I could not believe I really gained over 60 lbs in a year. HOW?? I used to be 120 I could eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and I gained 60 lbs eating pretty normal compared to how I used to eat. It was devastating. I don't want to lose you guys with that already been told boring story again so lets move this blog on

Today I have had breakfast a snack and lunch already and I have 14 more points for one more snack and dinner which works well.
 a bagel thin and ww cream cheese for breakfast with some fresh cherries and fruit2o 5pp
healthy pop popcorn mini bag with diet green tea citrus 100% natural 3pp
a bagel thin with ww cheese deli chicken and ham(each are 1pp for 6 pieces, I use 3 pieces each) and mustard with 28 grams of lays light original fat free chips  with diet green tea citrus 100% natural 7pp
sour airhead strips ( it thin that's what its called lol) half pack 2.5pp
I know so not healthy but I have been craving sweets lovely TOM again 2 times this month REALLY?? I guess that's what stress does to you.
3 chicken Italian sausages(no bun) diced up with zucchini squash and hot peppers over white rice with either water or green tea 11pp

On the I'm going to try to persuade you tip have you every tried Lipton's diet green tea citrus 100% natural?? Its soooooo good!! and is 0 points its a healthy change from water.

Well this is a pretty long one so I'm going to wrap it up with I hope everyone had a good weekend and start of the new week and I hope everyones diet is going great. TTYL

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weigh In 8/27/11

I'm happy with my WI today considering the fact that I had a depressing crappy week. I lost 1 lb which brings me back down to 168.2 YAY! Total lost since the second week of Jan. 44 lbs. Not what I planned but still good. I hope my ww buddy did good today too we are so close to goal.

On other news I got my hair done which some of you may already know I went back to brown that's the only pic I have right now lol not a great one but I will post one later!

So school starts on Monday UGHHHH so not looking forward to it. Biology SUCKS lol I need to study my butt off and get a tutor I need a high b or an a I want my GPA to keep going up not staying the same or going down. I want a 4.0 or higher lol before I get to the actual nursing program :) so close just got to knock out this semester and 2 more Biology classes. I'm hoping to be in the program by summer or fall of 2012 this seems like its been forever already but its only been a year.

Well that's all for today I don't have anything that's really interesting to talk about so I hope all is well and everyone had great WI's this week. Stay motivated and keep moving forward. TTYL

Monday, August 22, 2011

Very depressing day

I for some reason was already depressed today about self esteem issues etc. and then I got news about a close friend of the family. He has stage four cancer basically all through his body and was told he will have 3-6 months to live depending on if he decides to have chemo. I couldnt believe it. I had dreams about this being his last thanksgiving or christmas not sure which one but i know there was a feast going on, anyway I had dreams about this but ignored them thinking I was just so worried i caused myself to have horrible dreams. This is crushing news which has made this a day from hell. I wanted him to be there for my graduation I wanted him to see I could and did do it! I lost my grandmother before my high school graduation which caused me to go to my lowest low and drop out of school and now him. WHY? sorry I am all teary eyes right now and can not type about this any more I just wanted to put that out there and the fact that when I got this news I seriously messed up with points REAL BAD! and I dont even care :( Please who ever is reading this I know you may want to say kind words that will "make me feel better"but if you write celebrate the life they have not how long they have left or something along those lines it will in deed just piss me off I hate to be cold and I appreciate the king gesture but Im selfish I guess that doesnt make me feel any better. Im gonna go now and leave it at that like I said sorry to be a cold hearted bitch but just wanted to save you your time. good night all im on my way to another glass of wine and a long path ahead of me of sorrow.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

EH not so bad

I have done great all day but for some reason when it got near dinner time I found myself snacking :( not too bad though I think if I went over it was about 5 points at most Oh well... I did ride 18 miles so I think I will be ok. I feel great about this whole getting back on track and moving forward. I feel more energized during the day and can sleep better at night.... well for the most part lol

Me and Jonita have 19 lbs to lose to reach goal we are trying to support each other through here and good old google+ to get to our goal and maintain it so we can become LIFE TIME MEMBERS YAY!! We can do this I know we can. If we lost 2 lbs a week from now on we would reach goal by October 29th That would be amazing so not only would I be having my Halloween celebration I could be celebrating reaching goal with a great online companion :) Then we would go through maintenance for I believe it is 6 weeks?? and we have to stay within 1-2 lbs to our goal weight. WE CAN DO THIS!!!!! I'm excited I have someone to do this with and that is literally the same distance away from goal as I am. I do however have an extra .2 but no biggie.

How was everyones weekend? Hope all is well and everyone is doing great on their way to their goals! TTYL

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Really Weight Watchers??

As I think all of you know already today is my WI day. Well I weighed in and lost absolutely nothing lol. I did actually lose weight I just don't know how much because my scale is off a couple lbs. I weighed myself after my cheating 2 weeks again and I gained either 3 or 4 lbs and when I weighed in today I was back at 169.2 This gives me hope for next WI. Now Your probably looking at my title and thinking well whats the problem with WW right? Here it is.... Me and my mother have been going to WW since the 2nd or 3rd week of Jan. of 2011. My mom has always been able to go in every month to every month and a half and WI and they never said anything. So she goes to WI with me today  (4 weeks later) and they tell her not only does she have to pay the 14 for today but she has to pay 14 for each week she missed up to now WHAT???  IS THIS PAY AS YOU GO??? I THOUGHT THAT WAS THE POINT SO YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO GO EVERY WEEK?!?!?!?!?!?! So needless to say unless I can afford another 39.95 a month and get her to come to WI every weekend I lost my WW buddy :( WHY???? just when I was getting back on point. Go figure.

