Do Not Quit

Monday, February 28, 2011

Its still dragging on -Kim-

So I had school all day today as every monday wednesday and friday but for some reason this day dragged... ugh It still is too I just can't wait for it to be over. On the good side my psychology class had me rolling.

Right before class my friend asked me to sign her in on the attendance sheet because she had to leave early for a family emergency so I decided I would do it this once. I get in class and sign her in. Now the only time my professor decides to randomly call someones name off the list is today and guess what... yup you got it he calls her name. lol HAHA was I laughing so hard as I say she had to leave so I signed her in. The sad part of all is he says "oh ok thats fine with me" umm HELLO are you serious you really didn't notice there was never anyone sitting beside me. lol. too funny.

 Now to talk more about this class he looks like that guy from the office and dinner for schmucks.... steve something or other... but old and creepy. I mean CREEPY!! He says things that just remind me of a perv or a child molester its very strange. I feel bad talking about him but I had to let that out and vent. He really does.

 Lets talk about the weather now... Its raining AGAIN!! No walks for Kim until this weekend probably. How about everything else? Anybody work out?  Loose any more weight? Weigh In? lol Im so bored somebody entertain me with some interesting news. Well I don't want to bore you guys any more so ttyl when I have something interesting to say until then.....


Sunday, February 27, 2011

It happened again... -Kim-

   So ladies and gents I tackled another 5 1/2 mile walk today. It felt great out today and finally the sun was shining. My eyes were burning to the point I had to put sunglasses on because it was too bright, and the sad part is that it really wasn't that sunny lol. I thought to myself I feel bad for people in Alaska. Could you imagine going months without light my eyes would feel like they were being fried when it finally decided to peer back out.

    Any way moving on to this walk of mine. I had no embarrassing moments today, but I have noticed that people like to laugh at you when your trying to get in shape. The funny part is today it was an overweight woman who happened to be chowing down on a big greasy ass burger from checkerS. I thought to myself really your going to point to me and laugh with your friend ( who by the way is over weight too)... excuse the harshness here... you sit your fat ass in a car and munch down on some high calorie fat greasy ass burger and fries? REALLY? and like 7ladybugs said and let me guess you had all of this on top of a diet coke right? Sorry sweetheart that is not going to make you skinny. I thought everyone knew this. At least I am on weight watchers and walking my ass off to drop pounds. I wanted to go to her window and be like Excuse me but I look better than the two of you put together now and I will look like a model compared to you come this summer, keep laughing bitch! lol i know harsh and I def. sounded conceited there which btw I am not at all. Let me apologize to those with out a sense of humor for what your about to see...
DrPhilYoureFat.jpgSorry I thought that was funny and thats what I think of that woman now lol jk im not spiteful

 I do not get people the skinny people laugh at you because your fat and the fat people laugh at you because you are out showing your fat by working out to get fit. Some people.... Does anybody else have this happen to them or is it just me?? I don't get it now and I wont get it later. I was skinny before and never picked on ppl for being over weight and I am over weight now and would never pick on an over weight person trying to get their life together. Oh well...

   Back to my nice long walk. I found out walking 5 1/2 miles the first day you have to stop and then the second day you walk it like a breeze. Well not really a breeze because when I came to the big hill at the end of my walk my legs started to feel like noodles and I was breathing heavy. I felt like a pervert on drugs lol haha jk. All in all I woke up this morning and my body wasn't sore at all and now my legs are getting there. I'm popping that good ol' ibuprofen tonight so I don't wake up sore and bothered for school tomorrow.  

