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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Why hello there you lovely people lol I hope everyone had a great Christmas now let's move on to the new year where we will have new goals and new year resolutions. I just started my new challenge on weight watchers sites to lose 30 lbs or make goal by 3/21/12 the first day of spring. I feel this is not too much to ask andnis very reasonable. It's just enough time to lose weight and not feel overwhelmed and over exhausted. Are any of you on weigh watchers online?? If so def look up the challenge or look me up my username is kimc87. I am always looking for more people who are on the same road as I am on the same diet too. We could help each other out in many ways. But speaking of the new year what are your new goals/resolutions? If you even went towards thinking about that already. I am trying to lose those 30 lbs and make goal this year. I'm not putting a time frame on it this time because that just is silly to me now. Your body will have ups and downs and it will lose all the weight when it feels like it lol well at east my body. I could eat on plan everyday work out 4 times a week and still gain or see no movement on the scale and I got tired of blaming myself because I know I was doing good and I know I was achieving other victories so why beat myself up if it's not my fault? Not any more. Today is a new day weight watchers has a new program and I am a new me :) I will do this I am going to do this..... Who's with me???

Well like I said in the opening I hope all of you had a great Christmas and in hope everyone got what they wanted. Stay on point and don't give up even if your stuck wight the same number for weeks at a time. There is hope and you can do it. Just try reaching out to someone or venting. It helps a lot and will put you back on target and get you moving again. Good luck all keep up the great work and stay strong!!!!

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