Today was a depressing day I got bad news about a close friend of the family I ate completely like shit. I mean today usually is my cheat day but for some reason I felt bad about it, and I didn't get to ride my bike as of now. Maybe I will try to get it in later who knows.

So how was everyone elses WI if they had one today and if not how has your day/week been going? I hope all is well and everyone is getting their work outs in.

Friday, August 19, 2011

I reached it!

Today I hopped my butt on my bike again (stationary if I never said that) and peddled another 17 miles which brought me to a grand total of 101 miles in just 6 days/6 hours. YAY!! I did it!! I'm so proud of myself I don't think I have ever did that many miles in a week on any machine. I am hoping I have got back to my 168 tomorrow at WI and knocked off everything I may have gained. That would be nice and I am crossing my fingers for it.

I was watching TV and I keep seeing these commercials for these cookies that are "Good for you" called whonu? and decided to give them a try. They are pretty darn good lol. They have 20 different vitamins and minerals the same amount of fiber as a bowl of cereal and all kinds of stuff read up on it and try them some time they are pretty tasty.

Sorry but I am going to keep this overly short for me because I am so tired and just want to relax, and I don't have much to say either lol I am anxious about tomorrow. Hope all is well with everyone! TTYT so I can write about my WI. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why Yes I Did Change My Name....

So as you and everyone following me can see I have changed my blogger name. I sadly went from 3 chicks on weight watchers to 2 chicks on weight watchers to now riding solo as one chicks journey on weight watchers. "I'm feeling like a star, you can't stop my shine I'm lovin' cloud nine, my head's in the sky I'm solo, I'm ridin' solo I'm ridin' solo, I'm ridin solo, solo "
Oh well a life change isn't for everyone I guess. Who knows maybe they will find a diet that works for them... I always thought blogging helps guess that's not for everyone either. Sad But the good news is I no longer have to post my name after every blog title lol haha

Any who... moving on I think the reason I am falling off the tracks and jumping back on just to fall off again is because of the fact that I am not 1. blogging daily or almost daily  2. chewing gum (yes I said chewing gum)  3. Dragging my butt to every WI and blogging it ( it needs to be thrown in my face when I do bad or else I will continue with out any guilt) and  4. find some WW or dieter friends on here and outside of the computer life ( This seems to be the best motivation and I'm thankful for Faithfulgryl for helping me out there already )  I am going to continue collecting evidence of my failures and why they even occurred later but I got off to a good list just right now lol

Anybody else who is having difficulties or that just wants some extra motivation I encourage you to email me with your name so I can invite you to Google+ this would give us a chat option and we could read short posts not only paragraphs to easy contact and motivation. The more the merrier...

Hope everybody's day goes great... Hope to hear from you all soon!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No I am not Dead LOL -Kim-

First things first I'm pretty sure this blog should officially be changed to One chick on WW :( or Kim's journey on WW, but anyway... I have been completely MIA on everyone for weeks now. Thing is I have been going down hill with my diet I keep falling off for weeks at a time its annoying. I started again on Sunday... We will see how much I gained on Saturday I'm pretty sure its a good amount although I have been peddling my ass off on my new stationary bike :) I completed 50.5 miles in three days one hour each day. HOORAY!! lol Needless to say I felt horrible the whole time cheating but even after starting over again I find myself cheating through the week too. What is going on here. I was so close to goal and I am slowly going backwards. Ugh frustrating. I am crossing my finger to go to WI on sat. and see I have maintained but that is so unlikely. I have been stuck between 168-171 for the past month it seems maybe more. I was hoping when I started school Id be at goal guess not so now my new goal is to reach 145-150 by the middle of October beginning of November. I have to maintain this goal I WILL MAINTAIN THIS GOAL!!!

On top of the things listed in the first paragraph I am super excited that it is football season already and I will be having my Sundays and some Mondays to be glued to my TV screen yelling like a maniac lol HAHA and then I cant forget school. I am making it my mission to get a tutor or whatever possible to receive an A or B in Biology I want my GPA to stay up there... actually me being greedy wants it to raise .8 lol I start a seasonal job in the end of October or the first of November not quite sure but this will give me some type of money to spoil my kid with... and myself :) lol. I will be so happy when I finally put a new piece of clothing on my body. I want to go vintage as i told lots of my friends and family I am in love with vintage inspired clothing and will rock it to the fullest.

Enough about me... How has everyone else been?? I haven't seen post from most ppl and for the lovely ones that never stopped posting I have been reading and I will get around to getting to everyones Pages to comment! ALSO WELCOME NEWBIES AND NEW FOLLOWERS!! It puts a big smile on my face when I sign in and see I have acquired yet another lovely blogger. I just want everyone to know and I know I have stretched this beyond belief but hey it never hurts to remind... I am here for anything you may need a friend to talk to or to vent to or for any type of questions or support you may need. Do not feel afraid to ask I have either been there before and am there now lol. If it is personal feel free to email me  Keep up the great work Guys and Gals you are all amazing! Until next time....

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My baby girl turned 4 today!!!!

