Do Not Quit

Friday, December 30, 2011


I missed Mir's challenge and decided to bring my idea from weight watchers to blogger. I created a new challenge First Day Of Spring Challenge!!

This challenge is to lose 20+ lbs or make your goal by the first day of spring 2012 which is march 21st. Please check out this link for the page below. If you want to join please follow the blog and leave a comment. Thanks so much!!

I look forward to hearing from some of you and I would appreciate it if you would pass this on to some people who may have missed Mir's challenge too and are looking for somewhere else to join.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year New Me!!

So today is my first official day back on on track as far as sticking to my points plus program and it is not as bad as other days have been. The points are lower as I said before but they are manageable I have to continue to be strong and stop letting people and holidays make my decisions for me. I have tried to continue my diet through the holidays but was asked by many people why diet during holidays and I let that question roll and decided to wait until new years day to start until 2 days ago I said no I'm starting tomorrow and damn if I didntget why would you start before new years thats stupid and I replied this time why is it stupid? It's one day! If I can't get through one day I can't get through life. So today is my new day and I will stay on points unless I have my cheat day lol from now on.

I created a challenge on weight watchers called lose 30 lbs or make goal by the first day of spring 2012. I am looking forward to going through this challenge with the lovely people who have already signed up for it :) 98 people in not even 3 whole days. That's awesome!! I was thinking about making a challenge like that on here but I wanted to see how many people if anybody would like to join. So if you are interested please let me know and I will open a challenge soon. I have noticed that not that many people seem to stop by anymore so i don't want to make something that nobody is interested in.

So how did everyone's holiday go? Are you looking forward to new years eve or are you a little scared of the multiple food choices you are going to endure? Also what are people's goals this year? I would love to hear them. So far I just have lose more weight and get my certifications (BLS and CPR) so I can get into a hospital even if just as an aide. I want more than though I usually have goals out the butt and I can't seem to think of any this year sonhopefully you guys give me some good ideas.

Well nice to talk t everyone again I hope to hear from some of you soon, if I don't hear from youor talk to you in the next couple days have a happy new year and stay on point with your diets. Stay strong and stay safe. Good luck all!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Why hello there you lovely people lol I hope everyone had a great Christmas now let's move on to the new year where we will have new goals and new year resolutions. I just started my new challenge on weight watchers sites to lose 30 lbs or make goal by 3/21/12 the first day of spring. I feel this is not too much to ask andnis very reasonable. It's just enough time to lose weight and not feel overwhelmed and over exhausted. Are any of you on weigh watchers online?? If so def look up the challenge or look me up my username is kimc87. I am always looking for more people who are on the same road as I am on the same diet too. We could help each other out in many ways. But speaking of the new year what are your new goals/resolutions? If you even went towards thinking about that already. I am trying to lose those 30 lbs and make goal this year. I'm not putting a time frame on it this time because that just is silly to me now. Your body will have ups and downs and it will lose all the weight when it feels like it lol well at east my body. I could eat on plan everyday work out 4 times a week and still gain or see no movement on the scale and I got tired of blaming myself because I know I was doing good and I know I was achieving other victories so why beat myself up if it's not my fault? Not any more. Today is a new day weight watchers has a new program and I am a new me :) I will do this I am going to do this..... Who's with me???

Well like I said in the opening I hope all of you had a great Christmas and in hope everyone got what they wanted. Stay on point and don't give up even if your stuck wight the same number for weeks at a time. There is hope and you can do it. Just try reaching out to someone or venting. It helps a lot and will put you back on target and get you moving again. Good luck all keep up the great work and stay strong!!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Last CDCC 12-19-11

Oh my I'm so sorry I was out of state and it slipped my mind :( then I come back to a shooting outside of my job and having to make sure my employees are ok ect. What is the world coming to seriously??

Any way with out further ado I did lose this week FINALLY!!! I am down 2 lbs yay!!! This puts me at 170  ugh that's up from original weigh in of 168 but I'm still a size 10 and measurements are still the same thank god! In any other case I'd be disappointed with myself but with what I went through and what I managed to do I'm not upset at all I know I will keep losing and get the where i want to be it's just when my body is ready not when I am. I can deal with this now. I have loved being in the challenge even though sometimes I was late on posting and got so overwhelmed with things in the end tha I couldn't comment like I should have. Sorry to all of you for that. Well I didn't get the dress I had in mind due to money issues but here's my new addition :)

Gotta love my bathroom pics and sorry bout the smudge on the mirror lol.
And here is what I was doing out of state

I hope everyone did great on this challenge and are happy with what they have achieved. I am proud of everyone who stuck with it even if they were in a situation like me. We will continue to lose we will continue to be healthy. I hope to still hear from everyone and continue to see great posts. Good luck and keep losing!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

CDCC 12-11-11

Oh where oh where has my weight loss gone oh where oh where could it be lol! Seriously though this is unreal!!!!! Once again ladies and gents I have not lost anything not even an ounce. Good news though weight watchers has changed its plan I wasn't so sure about changing since you have the option to stay the same. I was like why fix what works haha but for real I have seen some amazing numbers coming from fellow weight watchers on the new plan so I'm thinking I'm goin to start tomorrow. I still have to go to a meeting to get all the details on how it works but from what I was told its pretty much the same just lower points. I hope this works for me because I have hit a MAJOR Plateau.

So way off topic but I was studying and happened to come across bag of bones series by Stephen king on a&e and let me tell you GREAT show or so it seems so far. It comes on tomorrow starting at 7 and repeats every four hours. So you can catch tonight's and tomorrow's. Seriously though you should def check it out :)

In other news my final is tomorrow and im crossing my fingers something serious haha. I have to hit the books again so I'm sorry but once again this is a short post. I plan on getting back to blogging more faithfully when i get a break from everything. I miss it :( I hope all is well with everyone and I hope everyone's weight loss has been going great. I will ttyl!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

CDCC update 12/3/11

What's this?? Kim is actually updating on time lol. First off thanks everyone for all you lovely comments I wish I had the time to comment back right now but I haven't.... So sorry everyone for me lack in support but I know you ladies are doing awesome you have been up to this and you haven't given up so I am proud of you all! Great job!! We have exactly 3 more weeks until Xmas wow did that go by fast. I am actually walking by this place at my job and They have a scale so we are going to check this out. Im going to put this on hold for one moment and see what's my damage. Well I'm down .03 lbs lol still a loss but def still looking like a plateau. Oh :( I was hoping to get down to my 150 goal and my my size 8-10 but not going to happen from the looks of it. It's ok though I'm happy where I'm at and I will continue to lose because I am never giving up. I hope all of you had a great weigh in and if not you have a good look on things like I do now, and will always have. Yes we all have the why moments and the depressed moments but in the end we have to have the I dont care I will get there and I'm proud of where I'm at I'm proud of what I've accomplished and what I will keep accomplishing. Good luck all!!! I gotta go before I get caught lol :@