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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brittany's Corner

So I've literally been getting my ass in gear this week! Not to say there weren't a few points of weakness, or a mishap with a pizza (god i loooove pizza!!!) but i made it and i get a gold star. lol Finally hit the 10 lb mark on my scale today!!!!! (lots of exclamation points today) But results make me smile and they make me wanna work harder for next week. Though i'm still guesstimating points, i feel that the choices i make i do with the points in mind. I pass over a certain brand of snack knowing that that snack is higher in points value than that snack and i keep my meals in a low point range buy eating smart ones or meals with many veggies and lean protein, im familiar with the serving sizes and points value of certain foods i eat so i know that i can eat them and not worry about blowing up like a balloon. Im not a breakfast person so instead of skipping breakfast i drink a meal replacement instead, sometimes for lunch too if im not hungry. And for the past two weeks i've been working out three days a week so no wonder i'm seeing some changes. I'm really worried about my skin though so i've been using a coco butter dry oil as well as vitamin E on my "problem areas" and exfoliating every other day. So my goal for this week is to drink more water to improve my skin, Avoid obvious pitfalls like pizza and those awesome biscuits at the popeyes across from my job oh and junk food.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sorry People!! -Kim-

Sorry again I have so much going on right now I am trying to get all kinds of papers done before tomorrow so I can take them to school since I wont be here for a week and Im trying to get packed so I don't forget something and notice at last minute. I hate packing with a passion, but nit as much as I hate rushing homework and papers. Ughhh so much to do so little time. I feel like a chicken running around with its head cut off. So just wanted to stop in and see how everyone was doing? Any good news or bad news you want to put out there? Hows exercising going? I will def. try to blog tomorrow before I leave out sunday morning. If I cant blog in Ireland I will post my nice pictures up when I get home but I am hoping to have use of my computer so wish me luck. Ttyl I am so exhausted.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weigh In Today! -Kim-

Just wanted to let everyone know I went and weighed in and I lost 2.4 lbs this week. Hey it not 3 but I will take it. I have so much homework to do right now and I have to start getting things together for Ireland, so I will blog later hopefully or tomorrow. Hope everyone else is doing good and let me know any news if you want to share.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Brittany's Corner

So I haven't posted in a while but if anyones reading it will please you to know that i have a personal trainer!!!! I absolutely love it someone to get my ass in gear, he doesn't let me slack and having an "appointment" makes me more motivated to go. I have even been eating better tho i still am slacking on the point counting. I swear i will go to target and get some smart ones so that it will be easier to count, but i have been making better snacking decisions this week. : )

I DID IT!!!! -Kim-

 I officially walked 44 miles and it took me 21 days well really the every Saturday and Sunday and one week day for 21 days :) That is exciting and I am still walking more. I am trying to figure out what I want yo make next months goal. If 44 miles were reached in 21 days and there is 31 days in a month I think I might try for 60 miles. Does anyone think that sound about right or am I pushing it? I just have to remember I am not only walking now I am kickboxing and doing Pilate's too. I don't want to push so many miles on myself and not be able to move lol. I def. think 60 is fine I will wait for your opinions too though. That is just  5 miles a week and two 2 miles a week, sometimes I walk 3 instead of 2 miles so it will be even less. 4 days a week I CAN DO THAT!!  I feel like that quote I love and my fellow blogger (Ashley) put on one of her blogs"Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't  I give myself reasons why I can!" Very well put and very inspirational/motivational. I CAN AND I WILL!!

 This is officially the longest I have been on a diet and I have to say its like McDonald's "I'm lovin it" lol haha. But seriously I really do enjoy it. It doesn't feel like a diet, just a life change. Actually I feel like I am going back to what I used to be. I Love WW it has changed my life and the way I look at dieting. I have never though I would be anxious to step on a scale every week. Anxious to measure my self. Anxious to pictures of my fat lol, but I am, and I feel great. It is easy to stick with I can eat the things I love still and the stuff I used to think I couldn't live with out eating I have proved myself wrong. I also learned certain things are only ok once in a while and I now accept that not think of it as a punishment.

 I used to look at something and be like I cant eat that because I am fat and it will just make me gain more weight. Now I look at it and I think to myself wow how can they eat that its so unhealthy, or if its still something I want I say to myself hmm that will be my next cheat day ;) Yes even I cheat. I know AMAZING right? Brittany seems to think so. Love ya Brit!