Omg its so weird hearing that shes four it seems like just yesterday I had her. :( So today was off to a great start and being as we are going out with the family and I got to get all dressed up which may I add pumped me up even more so this turned out to be an AWESOME day!! LOL but anyway I feel like it is going to go down hill tonight :( I am going to this all you can eat place that my daughter is in love with because that's all she seems to want to do for her bday lol. Hey fine with me its cheaper and she can eat her butt off. So I was going to finally do a video blog so I could show you all how I look all sexied up lol and to finally do one, I have only been saying I would since I first started blogging lol. I'm way late and about to get later :)

So moving on my car is all messed up and I have no money to fix it and I start school in a month GRRRR why me everything always hits at the same time because all my money will be on important bills which means I may be busing it to school.... ewwww..... I don't ever go on a bus I walk before going on a bus. This is going to be a kick down in my self esteem lol Its ok though because I am not going to think about it or ruin my day I have been happy for the past couple days which is rare for me so my new outlook is truly working and I hope it keeps up :)

And here is a pic of me and my little girl since i talk and talk about her but you never seen her

Yes I straightened her hair today it is normally curly sue lol. Well I'm off to enjoy her and my day (yes mine I had her this is exciting for me too) TTYL hope all is well!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

WI Saturday July 23 2011

Ok so I thought I was going to gain 5+ lbs this week and lucky enough I only gained 2.2 lbs. I was excited to see this being as I was completely off program for 2 1/2 weeks. I promised myself that I would start off again the moment I walked out of there. HA i lied to myself so I said today still lied to myself but that's ok because just like a fellow blogger had a while ago I had an ah ha moment today when I noticed I was eating something I didn't even want. I was eating out of pure borednism lol and I also noticed last week I ate sweets just because they were there I don't even like sweets like that. I was having one of those I know I shouldn't have it so I want it weeks. I never act like this and never seem to have these problems until I fell off for 2 1/2 weeks. So in my ah ha moment i promised myself that starting tomorrow I would not do this to myself again. maybe have a snack or a sweet every once in a while but only if it fits in my points. Its not worth it. so today is my drink it up eat it up day because as soon as 12 am hits its seriousness time. Time to get my butt back in gear.

I do have an update on my new outlook on life... it seems to be moving a lot smoother. I had a very rough start but I am starting to get the hang of it. I have noticed that dressing nice is putting the boost back in my life that was missing. I have like no clothes now and no funds for it at this time lol so I have been wearing exercise stuff. That's bumbing it if you knew me you would know that. I always wore heels and nice clothes now I am stuck with exercise clothes and tennis shoes. :( UGH. I can not wait to go shopping. I know I have months till I can do this but ooooo it will be worth the wait. When I dressed the way I used to I could be in the worse mood ever and be breaking out thinking i look like poo but as soon as I put my outfit on I felt like a million bucks. I could of passed for a conceited person lol. No lie. and I am FAR from that. I suffered with self esteem issues since I can even remember. sucks but hey I have been dealing with it well for 5 years till I had to wear this crap lol.

What is new with everyone else its a little quiet on here once again. I hope to hear from everyone soon, hope all is well.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fell off terribly -Kim-

Ok so I am human even though it seems I have never fell off like this before. I have not been blogging or eating right for 2 weeks. I started my good streak on monday we will see if that helps weight loss wise come sat. I seriously think I have gained about 5+ lbs from gorging for 2 weeks ugh. Disgusted in myself. Oh well I am ready for any gain and ready to get it back off asap I am too close to goal. Way to close.

On the other hand I have noticed how when ppl lose weight they love how their body is looking well not me I am losing everything it seems but my nasty belly its annoying. I know I have lost the most from there but its least noticed. GRRRR!!! I need to get money fast so I can get a new wardrobe to sexy myself up. I feel unattractive specially to my bf :( Hes probably looking elsewhere now but I can not blame him if he is. I dont like the new me why would he?  This is a little bit on the depressing side so lets move on. lol.

I am trying to have a new approach and outlook in life we will see how it goes. I am trying the I dont care type lol Like live life to the fullest dont let things bother me and if it is something that is bound to do not dwell on it. Hopefully this will make me happier. Another thing is smile more. I found this to be hard sometimes but when you sit back and think of something you are grateful for it gets easy real fast. I am sure everyone has atleast one thing they are grateful for right?

So this is all for now sorry so short but I will update soon. I dont want to depress you guys I am in a confused feeling day as I try to switch my outlook and with everything thats been going on.  I will get past this in a few hours so dont worry about me. Songs for today Lynyrd skynyrd Freebird and 311 lovesong(also remade recently by adele). Hope all is well ttyl, and have a good day!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The best Mother, Wife, and Sister -Kim-

I wish I could be talking about myself but Im not lol. I am talking about my sister. I rode to Ga this weekend a 14 1/2 hour drive to come visit my sis my niece and her hubby. My sister is prego's with twin girls and is scheduled to deliver tomorrow morning I am so excited!!! I had to be here for her this time since last time I couldn't being as she lived in England :( You know when you sit back and watch how someone lives you notice a lot about them. I noticed how great of a mother she is she cares so much about her kid and soon to be kids. She was crying her eyes out because she feels having the twins is going to be taking liv's ( my nieces)  time away from her and that she wont be able to have as much fun/time with liv. She also thinks liv will be jealous and or depressed. The way she let her emotions out about this opened my eyes up to how big her heart was for her child and how big her heart will be for the new babies too. I also noticed how she is a great wife and takes care of her family to the T. yes she does have her flaws but who doesn't??  But the thing I noticed the most and the thing I will always know no matter how much we fight and get on each other she is the best and I mean BEST sister I could ever have. God gave me a good one and I love her so much!!!! I am tearing up over here just thinking about it and all the good times we shared... even the bad bring a smile to my face lol. I have to come down here more often I need to be here for her I need to show her I am here for anything and everything she the kids or her hubby may ever need.

Moving on this is too mushy lol I have been doing BAD on my diet Today was the first day of trying to stay on point I think I did ok, but I will not be surprised one bit at all if when I weigh in the scale reads 10 lbs higher. OH MY I'M SCARED!!! I need to get my butt back on track I don't know why I am having so much trouble with it this past week. UGH!!!

