Do Not Quit

Saturday, January 7, 2012

FDS Challenge (First Post)

I weighed in today, so what a great time to start my challenge post.

Starting weight: 176.8 lbs
Goal weight: 150 lbs
Diet/Life change: Weight Watchers Points Plus
Exercises: Hmmm well I've got many. Bender Ball, Walk/jog, Stairs, and I just put in for financial assistance (yes Im a brokie) for a gym so if they can help me out a lot more in the future.

My goals are not only to lose weight but to become fit. I want to tone up my body and be a healthy fit mommy for my little girl :)

And here is the moment of truth I took these pics in a overly tight tunic that I wore when I was 145  so this shows every roll (eww) I took the first one with my face so you can prove its me and then better ways of seeing everything. Im sorry for the pain your eyes are about to feel lol ahaha oh ps dont mind the dirty room

so as we can see her my big proble is my belly pouch I want it GONE!!! I dont mind having a booty ( I happen to love mine lol) and my boobs can stay too:).  I know I know Wake up right? Because lets face reality here that never happens. You can not just lose belly fat its all or nothing.  Oh well....

Im sorry if I hurt everyones eyes with my pictures  but this lets me see where all my problems are are. I hope everyone posts a pic because it really helps see how far you come. I am going to post a new one each month and then at the end. Good luck all I can wait to see everyones first post.


  1. You got some curves girl:) It would REALLY hurt your eyes to see me in the same tunic! I can't wait until I have your body. Hopefully that will come soon enough, then I can long for the new toned body you will soon possess. Good luck:)

  2. Great first post! I love that you did pics in something to show it all. Good for you!

  3. Thanks you guys I was dreading posting these pics.

  4. Hurt my eyes, NO WAY!! I can't even fit in that tunic.. lol One day I hope!! Lovin' the 1st post. I'm so excited about this challenge. I so needed this.. Posted my 1st post today Thanks Kim ;)

  5. You did great sharing that. And you are beatuiful. A bit lumpy but that won't last and you'll be drop dead gorgeous.
    Good luck in all your plans. Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  6. Pictures like that are always really hard to take and even harder to post in a public forum, but it's good to know where you're starting. Good luck in your challenge!

  7. well we have the same problem kim.. the belly is our worst emeny and we will conquer it;other than than that i know you can do it..

  8. Lady! You have got killer curves! Beautiful! Keep working, sadly boobs and booty will diminish as well. But you can shrink that belly! Keep moving!