 Another thing I think that keeps me motivated it going out to stores and restaurants and seeing WW approved meals or under so many calorie meals(even with these if you have your calculator and ask for nutrition info they are happy to give it you) its really motivating. The number one thing however that keeps me going is certain ppl here's the run down: My Mother, Brittany, My boyfriend(love ya babe), 7ladybugz, Ashleysweigh, bitch cakes(Amazing Blog), and Full Figured Foodie( but I don't know what happened to her shes MIA) I know mushy but seriously I could not do it with out all of you. You keep me motivated keep my head up when I am depressed Make me laugh when nothing else seemed to that day. YOU ALL ARE AWESOME AMAZING WOMEN AND MAN (my bf lol) I am glad I have met  you guys and you are all trying to accomplish what I am. Hang in there, hopefully I help you move forward too when all you really feel like doing is stopping.

 Enough of my speeches lol I probably look like an advertiser for WW and a super emotional person which I am none of the above but I do like to let ppl know when I think they have been a great inspiration or motivation for me. Thanks for reading this long blog.

 Does anybody have any good news??? Any bad new you want to vent about?? I'm here as always to listen. TTYL. Keep your heads up and keep up the Great work!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

No Pain No Gain -Kim-

  Like I have told everyone I have been doing kickboxing. The workout calls for 2-3 times a week. Being as I am busy through the week I decided to do my workout on Saturday and Sunday. so this is how may weekend went. Friday night I went for a 5 1/2 mile walk. Saturday morning I woke up and did kickboxing then 40 sit ups on an exercise ball and 20 squats. I walked 2 miles on Saturday night also. On Sunday I did kickboxing tried yoga for about 10 mins then I noticed it was way too boring and slow for me so I moved on to belly dancing for beginners(should have listened to 7ladybugz) I am still way too fat for that lol so I moved on to Pilate's and ended the day with a 3 mile walk.

  Needless to say I lay down last night and started to stiffen up.... great I thought let me jump up and pop some ibuprofen so I did and I woke up completely stiff as shit. My arms hurt to lift my lower abs hurt to bend the only thing that doesn't hurt are my legs. My friend keeps telling me I am over doing it, I think no pain no gain. Maybe I am wrong but I am trying to get a higher weight loss each week and that means I have to workout more. We will see if it works. I think I will either gain or stay the same at least one of these weeks because muscle weighs more than fat and my muscles will be swollen from working out and being stiff. Or that's what a personal trainer I was talking to told me in the gym when I used to go there. I can tell you right now that my muscles are def. swollen so when I weigh in on Wednesday I hope that it will go down a little bit. I don't want to gain 2 lbs this week :( I hope to loose or stay the same.

  Has anybody else been working their butts off? Any weigh-ins besides Ashley's?  Great Job once again. I hope mine is up there with yours. Any advice needed or motivation needed?? I will blog later if anything interesting happens if not ttyt. Keep up the good work all!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Poor Feet -Kim-

 I have been walking and last night I went for one of my 5 1/2 mile weekend walks and for some reason it killed me last night :( I don't know why either. So when I finally got in my feet once again were aching. It is really getting old. I feel like day after day I find out something else is hurting mysteriously on my body. I don't know what to do but I do now that I don't want to feel like this when I go to Ireland. I want to be able to go where I want when I want and not have to worry about not being able to walk the next day.

 So I have been talking about picking up another exercise. I have said time after time in my blog that I was thinking about Pilate's or Yoga. Well I decided to do neither lol I tried kick boxing and it kicked my ass haha. I did a 20 min. work out that had my heart racing my body aching and had me out of breath. Oh and did I say I was sweating profusely? It was awesome! I know it doesn't sound too awesome but I like workouts I can feel not workouts that I cant remember. If I cant remember it, it wasn't good enough. You guys should try it. Its a workout while releasing your anger. What more can you ask for?

Sorry again but this is going to be short and sweet its late and I am tired as all hell. Let me know good news. Keep up the good work, and get out or in and exercise.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Never Wait Until Last Min. -Kim-

As everybody knows I am going to Ireland, so I need a passport. Well when I called the post office months ago they told me it wasn't guaranteed to be there by then so to wait to get an expedited passport well they didn't tell me they had that service but they def. told me where to find one so now I might be SOL. GREAT!! that would suck to not be able to go on my Christmas present trip :(. Well I went all the way up to dc like i said and forgot my birth certificate so you guys wont hear from me until late tonight or tomorrow because I have to make my way up there AGAIN and try to get this done. Then when they process it if I am accepted which I better be I have to ride back up there again to pick my passport. Too much to do before this trip.

