Do Not Quit

Thursday, November 3, 2011

cdcc update

Ok so I have tried this for days and multiple times a day.... lets see if it will post this time around. I am a very unhappy camper not only do I and have I felt like butt all week but I gained 3 lbs WHAT??? The babies are gone... I know my depression and my midterms are here but really???? Three lbs???? I dont have that much time to chat about this but I feel like a complete failure like I let and am letting everyone down :( I wont give up though!!! I just hope I dont look like the failure of the group because as of right now I am and I feel like a waste of space in this challenge that someone else could of used :( Sorry it took so long posting this but I have had a problem with blogger this week it would let me type everything up but it wouldnt save or post GRRRR and when you keep typing the same thing over and over again it pees you off! Well Im gonna go now I will check in sunday and hope I dropped down some I cant keep taking this gaining stuff its draining depressing and overwhelming. Hope everyone else had a great weigh in this week. TTYL


  1. One week of gain is not the end. We all feel awful when the scale goes UP, happy when it goes down, a bit peeved if it stays the same. That's just the sort of thing all fatfighters deal with.

    Just analyze WHY you gained. WHY? What set you off or took you off track or tempted you. Put strategies in place to make sure you do not gain THIS WEEK. Better, lose those 3 lbs THIS WEEK. It may be part or mostly bloat, which means that a careful eating plan and lots of fluids and potassium rich foods will take care of the bloat and the scale will smile.

    Just focus, remember why you're doing this, and remember that these are habits for life, so some blips along the way are expected. Get a handle now BEFORE the holidays. Habits today for safety tomorrow.

    See you soon...

  2. I´m sorry for your gain. I just read in the comments, that you had updated your blog. Hopefully this week will have gone better! Have a good weekend. Try to take it one day at a time.

  3. You're the total opposite of a failure!! You're only human. I would always feel like I failed because of every pound I gained or every pound I didn't lose. I had to come to the conclusion that I Can DO This!! But I'm only human & I have to take it one day at a time. I'm praying for you that the depression is lifted and the stress goes away because all that it does is get you down. YOU CAN DO IT!!