Well I am going to spend time with my sis before she has to be off to the hospital. I will ttyl. I can not wait to meet these beautiful little girls!!! Hope all is well!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One good thing out of a ton of bad! -Kim-

  Hello again fellow bloggers I have missed you.... but most of you are still MIA. I have been(past tense) doing great I weighed in on Saturday the 2nd and lost 1.4 really 1.2 considering I gained .2 the week prior So depressing it was my first gain in the whole almost 5 months I have been on WW. I guess .2 isn't bad though and it was the tom. Well.... moving on.... so my nice loss this week has most likely been destroyed. That's not exaggeration either I mean DESTROYED!! I did good on Saturday but the past 3 days have been terrible. Cook outs left overs just a whole handful of bad decisions. I will get past this and when I WI again I will lose I am determined.

So I am going to Georgia to be with my sister for a week :) shes delivering the twins on the 11th and I am driving down on Saturday early early morning so no WI this week or next week til Sunday I cant see the damage I have done. Grrr. I am taking food with me though so I can attempt to stay on point and they have  a pool and an elliptical so I can and will get my exercise in.

Now for the other bad... This was shocking to me... It ruined my WHOLE ENTIRE DAY!! The Casey Anthony verdict. OMG!!!!!! I have been watching this damn trial for 3 years and with the prosecutions closing arguments and rebuttal I was sure she would be tried as guilty. ALL CAME BACK NOT GUILTY??? Did we have the 12 most stupid ppl in Florida for jury members? Were they asleep these three years? LACK OF EVIDENCE? EVERYTHING AND I MEAN EVERYTHING POINTED TO HER. I HOPE THEY CAN LIVE WITH THE FACT THAT THEY LET A MURDERER GO. THE FACT THAT THIS MURDERER WILL BECOME A MILLIONAIRE OFF OF HER DAUGHTERS DEATH. ugh makes me sick to my stomach!!! I actually cried, yes cried when I heard this. That poor little girl will never have justice because its going to walk out the door this Thursday...most likely. I can only hope and pray that (pardon my french) this bitch gets what she deserves. People are saying OJ # 2 no no no OJ didn't even have this much evidence against him he didn't kill and innocent defenseless child. What could a child do to you to make you toss it out like garbage? She is  a sick person and I hope someone or something gets her in return. Pardon my french again but FUCK YOU CASEY ANTHONY I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!!

cough cough lol sorry I could have wrote a story on this, shit maybe I will before she gets a chance. A story explaining all the emotions and confusion through out the case to the pure and utter disbelief and shock of the outcome.

Any way now for my good out of all this bad besides the twins coming :) I got a blogger back. Exciting I thought I was annoying her, and if I was at least I annoyed her enough to make her come back lol.  Happy to have you back Ashley we have missed you and I have never stopped believing that you can and will get to your goal. Let me know if you need anything at all. I am here.

Well that's all for today. TTYL and hope to hear from you all.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where is everyone? -Kim-

I have noticed that out of my little bit of followers only about 4-5 of them are still blogging. I have lost 20 bloggers? REALLY??? I thought being on here was to get support and motivation so you would not have the urge to give up. You would constantly have someone there telling you "you can do it, don't give up this is just a minor set back. You will kick the scales ass next week!" or something like that. I hope everyone is just not blogging and is actually doing well still. I hope nobody gave up or only a couple chose to. I have contacted a few and they have told me they have fell off and will be back. I hope so, especially with one person. She was side by side with me through this and we were always one lb above or behind each other. She tried hard and lost a lot, I hope she didn't lose all of her motivation, all that pushed her forward. She came to far to give up and if you are reading this I am looking forward to seeing you blog again. Do not give up anyone you are strong women and I have faith in all of you.

On another note I got my mom and Brittany to start again :) hopefully Brittany doesn't give up on me again. I know she can do it to. My mom is doing well she is slowly but surly losing weight in her words lol. I think she is doing awesome. She has lost about 20 lbs. I am still here for anyone that needs extra help/support and motivation. I will not be bothered feel free to ask ANYTHING!

I have been lazy lol but staying focused. I have a salad fetish even more than usual now days too. I have had like 4 salads in 2 days lol. Guess what I am having for dinner? Yup another salad. Chef salad mmmm. Oh and if you get a chance try chick-fil-a's southwest chargrilled salad. It is so good. It is 12 points plus for everything but I only use half the dressing so its about 10 pp. I don't care I think it is so worth it. Their salads are so good.

I have cheat weekends now. Not good I try for only one day but it keeps ending up sat. and sun. as cheat days :( Its so good though but I don't lose as much. As always I am not looking forward to Saturdays WI because I completely gorged on a cheese steak and fries on sat. I will take whatever comes to me for that because it was SO WORTH IT!! haha. I haven't had a cheese steak for a good while. I was craving it and I fulfilled that craving. I have always had a cheat day for me but 2 is too many I need to get myself together. I haven't gained in the whole 19 weeks I have been doing this and I don't need to start now. GET IT TOGETHER KIM!!

How has everyone who is still hanging in there doing? Good I hope. Good luck to everyone and keep it up you can do it! TTYL

Sunday, June 19, 2011

weigh in 6/18/11

Let me start this off by saying happy fathers day to all the amazing dads out there. A child needs a father as much as they need a mother and I am just glad theres some that choose to stick around for their child's life. I wish my daughters was one of those few. Well anyway HAPPY FATHERS DAY PROUD DADDY'S WE LOVE YOU!