 My bright bf*I love him but he def. didn't think here* has us departing from new york so now we have at least a 4 to 6 hour drive to the airport then a 11 hour flight. oh btw did I tell you I get motion sickness. lol This is going to be fun. I can't sleep in car or on a plane either so Im going to be so tired and I will probably be a complete bitch. Poor Bf! He is going to have a shitty first day in Ireland with me. It should get better though.

 My depression is really putting a tole on us right now. We got into a pretty good fight last night because of it. He is one of those people who don't want to hear it if he doesn't believe it. So I feel unattractive and he says I don't know why you are starting this shit and it just got worse from there on. I don't know why I am like this but when I get into one of those moods I have low self esteem and just depressed not a good mix. I just want him to reassure me hug me something.... Why are guys so difficult?

 Well my psychology teacher is starting to look pissed lol so I will ttyl. Let me know any good news.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just An Update -Kim-

I posted that nice depressing blog last night but I am happy to say Tony is ok! This made my day great on top of all the unecessary bs I went through today. I went to get my passport expedited and I got all the way from maryland to washington and noticed I didn't bring my damn birth certificate. Needless to say I need to drive back to washington tomorrow after school during rush hour :( so I can get my passport on the role. This is going to be fun! NOT!. well I have a lot of homework to get done I will ttyl.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good News But Going Crazy -Kim-

  As everybody has heard or I hope every one has heard about Japan and not only the tsunami but the explosions at the nuclear power plant and the radiation problem. Well I am no going CRAZY!! I have hit a point of severe confusion and depression. My best friend Tony is stationed in Tokyo Japan now I know what your thinking nothing happened there, but he is a staff sgt. In the air force which means he was one of the many soldiers being directed to where the issues are at. I spoke with him on saturday and he was ok just helping people. His exact words were "I am helping the people and I am fine for right now..." Them last 3 words have stuck with me since I read them. Especially since the nuclear plant had I believe 2 explosions now and he is right where it happened. I emailed him as I did before and have done all the time and he emails me right back at the most an hour later. This time its been a whole day and nothing and his parents have yet to hear anything and can't get in contact with anybody.

  See it scared me even more when I went to sleep last night and had a dream about him, it was a horrible dream and I woke up with my eyes glues shut, meaning I was actually crying in my sleep. In the dream I found out he was killed. I never have dreams like this, if anybody dies in my dreams its me! I couldn't believe this I was devastated from this dream. I got up and emailed him right away 7:30 in the morning and now its 9:00 at night and nothing. I couldn't imagine loosing him, I would be wrecked. He has been there for me since I was young he is my BF I tell him anything and everything and he does the same. I need him to answer me back. Until I hear from him I will continue to go insane. I will continue to cry and I will continue to worry. I just pray to God he is ok and just very very busy.

  I also told everyone I would explain why I was afraid to weigh in. See I told myself that if I got to my 20 lb loss I would treat myself to something meaning I would not feel bad if I treated myself to something I have been craving. So once again I got my weakness WINGS lol that was on wednesday last week. Then me and my boyfriend went to outback to eat so I got a soup and a salad. They don't have nutrition info there for some stupid ass reason so i researched it later and found out I consumed 30 points at least for just a cup of soup and a salad what the hell!!!that means I went way over my weekly points and point allowance because I don't count work out points. I never even use weekly allowances.

  Moving on I weighed in today and I lost 1.8 lbs not what I wanted but shit I will take it. so now I am down almost 22 lbs and my mom lost 5 lbs this week!! YAY! So my crappy ass day at least has one positive outcome. I just hope Tony answers me soon.

  Well Im off to get my daughter to bed. Leave me some of your news or stories. they may cheer me up or take my mind off it for a while. Good luck all and keep up the good work.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wouldn't You Laugh Too? -Kim-

Ok so my friend called me up and we will not mention her name for confidentiality reasons lol haha but yea anyway we were talking and out of nowhere she tells me she has a lump on her ass... I was like um why are you telling me this. Well the conversation weirdly continues and I ask if its a or a bump or a lump she informs me its a lump and asks me if I think it could be cancer now I'm laughing hysterically and she says seriously so you think it could be cancer? My only reply was if you ever called me up and said you went to the doctor and they found a lump and examined it to find out that you had cancer and I say Omg I'm sorry where and you happen to reply on my ass I would be done! Lol Hahaha that is just too funny to me. And I know I'm real messed up THIS IS CANCER WE ARE TALKING ABOUT! but I can't help but laugh. Seriously does that happen? Who has ever had a friend or family member call you up and say hey I just wanted to let you know I was diagnosed with ass cheek cancer bahaha. Yea I'm sick! Or maybe some people just don't have a good sense of humor cuz that shit is hilarious!!!! O well.. moving on....

