Do Not Quit

Friday, December 30, 2011


I missed Mir's challenge and decided to bring my idea from weight watchers to blogger. I created a new challenge First Day Of Spring Challenge!!

This challenge is to lose 20+ lbs or make your goal by the first day of spring 2012 which is march 21st. Please check out this link for the page below. If you want to join please follow the blog and leave a comment. Thanks so much!!

I look forward to hearing from some of you and I would appreciate it if you would pass this on to some people who may have missed Mir's challenge too and are looking for somewhere else to join.


  1. Here's to a great success with your challenge. You know I wish you and all those who join you. It's possible. We will all be great AFTERS...BELIEVE IT!

    (I love seeing your header every time I come, cause Jennifer is such a beauty. I mean, really, she is so transformed. She was cute before, but she's an out and out KNOCKOUT now...!!!!) Inspirational!

    Later, bye

  2. Good luck with your challenge. I'll be stopping by often (you know I will) to keep checking in on you. Take care my friend. Happy New Year!!