So I weighed in yesterday and lost 1 lb. Yay! I mean I could have done better but I will take it :) I now weigh 169.8 WOW I AM IN THE 160'S!!!! I haven't been there in so long!! Great feeling. I fit in to my clothes I haven't been able to wear for 2 almost 3 years and some of them are even feeling a little to big on me now. I also noticed another true YAY moment for me. I am 19.4 lbs away from my goal weigh. 19 lbs and I will be in a healthy weight range for my height. Amazing! Well all of this will happen in 19 more lbs if I keep it at 150 I might drop to 140 we will see. I have officially lost 42.8 lbs in 19 weeks I believe WOW !  That's great I am ooberly proud of myself. lol. Yes I said ooberly.

On other news I took the little girl to the Washington zoo yesterday with her cousin her uncle and his girlfriend. It was fun but too hot for the poor little animals to want to come outside. I cant believe how much they charge for things either. I paid 4 dollars for a hot dog for my daughter and 3 dollars for a bottle of water for me... this is more expensive than a baseball games prices. And don't even get me started on souvenir's. Awful!.

So how has everyone else been? any good weigh in's? or fun week end excitements?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weigh In 6/11/11

Just wanted to let everyone know that I weighed in on saturday and am please to say I have lost 2.2 lbs and have made it to and past my 40 lb mark. I have now officially lost 41.8 lbs since jan. 15 2011. Yay Me!!! I know waste of a blog right lol but I have to run no time to type so i will write sometime soon. hope all is well with everyone!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New comparisons and a recipe :) -Kim-

Please ignore my paleness lol. but I decided since it has been a while since I took a picture I would take on today. I mean Im stuck inside because of the heat so why not? So here they are 

Also please ignore my ugly ass legs lol. I don't know what I can do but my baby pouch needs to go its gross. Such a picture turn off. So yea thats my bathing suit and my chipping nails lol. I am hoping to be 171 this WI. wish me luck we will find out on saturday. Also I have been trying to do measurements again but my lovely daughter stole my measuring tape and my measurements so I might have to start over from the the first measurements and this times measurements. :( sucks but thats what happens when you leave stuff sitting around right?

Any body else do any comparison shots lately? or having the baby pouch issue?

I have been doing pretty well this week i have only cheated on day and have gained 25 activity points now :) I am on a roll. I hope it pays off I am tired of these couple ounces every week I need a couple lbs and I will be satisfied. 

Now for the recipe:
MARYLAND CRAB CAKES from a  WW  PP cookbook ( 7 pp )

1 lb lump crabmeat, picked over
3/4 cup fresh whole wheat bread crumbs (about 1 1/2 slices)
2 shallots, finely chopped
1/4 cup low fat 1% milk
3 tablespoons reduced-calorie mayonnaise
2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh parsley
1 teaspoon old bay seasoning
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon butter
1 teaspoon olive oil
3 cups lightly packed mixed baby salad greens 
lemon wedges

1) Gently mix together crabmeat, bread crumbs, shallots, milk, mayonnaise, parsley, old bay and pepper in large bowl until mixed well. With damp hands, shape mixture into 8 patties; cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until firm, at least one hour or up to 6

2) Put flour on a sheet of wax paper; lightly coat each crab cake with flour

3)Melt butter with oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add crab cakes and cook until golden brown and heated through on each side, about 4 minutes per side. line p[latter with small greens; place crab cakes and lemon wedges on top.

Serves 4
Per serving (2 cakes and 1 1/4 cups salad):
207 grams, 275 cal, 10 g total fat, 3 g sat fat, 0 g trans fat, 134 mg chol, 637 mg sod, 14 g total carb, 2 g total sugar, 2 g fiber, 30 g prot, 162 mg calc.


I will let you know when I try this recipe if its good lol But it looks and sounds good if you try first please let me know. I guess thats it for right now I will ttyl. Let me know if anybody needs anything.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Did you miss me? -Kim-

I havent been on here to blog much but I have been trying to check up on your blogs. I have noticed it makes no sense to write about something that nobody will read lol. I did however weigh in on saturday and lost .2 lbs so I am still .4 away from losing 40 lbs. I have been having one of those situations where I am always hungry... It stinks. I did go bike riding on sunday with my little girl for an hour and 20 mins. it was fun but little girl was so tuckered out. I actually had to ride laps around her the whole time because her little legs and little bike took forever to get to the point of where I would have been if i continued to keep straight. I think if you calculated that I most likely rode it triple what we rode together lol. I did however get 18 AP's from it :) Not like I use them ever.

Lets see what else have you nice people missed. My sister is expected to delivery in the next 2-3 weeks which would mean I will be riding down to georgia I guess that will be a nice vacation Just hope I can WI somewhere down there and hope my bf doesnt do anything stupid while I am away. See he said he was gonna come with me and now he wants to stay home. I have been cheated on by every other bf so when situations that normal ppl wouldnt think anything of I get worried. Sucks. I mean dont get me wrong I trust him I really do I dont know what my problem is. :( If he was going to he would and I would never know anyway so I dont know why I am stressing it. I really wanted him to come with me though. We could go swimming together and all kinds of stuff it would be like a mini vacation with the love and I would get to see my sister It would be two great things in one. I guess this will be his time to relax and be free of having a gf beside him all the time. Men need a break some times to be a man and women need some time to be women. This will be fine. I will just be missing him for a week+.

So how has everyone else diets been? I have only seen a few updates. I feel a lot of people gave up on blogging everyday, I would everyday I just dont have anything to write about. When school starts again I will be at it strong lol. Once again for all my WW buddies I am online now feel free to find and request me and we can support one another on there too. my username is kimc87.