So I am having internet issues right now and am blogging on my phone. Not fun at all so this is gonna be about all I'm going to write about tonight. I weigh in tomorrow I'm kind of scared I will fill you in on why tomorrow.

Does anyone have any good news?? Did anyone loose weight of worst case gain and they wanna vent about it? I'm here for anybody so until then or until tomorrow which ever ones first I will ttyl8r. I wont hold my breath for the first one :) goodnight fellow bloggers keep up the great work.

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Game Of Catch Up -Kim-

So once again I have been slacking. I just have too much on my plate. Lets see the funny story I had for you was that my deep freezer in the basement had this weird smell coming from it, so I decided to investigate. Well I had originally thought it was because some of the meat was bad... well it was bad meat alright but because my freezer decided to defrost itself. So me and my dad were cleaning out this freezer while my mom watched my daughter for me. OMG it smelt horrible. Like a dead body. We had to load up 2 big tubaware things up and throw them out.

See the funny part was when we were throwing it away we had to load up the truck with this rank ass meat and drive it to a dumpster surrounded by people. It was so funny because people were looking at us all weird. They probably thought it was a dead body cut up lol haha they looked at us in concern and disgust. Guess you had to be there. I was def. geeking.

In other news to 7ladybugz I tried to go geocaching... it didn't work out to well. The last person who found this one decided to move it from its location and make some type of puzzle you have to figure out to find it now. So needless to say I don't know what I am doing yet to figure it out. Oh and my other issue is that nobody wants to do it with me :( its not too fun looking for these alone. I look like a weirdo searching for drugs or something lol. I need to find someone before I do this again. I have found out that there is some in Ireland around where we will be staying. Who knows maybe I will be able to get my bf to look for some when we get bored.

Well once again I'm off to class I will ttyl. Any good news???

Friday, March 11, 2011

TGIF AGAIN!!! I Need A Break! -Kim-

   Hey everybody guess what I actually made it to blog today... AMAZING! lol I actually got all my work done besides math homework and studying for my test on Monday. It is such a good feeling. I feel like 20 lbs was just taken off me...wait a min I did loose 20 lbs hahahaha. I know lame joke right? What do you expect I'm bored as all hell waiting for my class to begin....and then I will be bored out my mind in there until psychology.

  I have been trying to keep up with your blogs to see how everyone has been doing on their diets and it seems everybody is doing great!! Well... some one has disappeared for a week and one had a little bit of a breakdown but is back on their feet. You guys make me proud I know seriously I sound like a mother, But no lie I am proud of all of you when I get stressed out or feel like I just want to quit( I know everyone has had one of those days) you guys inspire me to keep pushing forward. It really is nice having a support system. And damn if I didn't chose some fine people or they chose me :) I thank you guys that chose to follow me. You have great taste lol jk.

  So has anybody else noticed that even if they decide to cheat one day they can not eat that much? I don't know about you but my body is already trained to take in smaller portions. It's a great feeling. I just hope this helps me out come Ireland. I tried to eat some wings and fries... I know bad right? I could eat 9 wings but the fries I couldn't eat too much. I felt overly stuffed from them 9 wings and the weird thing is I didn't eat almost all day. Normally if I went almost all day without eating and somebody put wings in front of me I would SMASH! Wings are my weakness!!

  I also noticed a lot of things that used to taste amazing to me no just taste eh... That's a good thing considering I loved fried foods... and just greasy food in general. No I don't mean greasy as in grease all over them I mean involved grease to be cooked or pizza. No matter where you get pizza at it is always greasy. I use a paper towel even when it doesn't look bad and dab it off. Try it one time you will be surprised at what you see.

  Well I'm off to class now. I will most likely blog again tonight when I'm nice and bored because Boy do I have a story for you about last night. It was HORRIBLE!! TTYL and TGIF!!! Keep up the good work and as always I'm here if you need to talk if its personal feel free to email me

Im Slacking, But In Other News.... -Kim-

  First let me say I am sorry and I'm a poor excuse of a Blogger lol jk but I have been slacking maybe saying I an going to post a blog every day for a year wasn't the brightest thing I could say. See I failed to think about what if I get swamped with homework or essays or what if I get sick. No me being Kim said screw that no matter what I can blog every day. Ha! Wrong!

