Do Not Quit

Friday, May 13, 2011

What In The BEEP!!! -Kim-

Has anyone else's blog been a little off? I tried to log on here last night and it wasn't happening. I sign on today and i check ppls blogs to see how they have been doing and I notice my comments never posted to their pages or somethings going on with blogger. Anybody having this issue or have seen this too?

Well I got 3 papers done but I completely failed a test :( sucks. My hardest project however I got an A on YAY! So I weigh in tomorrow and have my walk too. I am a little scared to be honest with you. I think I may have gained. We will see because I can never trust my scale anyway. I have been eating pretty crappy because of all my stress, but 4 more days and I am done. I can not wait I am overly exhausted, my eyes burn by 3 pm. I have one more big paper to write and 2 finals and I am DONE!!!!! well til next semester lol.

How has everyone been? Anything new going on? This is a shorty but I can barely see to type. I will ttyl. Wish me luck!


  1. I couldn't even get onto blogger yesterday so it wasn't just you.

    Ugh finals is all I have to say.

    Good Luck at weigh in!

  2. Blogger was down for at least a day. It looks like some of my posts were eaten too because I'm almost positive I responded to the nice post you wrote and mentioned me. Thanks again, by the way! :)