Well I will ttyl When I have something else to chat about.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Not too exciting -Kim-

So as you all may have noticed I am not blogging. GASP... I know right. I have been actually pretty boring lol. I did get a cleaning job at night 2 hours a day 5 days a week 100 a week. I guess that's ok since its only 10 hours right? So Its been too hot here to do anything to exciting. I just hang out with my little girl and then work at night.
  I think i told everyone that I passed all my classes right? Well my dumb ass of a teacher gave me the wrong grade so now I am waiting for them to fix it. I was like really you gave me a C and I got A's on everything except one test I got a B and one test I completely failed. I should at least get a B and he was like Ooo your right I am sorry. YOU SHOULD BE!! lol j/k. We will see if it is ever posted.
  For more conversation my bf's kids officially hate me for no reason at all. and I mean at all!!! So I can only be there to stay the night now when his kids are not there. His oldest like lives there now so depressingly I will never see my bf now. Sucks! Especially when your used to seeing someone almost every day. I have stayed at his house at least 5 days or more a week for the past 3 years and now I will only see him if I am lucky twice. UGH!! I'm gonna be a lonely sad Kim. I would just love to know why they hate me so much or most of all why 3 years later is this going to come out? What have I done to them? I try to help them when they are going to get in trouble, I try to give them rides, food etc. Idk I think someone is pumping their heads with BS about me or something because I have done nothing but good to and for them.
  Other than that I have completely indulged for the past 3 days... I feel disgusting! I think I probably gained too which is depressing but hey I had fun. I will just have to step my game up to lose them extra lbs. I cant even be sad or mad about it because I knew exactly what I was doing and even thought twice about it but said eh what the hell... Which then brings me here. Feeling disgusting, fatter, and stupid. O well!!
So how has everyone else been? Hope all has been good. I will blog again when I am not so boring LoL

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weigh In 5/28/2011 -Kim-

I weighed in today and am please to say I have lost 1.8 lbs in 5 days :) I am only .8 away from the 40 lb mark. so exciting. I am getting so close to my target I can almost taste it lol. But in all honesty I can actually say I am overly proud of myself. I do need to do some ab exercises because I don't want my stomach to stay looking like this. I hate baby pouches. grrr! lol

So what is everyones plans for this lovely weekend? Unfortunately I have to be stuck at home :( I will try to make the best of it and have a nice cook out here and try to do something fun with the kiddie. I was trying to go to ocean city but didn't have the funds. Her last months tuition took me flat broke. Oh well that's the life of a single mother lol.

Well I have been keeping these short and sweet. Sorry but I havent had much to do which leave not too much to talk about. Have a great weekend and be safe on the roads we all know drunks are out on this nice holiday weekend!! Ttyl

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Final Grades Are In!! -Kim-

I got a lovely text message from a friend in school telling me that grades were posted. I hurried and got to my computer to find out I PASSED EVERY CLASS AGAIN!! Yay!! Not with all A's like I always hope for but it works. It says I got 3 A's and 2 C's. I hate C's but the thing is either they mixed up two classes or I really have  4 A's and one C which would be awesome. I talked to my psychology teacher prior to grades being published and he told me I have an A and they posted I had a C, and my sociology I know I wasnt doing great but my final could have either brought me up to an A or kept me at a C. I emailed my teacher and asked him what happened and if he know how I could fix this problem. So we will see. But I am super excited I have only been in school 2 semesters and I have a 3.4 GPA. I think thats good I really dont know though HAHA!!

Also I told her I was going to blog this so today in the first day in the history of me and Brittany lol she admitted to being wrong today! GASP!! I know right? lol I had to put that out there it was quite amazing as she has never admitted being wrong to me before.

....Moving on.... lol How has everyones day gone? Mine was pretty shitty until I had a small chat with a great blogging buddy:) Thanks Ashley you are a great friend and there when I need to talk to someone.  And then it just got better as the day continued and I received my grades.  It been kind of quiet on here once again.... Just trying to check up on everyone. Well thats all I got for tonight. TTYL!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weigh in 5/23/2011 -Kim-

I weighed in today and surprisingly I was down .4 exciting news for me, I thought I gained. I would have actually put money on it lol. I also some how got sun poisoning Ugh I have never had this it is weird looks like a rash up my arm. Doesn't really make any sense either being as I didn't burn. O well.

I am glad to see some people came back and updated their blogs. Glad to see you guys are doing well and haven't forgot about us :). let me know if any of you need any help with anything. Also I think I told everyone I joined online ww... If you do online ww too feel free to look me up and we can be support there too. Kimc87 is my user name and I used as my email. I look forward to seeing you guys there as well. I am in a lazy mood today though so I don't have much to write. I will def. try to write again later or tomorrow. Until then have a great day and keep up the great work. ttyl.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rough times -Kim-

I have already expressed how rough of a time I was having because of finals and now because its just so hard to get back on track. I had a table at a flea market yesterday and the only thing around to eat was McDonald's. That's restaurant is the devil. So fattening. so needless to say I had to eat breakfast there and lunch making me go over points, OF COURSE! That also made it so I could not weigh in yesterday and my plans were to weigh in today. Well that didn't happen either. I had an awful time getting to sleep last night. I have had 5 hours of sleep and for some reason I cant function to well with that. I missed today's weigh in by 5 mins. REALLY?? So I will be weighing in tomorrow morning and I already know I am def. not going to do good. sucks but I know it and I am not going to lie to myself. I have drank lots of water so I am hoping that may help just a little bit so I at least just stay the same and not gain. We will see and I will update everyone tomorrow.

I am glad to see a fellow blogger is doing the whole couponing thing. If anybody else already does this PLEASE HELP WITH ANY ADVICE. I need to save money and I don't care how many hours a week it may take. I have 2 and a half months to get the time down before school starts again. lol.

Any way how is everyone. I see lots of people have been slacking on blogging too, this makes me not feel as bad. :) I hope everyones weight loss has been going good. Keep it up people, everybody is doing so well.