  See I felt crazy yesterday the doctor put me on an antibiotic which made me dizzy and sick to my stomach. It was so bad I left school. I never leave school. So that being said that is why I did not blog.

  On the good side though I did make myself get up and weigh in and I lost 3 lbs this week. Yay!!! I officially reached my first 20 lbs. It's exciting! So now I know walking helps me loose more weight. Or so it seems. I will keep everyone updated because I finally measured myself.

  Good luck everyone and keep up the great work you all are doing. You all are amazing!! Just remember that and don't give up if times are hard.... we are here if and when you need us. Good night all!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

WooHoo -Kim-

  Let me start this off with a positive note I stepped on my scale today and it said I weigh 190.8 which in weight watchers usually would be 191.8 which means if its true this time and I don't get fooled again I lost 3.6 lbs this week :) yay!! I hope so I will really think they are scamming me out of my money if i go in there tomorrow and they say I stayed the same again, I have been monitoring the difference between our scales since day 1 and its always been a pound cept last time urghhh damn last time lol.

  So this stress fracture or whatever it is is really starting to be a pain in me arse lol When I go for walks I come home and its throbbing I wake up and its soooo sore that when I put my weight on it I wanna smack someone lol its one of those nice out of nowhere shocking type pains. I just woke up really thats the first thing I have to feel? I had no choice but to take it easy for the last 2 days and its been hard it drives me crazy not getting my walks in now. So needless to say Im walking tonight at least 2 miles. I got my 2 miles down to 30 mins and my 5 1/2 miles down to 1 hour and 15 mins I hope it will still be the same now that my foot hurts and I haven't walked it for a couple days.

  I went to walmart and bought myself some danskin workout pants I love yoga/exercise pants now days. But I am finding it harder and harder to fit in them. I wore an xl before then went to a large and sometimes a medium. Heres the thing though larges are too big in the waist and mediums are too small sometimes. I think they should come out with a size called mlarge or ledium lol it would help me much. I also went and got some new walking sneakers. If you havent tried Nike Shox before you should def. try them they aren't the best looking shoes but they are sooOOooo freaking comfortable. Im in love.

  I figure when I leave for Ireland it would be lighter luggage if I wear exercise pants the whole time and just bring one or two good outfits just incase. Its supposed to only be in the high 30's or low 40's when we get there... so I need to be comfy. Its like Montana all over again. Or really I wish. I loved Montana if you like nature and you have not been there try to go. And stay at Big Sky lodge It was so much fun and not that expensive considering we booked at last min. lol leave it to me and the bf. Oh and to 7ladybugz I will keep my eye open for that damn leprechaun I have been hunting him down for years. I will take pics and post a few of the good ones in here. Who knows you might still hear from me if they have wifi where I stay and a converter for american outlets. A little more than 2 weeks before I leave. Not looking forward to the flight :(

  Well Im off for my walk and then I got to hit the books AGAIN!! Why me. I couldnt just stick to 3 days a week could I. TTYL. Where the good news people?? Our eyes are open and would like to congratulate. What if I started handing out Good Cookie awards... would you tell us then or want to kill me because we are dieting and cant have a cookie? Then it would be like subliminal messaging and I would wind up making you crave a freaking cookie. Hmmm maybe I will just think of another award :) lol.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh Nooooo!! -Kim-

So it is now monday and I noticed I have not blogged for basically two days because I don't count thanking   people for an award as blogging. I have been going crazy over here because of these damn papers!!! I got done most of them and then my teachers decided they want to pile more up on me :( when will I get a break???? I know when... when I finally graduate and seeing as that isn't going to happen for a good while Im gonna have to find a good way of relieving this stress. Im thinking I might pick up Yoga, or Pilates on my non walking days.

So lets see what have you guys missed.Oh that's right I messed my foot up something serious. I don't know exactly what I did but I was walking my nice 5 miles with my daughter in the stroller and the side walks were all messed up so while I was steering the stroller I was actually twisting my foot weirdly and walking I guess you would say I was walking on the side of my foot. Soooo yea I have what my mom thinks to be a stress fracture. Its not healing too well either because I don't skip my walks I don't care if I am in pain or not!!!