    In other news....Any body have an interesting weekend? Any good weigh In's? <--- (NOT ONLY FOR WW PPL I'm sure everyone is weighing themselves!) Any funny stories you might want to share? Or any fall outs or venting you need to do? I'd say my ears are open but this is online so my EYE'S are open for everyone! Hope to hear from everyone Good luck all and keep up the good work!!! Best wishes! :)

Bored on a Diet -Brittany-

OK....and now for Brittany's corner. So.... i'm bored, and i'm on a diet. I am TRYING to stay away from junk food, but i have cravings so i've decided to face my cravings head on. We all know, when we pick up that damn pack of oreo's (you know milks favorite cookie), when we get home we are going to devour as much as we want with out a care of what the serving size is. I don't care what your into if your anything like me you are going to eat until your satisfied then feel guilty afterward. Well my weakness is sugar, its what I desperately try to avoid it at all cost diet soda, splenda, sugar free hard candies, but when it comes down to it i always find my self in the snack aisle face to face with that golden oreo. My goal for this week is going to be portion sizing the things i love and incorporating them into my points value. I know i wont get them everyday but hell getting what i want some of the time and getting the results i want is better than restricting all of the time and going overboard when i do get them. I don't know if this is the best approach but this is what i can live with. I am going to go back to target and get the little hundred calorie ziploc bags I saw and i want to invest in a food scale as well. This way i buy a snack and then automatically break it down into single serving size portions so i can grab and go on my way to work or what ever. I also need to hook up my xbox so i can play dance dance revolution which by the way is how i lost weight the first time. But so anyways i haven't weighed in in a few weeks so tomorrow i'm weighing in.....Wish me good luck!!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kicked My Own Ass -Kim-

So today I decided it isn't raining I wont get blown away because its not windy enough so I'm going for a walk. I made my own route which was 5 1/2 miles. I started to walk and I thought to myself man this is going to be easy.... HA I got half way and I started feeling the burn in my legs. It wasn't soon after that though when I started feeling energized again yes!!! Well let me tell you people I guess don't care to much about handicap ramps on side walks because I had to keep lifting the stroller up putting it down up and down every couple seconds. This gets real old considering it took me 1 hour and 30 Min's to walk 5 1/2 miles. That seems real slow to me... anybody know how fast that should be walked? But anyway I was crossing the street and the light decided to turn when I was half way through the intersection so I decided to do one of those slow jogs holding one hand on the stroller and one on  my pocket so my phone didn't fall out. Problem is I forgot bout my keys so not only did I look like the fatty trying to run but now I dropped my keys in the street and had to stop and bend my fat ass over so everyone could see a full moon in bright pink(my exercise pants) while the typical fatty holds up traffic EMBARRASSING! LOL. But the guy however I guess didn't see my big ass in the air and almost hit me. Thank god my daughters stroller was already on the curb.... I'm still fascinated with the fact that he missed me. Whatever. So I'm going to be sore tomorrow. Well most likely. Also does anybody else have the problem that their chest hurts after walking, well not hurting, but it kinda hurts to breathe in? Mine does this all the time and then the next day I wake up feeling great! Refreshed and energetic. Tomorrow I will be refreshed and in pain :( Any one do any exercises today that want to share? Or have any funny moments? Just thought I should share that story I might blog again tonight. Let me know if anyone has any news or needs support/answers. Have a great Saturday!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Whats Is Going On PPL?

Any good news this week if I haven't heard or any good news today? I've got good news about my test for those that were wondering I got a B :) good enough even though I was aiming for an A. On other news... Is anybody else having some crazy weather? It went from snow to 60 mile winds one day to on and off rain that brings out sunny weather to now partly cloudy and I don't even know how fast the wind is blowing, but it almost knocked my fat ass over. LOL. I mean seriously though every thing's flying around, my car was shaking back and forth and on top of that my electric keeps going out. I was going to attempt my walk but I'm afraid I will blow away, not even joking. And from what I hear its just supposed to get worse. So what are peoples plans for this weekend? lol besides dieting... I think I'm going to try out Pilate's this weekend see how that works for me. Idk what else to talk about as of right now and I don't want to bore you all so I will blog later if something comes to mind. Have a good day and if your in Maryland put some weights in your shoes so you don't blow away!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Got To Push Myself! Where are my fellow bloggers? -Kim-