Well that's all for now I will ttyl. Have a great Sunday!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Yeah soooo.... I've been mia lately for two reasons. A. I fell off the wagon. B. I haven't had the internet for like a month. But what ever in recent news, no i haven't been following any particular diet but i have been moving down the scale ever so slightly i'm 191 now. I'm planning on doing a cleansing fast (aka. The Master Cleanse), which is why I am blogging tonight. If you have never heard of The Master Cleanse its basically lemonade made out of water, lemons, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper, that you drink for however long you choose to do it. All you do is drink the lemonade, water or tea, and you don't eat any solid food. Although you loose weight doing this it isn't for weight loss, it is a detox diet which can be used to change your eating habits and bring your body into a certain equilibrium. So yeah this diet isn't for the faint of heart and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but i have done it in the past and have been really happy with my results. I know that this is a weight watchers blog and i should be talking about that right now but i feel like doing this detox will really help me stay on track with weight watchers. After the next ten days of detoxing i plan on really changing my eating habits and that is the most important part of it and weight watchers is a good way of learning to do that. I am going to blog about it everyday so that i can stay motivated to stick with it. So yeah i'm on my way to make some lemonade !

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Its Finally Over!! -Kim-

I am finally done it is finally over!! I am so excited I took my last final today... Math ughh!! But now I have to play the waiting game, and I am not liking it one bit. I am so nervous and anxious I feel like I could cry!! If I do not pass my math I am stuck taking it again next semester and I cant start my biology classes which will put me back a year in graduating :(  My teacher said I will know my grade by tonight or tomorrow. I am hoping tonight. Then I have one other class to worry about other than that I have A's YAY GO KIM!! haha!

Sorry this is short but I just want to relax it feels like its been too long... I hope everything has been going good with everyone I have been internetless until today. TTYL

Saturday, May 14, 2011

March For Babies & Weigh In -Kim-

I went to walk today for the march for babies march of dimes. I have to say I did not raise what I wanted to :( I was pretty depressed about that. I walked the four miles in 1 hour in the rain. Sucks that it rained but I still enjoyed myself. My mother and I got there 30 mins late for the walk and there was nobody just arriving to register and walk. We did not see anyone really except for four people for 2 miles and then I guess we are fast walkers or something because we ran into crowds of people for the next 2 miles. I mean crowds and we kept blowing past them. It was funny. This one guy we were walking next to saw his dad far up and left who he was with to run to catch up to his dad. I was just walking and somehow ended up getting up to him and passing him lol he was like I had to run to get up here as I just blew past. HAHA! I am a speed walker and it took me until today to notice this.

Well after I walked I went to weigh In even though when I was going to the gym they told me never to work out and then weigh in because it will cause you to gain weight due to swollen muscles. If that is true I weighed in and still lost 1 lb so that could possibly mean I lost more? Either way I am happy I lost at least one pound :) cheers me up and that takes me down to 175.4 YAY!

How is everyone else doing today? Hope you all are enjoying your weekend and not stressing too much on finals like me lol. Well that's all I have for right now I will ttyl!

Friday, May 13, 2011

What In The BEEP!!! -Kim-

Has anyone else's blog been a little off? I tried to log on here last night and it wasn't happening. I sign on today and i check ppls blogs to see how they have been doing and I notice my comments never posted to their pages or somethings going on with blogger. Anybody having this issue or have seen this too?

Well I got 3 papers done but I completely failed a test :( sucks. My hardest project however I got an A on YAY! So I weigh in tomorrow and have my walk too. I am a little scared to be honest with you. I think I may have gained. We will see because I can never trust my scale anyway. I have been eating pretty crappy because of all my stress, but 4 more days and I am done. I can not wait I am overly exhausted, my eyes burn by 3 pm. I have one more big paper to write and 2 finals and I am DONE!!!!! well til next semester lol.

How has everyone been? Anything new going on? This is a shorty but I can barely see to type. I will ttyl. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So I Decided.... -Kim-

So I just decided that I would drop by and say hello! I feel like all I have been doing for the past week is study study study type type type write write write.... but see the problem with this is I never and I mean NEVER have a a break. It exhausting :( I am so drained. I need energy come Monday for finals but I can't even get past the last week of regular school with all of its papers projects and homework. I have two classes I am worry about.One class I need a high C on my final at least to pass with a B or a C(I suck on finals BTW) and I need an A on a paper for one class because I did poorly on a test I need at least a C in that class and my B***h of a teacher will not even tell me where I am standing as of today. I hate teachers that can't help I have been asking where I am standing since mid terms to this teacher and she always has an excuse. I love how some teachers just have no problem at all ruining your GPA you worked so hard to achieve.  That's just some of my stress right now.

So moving on so I don't keep talking you heads off about school. I have to say I read someones blog today while I had a 5 min break in class and I have to call them out lol. Jess I have to say I am very proud of you! You have been working your butt off and I have noticed with all your logs. Jess is down 24 lbs and some ounces since January!! She has also noticed where he comfort zone was and has decided she will not settle for it anymore, which is amazing to me. Most ppl when they have a comfort zone do not notice it really wasn't that comfortable or healthy. Most people just stop at the lowest they have been or the lowest they have been comfortable with and do not even try for where they WANT to be comfortable at. This is amazing to me one because she noticed and two because she isn't going to settle. I had to comment on her page telling her I was proud of her and that statement because that statement brought a lot of truth back that I don't want anyone to encounter. Mine was not with weight but I settled and when I got smacked in my face one morning by my own hand saying dumb a** what are you doing I realized how much I was hurting myself, how much I was suffering, and how miserable I was for settling. I noticed where I could have been at if I didn't settle and what I lost out on for years. I promised myself I would never settle for anything again and I wouldn't let anyone settle either. So please Do not settle for anything because in the end you get less than what you actually settled for. When you settle you bring on frustration and misery. You let yourself down basically. Settling is like saying to yourself your not worth it, or you do not deserve this, when in all reality you are and you do. Once again I am very proud of you girly you are a great motivation and inspiration and I know you will continue to be. Good luck even though I know you don't need any and Keep it up You are doing great!!