Ok so I have to share this I decided to go walking at 10:30 at night with my mom. I know not safe... but I had protection with me. Any way I tried to do one of those speed walk things you know where they say straighten you back roll your feet heel to toe bend you arms and move them back and forth as you walk and move your hips side to side. this supposively uses every muscle and burns more calories. Well I tried it and let me tell you I looked like a crazy person on drugs trying to be sexy shifting my fat hips and ass back and forth lol I looked like a hot mess. It was hilarious. My mom was laughing so hard, especially when someone turned their headlights right on me and as they drove by they looked at me like what the hell is your problem. lol Had to share that with someone.

Moving on my weigh in is coming up again!! YAY! I feel like this one will be better than the last time or really I hope so. I am really trying for that 20 lbs more would be fine too lol. Speaking of ww I am really iffy about Ireland I have to try to get my walking in which shouldn't be a problem and stick to my points where they most likely don't have weight watchers points on menu's UGHH I hate guesstimating.

Well I am off to my last class I will try to blog later. Hope everyone is doing well and has accomplished something they are proud of this week. Good luck all. Feel free to share anything thats been happening.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

So.....Results! ~~~> Brittany

Its 12 am...and yes im just getting in from work lol. So in better news while I haven't been weighing in at WW's ive been keeping track on my home scale and im down 8 lbs since I started. Not great but not bad 4 weeks in and i average 2 lbs a week. Once I add some exercise into the equation i should really start to see some movement on the scale. What I like about Weight Watchers is that even though im on a "diet" i don't feel like I'm missing out. Pizza is my all time favorite food damn straight, any diet where i can eat pizza is the diet for me. I don't even feel like im on a diet just learning how to make healthier choices. I still eat junk from time to time but hey im human sue me. My car broke down not to long ago so I've been on the bus, but soon i should get a car and once i do i can go to the gym more often. well thats all for now gn

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another Lovely Award

So we Received another awesome award YAY!! def. cheered us up!!

Here are the terms of this award
- I Thank the person that gave it to me
- I have to pass it on to 15 new bloggers
- List 7 things about me
- And finally, drop a note in each mailbox letting them know they won!


I am passing this award to:
Sorry I def. don't have 15 people who I am passing this on to

Full Figured Foodie
7ladybugz (again) lol
Demented Duchess
North of 25A
That Guy 132
Mind Twister

Do I really have to write 7 things about us again.... Damn you brittany!!lol
I love copy and paste lol
 7 Things About Us
 1.We are both Mothers
 2.We are both aquarius(well unless you follow that new crap)
 3.We are both on a diet through weight watchers
 4.We are both students
 5.We were both Born and Maryland
 6. We unfortunately still live here in Maryland lol
 7.We both Love to PARTY (cough cough drink alcohol lol)
Thanks again!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hello Friday!! -Kim-

First off let me say Happy Friday to everyone!! Not so happy for me seeing as I have so much work to do this weekend, but I am def. trying to do all of my papers on top of my walking. Oh God Please Help Me... I need to pull a miracle out of my ass lol.

I have never needed a break in my life as bad as I need one now being a full time student with 5 classes isn't that bad until its 5 days a week so you have no down time. Who's bright idea was that you say? Yes it most def. was mine! So I did end up getting a 79% on my math test so that's good, even though I'm one of those people that aim for A's on everything but never succeed haha. I've got B's on my first 2 tests and in one subject I suck in and one subject that's just hard to remember everything, math 083 and psychology 103. So I really can't complain too much I guess. I just hope I at least get a B on this paper for sociology I have to write a 5 page paper on one question. ONE QUESTION?? and it can't have my opinion in it at all. ready for the question How is deviance needed in today's society. I cant use Internet sources only real books from the library and I need at the minimum 4 of them. This is going to completely suck some... well you know.

Moving on I tried to go to the movies last night with the love to see sanctum and it wasn't in any movie theatre around us. Hmmm how is it that sucky ass movies stay in theatre's longer than good movies? Sanctum just came out on the 4th of Feb. and is already gone but the rite came out in Feb and in my opinion was BLAH and its still going strong. I don't get it at all. Oh and life as we know it is still out too and it was "Dry" yes dry as in boring, not worth seeing. The funny parts on the previews were the only funny parts in the movie. Also the ratings critic's are giving movies now days are just way out there. These people are being too nice or they just want us to waste our money because its usually if they say its good its bad and if they say its bad its good. I say Screw Critic's they get paid to watch movies and write a review on it and they can't even do that right. hahahaha. Wait thats not funny that's just sad!