Hello Again!! I have been so busy with school and papers being due, Oh and lets not forget the weather, that I haven't walked for 3 days. Sometimes I really have to push myself to exercise even though it makes me feel great afterwards and when the weathers bad UGH thats just like having to come outside my own body and pull myself out the door. How has everyone else been with exercise and their diets? I weighed in good yesterday but for some reason I feel I could still be doing better. I need to eat more power foods and exercise more. Really I need a bigger support system! WHERE ARE ALL MY BLOGGING BUDDIES??  2 ppl that are supposed to be my support either haven't weighed in since their first meeting (sorry! didn't mean to put you out there you still cheer me on) or has gained a couple ounces. Now I know a couple ounces isn't that much but... I don't only want to share i gained or I quit I WANT SUCCESS STORIES TOO! If it wasn't for me following other ppl I think I would be lost right now. Do you know what its like to have a sister that is pregnant with twins in town? Her cravings are crazy and she gets mad at me when I say I cant eat there! My other support gives in and my sister and her will be eating anything from cheesesteaks and french fries to big slices of cake while I sit there and eat a nice salad. LOL. Thank God I have will power. Well I have to get ready for more school.... this is worse then exercise lol. I will blog later if I have anything interesting to talk about. Till then Keep Up The Good Work!!! And find me some followers lol jk

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Anxious :-/ -Kim-

I am going crazy right now :( I have a test in 20 mins. that I am overly nervous about, then I have weigh in tonight. I stepped on my scale which last time was off 1 pound so if that is still the case I either gained or lost a couple ounces or stayed the same. We will see soon. Im going to publish this now but I will add more later when I go to good ol' weight watchers lol. Good luck all and extra luck to those going to weigh in tonight. Ok so I weighed in and I lost 2.8 lbs yay! I am now down to 195. What a relief. Anybody else have any stories to share? Well I'm off to getting the little girl to bed and then for me to RELAX! Have a nice night. Until next time.....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sadly we are only 2 chicks now!

Hello again! So sadly I have to inform that our third chick is not going to blog with us :( she doesn't want to put her self out here, however, I feel that's how you motivate yourself. Oh well! Anybody care to join? LOL. I have weigh in tomorrow oooh booy!! I will post and let you know how that goes... I'm not guessing well. Either way I will have my head held high... there's always another weigh in. I will make it to my goal weight! Which by the way is 150-160 which ever I feel comfortable with. Hope everyone's days been well even with the snow if you live here( boooo! ) well I'm off to studying I have a psychology test tomorrow. Wish me luck and let me know how you guys are doing so far."I'll be seeing you!"


Yeah so unlike my extremely happy friend i have been the one struggling on this diet lol. While it does work I just have personal obstacles to overcome. I am very busy, i have two jobs, a three year old, and i'm in college....and all that equals tired. So my goal is to find health quick options for on the go me. My number one on the go food has got to be subway, they're filling and the healthy subs are only 7-9 points. I also have a snacking issue so  my thing is condensing breakfast and lunch into under 10 points so that way i have 10 points to snack in and 10 for dinner. Oh and sunday i bought some chewable fiber pills that are supposed to curb ur appetite with the filling effects of fiber, so we will see how that goes. It seems as though im the guinea pig in the group so i'll probably be trying to add something new every now and then just to see what works, I might even try the lemonade diet again (if Kim lets me lol). Im also going to try to hit the gym as much as possible, i would like to do interval training to boost my metabolism. And also Dance Dance Revolution for when im at home and can't get to the gym.Well im about to head to bed good night!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Its Kind OF Amazing -Kim-