I also decided to log everything I ate today so I don't keep slacking. I know I am busy but that's not an excuse. I do not want to gain my weight back NOT EVEN AN OUNCE. So I need to get my arse on the ball. How has everyone else been? Anything they would like to share? I hope everyones weigh in's go good this week, all of you keep your heads up and keep doing the great jobs you are doing. Who knows you might get me to blog about you too lol :) Well that's all for now. TTYL

Monday, May 9, 2011

Gosh Darn Last Week And Finals -Kim-

So I am going to be on here to blog when I can I will check in to see how everyone is and to drop some love but I am beyond crazy at this point. I have too much work to many snotty ass teachers and too many tests to do/study for/suck up to lol. Next week is finals Im stressing so much I could rip my hair out. I had a crappy mothers day and a crappy week besides my weigh in. I haven't been logging anything this week I haven't been counting points because I am so stressed Im just eating what I can when I can I just hope I don't gain this week :( I have never stressed so much in school come final time til this semester. It sucks. Well any way I just wanted to let everyone know why I might be M.IA. for a while. ttyl Hope everyone does well and like I said I will be checking up I just wont have enough time to blog.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Happy Mothers Day to all you beautiful mothers out there!! I hope everyone has a great mothers day and gets spoiled like they deserve. We all deserve to have one day of relaxation since all of our others are spent running around, with the kids, and waiting on the bf/hubby. So kick your feet up today ladies and have them (if your kid is old enough) or just the bf/hubby wait on you. Enjoy!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weigh in 5-7-11 -Kim-

Well as we all know today is my weigh in day. I lost 2.2 lbs this week for a total loss of 36.2 lbs :) Im super excited I love this losing weight thing Its completely boosting my self esteem up and everything. Im starting to think once I am skinny again I will be a conceited bi**h lol jk not me. I just joke around. I have and will always have a low self esteem idk why. Also when I went shopping for clothes the other day I purchased a size 12 thinking that was my size because I could slide in and out of my 14's with out unzipping or unbuttoning them. Well the 12 were too big I think I stated that but now like the 14's so I went to take them back thinking it would be a couple more weeks before I fit into a 10. I was wrong I now can wear a 10 depending on the jeans. Im thinking only if they are the stretch jeans but idk. I only bought a pair of capris a pair of jeans and a shirt though I don't want to but a lot of clothes that wont fit soon. 

How has everyone else been doing? Did anyone loose any more weight or fit into smaller jeans too? 

I tried out the warm up for the biggest loser kinect game and it was actually a good work out. I only did the warm up though so I will let you know what its like once I get into the real deal. which should be tomorrow. Wish me luck lol.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Stuff feels SOOOOO Good -Kim-

I went shopping today, it was so overdo!! Incase you aren't aware I am a SHO-O-HOLIC! No lie!! I love just about any kind of shopping it cheers me up. Even if it is just grocery shopping, it will put a smile on my face. Lol. So anyway...First thing first I bought biggest loser for kinect! Yay! I am going to get my exercise in while playing, this should be interesting. I will let you know what its like this weekend just incase you were thinking about getting it. It was that or zumba and I can see myself doing this before zumba, all though zumba seems like a lot of fun. After I got that I went to DSW for those of you who don't know what that is its the greatest place ever!! Well if you like high heels and such. I got these shoes I fell in love with....

Btw that isn't my feel lol I stole the pic from the site I saw them on.Aren't they sooooooo pretty? and then I went upstairs to the clearance section and got 2 more shoes which I will post later because they are in the room with the little girl, and I do not want to wake her up. They are gorgeous too. I have a shoe fetish, or really I should say a high heel fetish. I seriously have so many heels my bedroom closet kind of looks like the chick from sex in the city(the first movie with the shoe dream) After we left there I went to tjmaxx to see if they had anything cute and cheap. I found 4 things and they ended up costing more than 2 pairs of my shoes. can we say OUTRAGEOUS?? I have to take almost all of that back. 2 things I hated which was a pair of capris and a shirt the other shirt I dont know if I want to keep and the other capri's were too big. Which made me feel good cuz they were a size 12 :) that means now I am between a 10 and a 12 depending on the cut. Super ecstatic!

I also have been having trouble eating. I for some reason have no appetite what so ever until about 2 or 3 pm. Then I cant seem to get enough points in. I try though. This is kind of a scary thought because I dont want to gain weight from not eating enough :( But anyway like today for instance I ate fruit and 1/4 cup of milk chocolate m&m's at 4 which was 6 points and then I had a chef salad with olive oil vinaigrette dressing which was about 10 points I would say. I also had 2 tenders from bk which are 2 points. So all together I had 18 points all day and I am supposed to be at 29. Two days ago I only consumed 9 points all day long. Its bad! I dont know what to do. I am not going to force myself to eat when I am not hungry thats just crazy.

On another note I have successfully got 3 tests and 2 papers out of my way. Now I have 3 more tests 2 more papers and then 3 finals. Then I am done!!! Well at least for a little while. My nice summer break! Yes i have been dreaming about you! lol but for real I need it so much. Who knows though I may get bored fast and enroll for summer classes too. The only reason I havent yet is because my sister may go into labor, and I will be going to GA when she does. That means time off, and I dont want to fail a class.

Well Im done talking your guys ears off so I will ttyl. Let me know how everything has been going. Good luck as always on your diets :)