Well I'm off to do more school work break is up. Hope all is well with you guys. Let me know if you have anything to share. Get out and exercise and keep up on your diets. Congrats to those who lost weight this week and keep your head up to those who didn't. Talk to you later. Enjoy your weekend TGIF!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

And Then There Was...A Cheat?? -Kim-

So as you all see my fellow blogger brittany has finally blogged a couple days in a row YAY! lol Now you don't only have to read my boring blogs. Congrats britt for keeping up with the diet and for starting to i guess you would say be more serious about it.

In bad news I have no idea if I stayed in my points today. GASP i know right I don't think anybody has heard that from me for a good while. I don't know what it is but I cant cheat. Im determined!! Any way though back to me maybe going over points I went to cracker barrel and asked them for nutrition info. and they told me they dont have them in the stores to try the website they know its on there. So lucky that i have a good phone I got on the internet and looked it up Let me give you a little example of what this nutrition info looked like.

All of our food is made with high quality ingredients... blah blah blah

                             Turkey sausages are available for substitution of regular sausage
                             Grilled chicken and fish are on the menu instead of fried
                             Side salads are available for one of your sides
                             Salads are also available for entree's
So ummmm what are the fat calories carbs etc.
They actually wrote they don't know...well what ever happened to guesstimating???

So yea I had a half of a chef salad and a cup of vegetable soup which is really about a half of a cup. Idk how many points that is but I would hope not too much and that would me I stayed inside my points. If not I went over but I guess thats ok since I never go over my points. I keep to my diet like a crack head keeps to his/her habit lmao..... yea random I know

So once again I was in school during the day which was just chilly and now that I'm home and want to walk its cold outside again. Im not getting this weather how is it a high fifty degrees one day and then the next its low forties or thirties I don't get it one bit but its frustrating me. I JUST WANT TO WALK!! :(

Well Im about to get ready to go to the movies with my bf :) and see sanctum and then come back home and hop to all these nice papers due on monday... 2 more added on that list. So I now have 4 papers due monday morning. Wish me luck. Ttyl and let me know if anyone has any news they wanna share. Keep up the good work!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Not Bad

First i want to give a shout out to Kim (you called but i was at work so if u see this soon call me again lol). So yeah big ups cause while you may or may not have lost anything u didn't gain your still moving towards something not backing away kudos. So in other news I did good today...I think. I stayed with in my points, and i went for a walk. I didn't exactly count my points but i did make healthier decisions. Smart ones are on sale at target so im gonna go load up on those and pop chips for work. Now that the weathers getting warmer i can walk to work and walk my son to the park. The warmer weather has also got me thinking of bathing suites and its making me anxious. I've got this vacation coming up and every time i think of it i just want to go to the gym and run then the thought makes me feel sleepy then a lil hungry lol. I feel a new pair of running shoes are in order because i need some motivation to hit the gym after working 8+ hours. I was thinking about taping my old bikini on the wall ideally i'll be able to fit into it buy July. Well time to get ready for class gn readers.

From you to us? You shouldn't have! -Kim & Brittany-

We gladly accept this Award from One Of our Favorite Followers/ Fellow Blogger

First Of all Thanks so much! This means so much to us, considering we just recently created this blog. Your awesome :-)

To claim this award, you are supposed to share 7 things about yourself and then pass it along to fellow bloggers of your choice...Be sure to copy the picture onto your blog as well...
                                                                 7 Things About Us
                                                   1.We are both Mothers
                                                   2.We are both aquarius(well unless you follow that new crap)
                                                   3.We are both on a diet through weight watchers
                                                   4.We are both students
                                                   5.We were both Born and Maryland
                                                   6. We unfortunately still live here in Maryland lol
                                                   7.We both Love to PARTY (cough cough drink alcohol lol)

Now for who we are going to pass this lovely award to.....
                                                         ~ Full Figured Foodie
                                                         ~ Ashleysweigh
                                                         ~Obtaining The Three F's
I dont know if it possible but Im sending this award right back to 7ladybugz because we think everyone knows how awesome and funny she is :)

Upset but at the same time not -Kim-

So today was my weigh in. Hmmm. What an interesting story. So as you all know I have been walking. Sat i walk 5 1/2 miles Sun I walked 5 1/2 miles and Tues I walked 2 miles so I have walked 13 miles since sat. I have not cheated at all and I rarely ever do. And I mean RARELY. So to continue this story I loose at least 2 lbs every week. I weighed myself on my scale and it said I lost 2 lbs and my scale is usually off 1 lbs so i was like ok well i lost a pound at least. I go in and step on there scale and the woman says you stayed the same. How is this possible when I already know the difference of my scale and theirs. Get this this though I hand her my card to ring me up and she tells me its denied I looked at her with this um what face and said "thats impossible I know there money on there" and she goes "hold on let me get my glasses"(mind you she already printed my sticker with my weight on it) and she says "oh let me get my glasses...oh well that makes sense I put zeros where the ones were" So my question is do they type the weight in on the stickers because if they do did i really loose 1 lb and she saw a zero like with my card???

