Do Not Quit

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Ok so today I noticed some very disturbing image on my computer and I rubbed my eyes to see if they were wrong but they weren't they were not lying to me one bit it was all the truth I was staring at a picture of me at 212 lbs possibly more. Then i said I am going to take a picture of me to compare it with in close to the same pose(def. cant do the scenery) and compare to see what 7 faithful months of weight watchers has awarded me in 2011. Well heres what I found out, you all can be the judge.

I found out afterwards it was a bad choice to wear all black since everything blended in but I can still tell can you?

This one I hated because the after picture was taken way closer than the before which resulted in there not looking like a big difference but there really is, and Im not as turned in the first pic as I am in the second so you dont see the full roll hanging lol. O well.... If i find more before pics that someone managed to take of me while I was ducking from cameras I will def post them(and not wear all black lol). I had to share this because I was impressed. If 7 months of ww can do this imagine what it could have done if i stayed on all year, Imagine what it is going to do this year when I reach goal. Yes WHEN I reach not IF I reach, because I am going to make goal this year and me and Tay are going on a shopping mini spree lol :) I can not wait.

So what did you all think could you see a difference in my crappy pics? Was it a big difference? A little difference? Either way Im overly proud of what I accomplished and I can not wait to knock off more of these stubborn lbs. and add my final pic. My goal pic. AH! Im so close I can taste it!! Then maybe when I meet goal and maintain for 6 weeks I can become a leader and share my story, my pictures, what helped me etc. and be there to support and help others (I already do this and LOVE IT!!) I see a bright new future coming. TTYL!!


  1. Definitely a difference! Progress pictures are such a great way to really see the differences. Isn't that strange to see a pic and think, 'OMGoodness, is that me?!'. Scary! Good for you on changing your life for the better, never give up! :)

  2. Absolutly there's a difference. Congrats you've done an excellent job so far :) I can't wait til' the year on WW pics :) Ducking from cameras.. lol I love it. I use to hate the camera it was my enemy. It's funny because I'm a photographer and love to take picture but would hide from anyone with a camera!!

  3. Yay for comparison photos!! Without a doubt there is a difference... Your body in general looks slimmer! So jealous of the curves btw... why can't I have hips and a waist too? :( lol :0) Keep up the good work!!

  4. You my friend are doing wonderfully. I can see many changes in your body and the big one, your posture. The proud, I can do this posture. You are beautiful and just look at your losing and cahnging from the catipillar to a beautiful butterfly. Keep up the great work. I can't wait to keep watching you on the journey. Blessings!!

  5. "Overly proud"? No no no. Be VERY proud, you are doing so well. Of course there is a difference. You are looking wonderful. I've just started WW (AGAIN) and hope to have some stats of my own in a few months. Great job.