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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The best Mother, Wife, and Sister -Kim-

I wish I could be talking about myself but Im not lol. I am talking about my sister. I rode to Ga this weekend a 14 1/2 hour drive to come visit my sis my niece and her hubby. My sister is prego's with twin girls and is scheduled to deliver tomorrow morning I am so excited!!! I had to be here for her this time since last time I couldn't being as she lived in England :( You know when you sit back and watch how someone lives you notice a lot about them. I noticed how great of a mother she is she cares so much about her kid and soon to be kids. She was crying her eyes out because she feels having the twins is going to be taking liv's ( my nieces)  time away from her and that she wont be able to have as much fun/time with liv. She also thinks liv will be jealous and or depressed. The way she let her emotions out about this opened my eyes up to how big her heart was for her child and how big her heart will be for the new babies too. I also noticed how she is a great wife and takes care of her family to the T. yes she does have her flaws but who doesn't??  But the thing I noticed the most and the thing I will always know no matter how much we fight and get on each other she is the best and I mean BEST sister I could ever have. God gave me a good one and I love her so much!!!! I am tearing up over here just thinking about it and all the good times we shared... even the bad bring a smile to my face lol. I have to come down here more often I need to be here for her I need to show her I am here for anything and everything she the kids or her hubby may ever need.

Moving on this is too mushy lol I have been doing BAD on my diet Today was the first day of trying to stay on point I think I did ok, but I will not be surprised one bit at all if when I weigh in the scale reads 10 lbs higher. OH MY I'M SCARED!!! I need to get my butt back on track I don't know why I am having so much trouble with it this past week. UGH!!!

Well I am going to spend time with my sis before she has to be off to the hospital. I will ttyl. I can not wait to meet these beautiful little girls!!! Hope all is well!


  1. Hey,

    It sounds like your sister is pretty awesome :) And it must be genetic because of what I know of you your pretty awesome too.

    I have been doing awful on my diet still too... It's very hard to get back on track after being bad for a while. But I am going to try hard tomorrow and I am sure you will too.

  2. just got around to reading this thanks so much that is truly sweet of you! I have to admit I am pretty awesome lol haha I crack myself up but for real my sister is the best and I already miss her and the little ones :( I hope everything gets better for you. I am here if you need me