Oh well... such is life. I exercise more and weigh more I saw this coming but later on. I don't think I gained muscle yet. Strange. Its ok though I'm keeping my head up because I am already proud of what I accomplished so far and how I am now accomplishing walk wise. Theres still more weight to be lost and I am motivated more than ever.

As for my math test yesterday IT SUCKED!! lol I went in there thinking I would do great and I think I just did Ok.... I guess lol.

I now have a new goal. I am trying to walk as much as possible in a month... well duh but now I have a minimum amount of miles I will accept from myself. I have to walk at least 44 miles a month. Considering I already walked 13 this week I think I should be Ok, but Im still scared Im going to mess this one up. See Im going to Ireland the last week of march until april 3rd I think. Im gonna be so frustrated!! I have to somehow get my walking in and monitor points while still enjoying my vacation, and not stressing my bf out. This is going to be VERY interesting!!

Well I have a 5 page essay to start writing and a thousand page essay. UGH! So I will talk to you guys later....


I ate Chinese food today...i was looking forward to that Chinese food forever so i broke down and got it now i feel terrible. I feel this way every time i eat something greasy or just plain terrible for you, you know that nauseas heart burny feeling. Definitely gonna look up some healthy recipes tomorrow lots of fresh foods, lol i'm starting to hate fast food cause its a lot better in theory than it actually is when you eat it. Sorry but i'm just starting to realize this. I'm gonna invest in a nice lunch box and Tupperware set for food transportation. Oh and I just realized i haven't been counting my points at all just guesstimating making up my own points ( I know terrible ). Im gonna get some smart ones meals just to make things simpler that way there wont be too much counting. Oh and i've been craving chocolate so i found some whitmans chocolate crowns (kinda like turtles) but there endorsed by weight watchers and are pretty good. Pop chips are my favorite snack but every time i bring them home there gone before i leave for work so def gonna get a bag just for work lol.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I dont know... -Kim-

I just don't know what is going on but I have been soooo tired!!! I think it's because I haven't been walking... or the weather I don't know. 

So on top of feeling tired all day long, I had a math test. Anyone that knows me knows I hate math. Ugh most of it is so rediculous because who is really going to use this in everyday life? Not me! Im going for nursing not to be some kind of math genius. Nursing all you need to know is adding subtracting multiplying and dividing numbers decimals and fractions. You don't need to now how to factor, solve equations with variables etc. lol Im all heated over here for no reason at all well except the fact that my school makes up classes that you "Need" when you really don't.

Another good example is ACDV (academic development) which in their way of explaining it is transitioning from high school to college. Hmmm well lets see I've been out of high school for 6 years I don't think I need that  and I have already been in college but it "Mandatory" This is called we want these peoples money so we are going to make up bull shit classes for them to sit through. WTF? not only is it 100 and something bucks but its worthless info. that nobody really need.

And now the last example before I move on. Why must we take a placement test to see where we need to be then it mandatory we take the class even though it's a noncredit course? You would think they would let you just take it and if you fail then you know where to go. I had to sit through math 081 and 082 which was baby math. Even my teacher said why the f**k are you here? lol too funny. All I could say after laughing was because this is where I was placed. They just want my money :( 

Moving on I took another walk today. It was 2.03 miles I believe. It was easy. I walked it in 40 mins. Idk if thats good or not. At least I will figure out if not walking is why I'm tired today. I walked 5 1/2 miles on saturday 5 1/2 miles on sunday and 2 miles today. Yay! so so far this week *which is sat to sat* I have already walked 13 miles! Im aiming for 44 miles a month at the least. We will see.

I weigh in tomorrow night. I stepped on my scale which is usually only 1 pound lighter than ww scale and its showing I lost 2 lbs again :) I hope its not wrong and it would be even better if it was more. I will let everyone know tomorrow. I know I ask this all the time but anybody have anything they would like to talk about? Good luck on weigh in's and everything else that might be coming up. Well thats all i have to babble about. Talk to you guys later, unless you email me.