Good Morning or in all reality Good afternoon! lol. So today when I woke up and I felt great!!! It really amazes me what going hiking for 2 hours does for you and how you wake up feeling refreshed. So I've been sitting in class all morning and still have another class to go :( I feel like all the energy I gave myself is being wasted in here. I was trying to go hiking or for a nice walk today after school but from the looks of it that's not happening. Are we really supposed to get sleet until 10 pm then 3 inches of snow on top of that?? Its almost march COME ON NOW! In other news I need to get in shape so I can do the weight watchers walk it challenge in May! By the way does anyone know where the closest walk is to Baltimore? The WW magazine says its on May 22nd but it does not list any locations. I'm trying to get all my weight watchers girls and guys to go out that day and walk the 5k walk, so if anybody that follows us wants to join just let me know and we will discuss where to meet once it gets closer. Start walking now if your not in shape to do it and in no time you will be able to walk 5kin a short amount of time and you will see how good you feel after every walk. So my lap top died in class so I am posting this later than I wanted but to continue this blog How has everybody been? Any good weigh In's or good news in general? Any fall outs or need advice?? We are here to help. And I haven't heard from anybody :( Hopefully you guys will open up sooner than later.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What a Week Its Been -Kim-

So being as valentines day, my birthday, and my sisters baby shower were all in this week I've decided I need to try to eat more power foods and start snacking on fruits and veggies more so that I don't add a lot of unhealthy and unnecessary points in my day. I've also decided I need to start some extra cardio work outs this week starting today, since Wednesday is my weigh in. Ugh I'm scared that I didn't loose anything this week. Valentines day I had a drink,a crab cake and crab legs for dinner def. making me go over points. My birthday I had a shrimp salad sandwich for lunch applebee's for dinner and chocolate covered strawberries for desert, I went over points but not by much. Then my sis's baby shower I have no idea how many points I ate :( great! I just did little portions of the things I wanted but we went to Sakura's for dinner I ate only half of the half I had since I split my dinner with my daughter but I had a martini. So hopefully I didn't go over by much. We will see what Wednesday brings. On the bright side for my work out today I went up to Loch Raven Reservoir and did some walking and hiking. I walked up the big hill near Providence and then hiked the trails there. 2 hours of hiking and walking with my love while grand mom watched my baby girl. I feel great now, Nice and relaxed! I love nature! Now time to give the little girl a bath and start making chicken Italian sausages for dinner. Hope everyone had a great day so far, and if not I hope it gets better for you. Keep your head up!

Getting To Know Us and Our Story!

First of let me say Hello! WW is def. a great way to loose weight I have tried many diets before and was discouraged until I tried WW, so if for some reason you are having second guesses read our story as we go and you can decide from there. We will be posting pictures soon.

My name is Kim Cole I am 24 years old and have never really struggled with weight until I had my daughter. I went from 120 to 180 when I was pregnant back down to 145 a few weeks after delivering. After I was put on birth control my weight kept creeping up on me, well creeping isn't the word I went from 145 to 205 in just 6 months. I was DEVASTATED!!! :( I tried calorie counting, work outs, carb count, even diet pills. I would loose about 10 lbs and gain right back if not more. Then I heard Points Plus came out so I went to weigh in. I thought I was devastated before but when I stepped on the scale and got that little sticker with my weight on it and realized I weighed 212 lbs I almost lost it. I'm starting this Blog 5  weeks into my journey and I am already down to 198 lbs. My total weight loss as of today 2/20/11 is 14.4 lbs and I weigh in every Wednesday evening so I will def. keep everyone posted. Good luck on your journey and we hope to keep your hopes up. I am going to post every loss, every gain, every accomplishment, and every fall out, so you will know and realize nobody is alone in this. GOOD LUCK!!

Hey my name is Brittany!!!
     Well, i've always been chubby but i had lost 40lbs during my sophomore year in college. Then after i had my baby i gained every thing back plus more lol. The lowest i've ever been was 153 which isn't bad for my body shape i'll always be curvy. But weighing in at Weight Watchers i am now 201, which is devastating! But its been two weeks since my first weigh in so progress is pending. My thing is that im gonna do weight watcher and Alli at the same time this week.