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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weigh In -Kim-

I weighted in today and I am very happy to say I lost 4.2 lbs this week, which take me down to 178.6. So exciting, and here I thought my scale was way off 2 lbs lol. My scale was off exactly 2 lbs this week. I think after I am done studying and doing my powerpoint for school I might go bike riding again. We will see.

How has everyone else's day been going so far? I hope every one els has successful weigh in's this week too if they haven't already. Sorry this is majorly short but I already vented today.... who knows I might have a lot to write about later tonight. Until then.... I'll be seeing ya! (Gotta love the notebook!)

May We Say Drama?? -Kim-

I am starting to realize blogspot has some immature people on it just like facebook. I deleted my fb over drama from young minded individuals that had to comment back to your comments to another person. This was always funny to me because 1. I didn't know them  2. I was not on their page  3. My friend knew and understood what I was saying  4. They just wanted to start shit because it wasn't what they believed.  Well for some reason I fall into young minded people again! I do not see why adults can not let you put your own feelings out to someone you obviously have concern for with out having to get snippy with you or basically say don't write unless you have done your research. Well I hate to burst their bubbles but I don't take nicely to immature people, I did my UNBIASED research on this issue and than spoke out to the person I followed, and still I have to deal with petty comments to me. Hmmm funny because they act like I offended her when I was congratulating and wishing luck to her but saying be careful I don't agree with this because this this and that. So my questions are Why are closed minded people so freaking nosey? Why do they have to have everyone agree with them? Why is it a terrible thing to not want someone you have been talking to for months to end up hurt in the long run? Why is it so important to stick their opinions in a comment directed towards the blogger not the commenters? I did not ask for their advice I did not ask for their nonsense I did not ask for them to act like little babies who didn't get their way, BUT what I asked for with out technically asking was to be adults and let people put their opinions out there with out being judged and if you want to remark back at least do it with respect and with out a snippy tone. When this doesn't happen you get back what you dished out, and then I am done because you are not worth my time!!! I will not continue drama I say my peace and I stop. OOOO and if the persons blog I am talking about is reading this first let me say sorry I wrote back a snippy comment, and sorry but I had to put this out there I leave out your name but I hate drama! Also If your reading this and they are your actual friends Im sorry but they really should have seen my concerns for you and my nice comments with and prior to what I said. I only want the best for you, I may only be a fellow blogger but we have been commenting and motivating each other for MONTHS. I consider you a friend I just have never had the privilege to meet.

Well sorry for the ear load or should I say eye load. Have a great day and I will be posting my weigh in in a couple hours.

Friday, April 29, 2011

My scale Is Playing With My Emotions -Kim-

So a couple weeks ago I weighed myself at home I was completely stoked I thought I lost 4 lbs in a week. I was jumping for joy. I was actually anxious to hop on the scale and have them say congratulations you lost 4 lbs this week, But instead they said you lost 1.8 lb this week. I was still happy I lost but umm hello what the hell happened to the other 2.8 lbs??

Your probably wondering whats the point I'm trying to get across. Well.... Today I stepped on my always off by 1-2 lbs scale and it said I weighed 177.6. 177!!!! really!!!! "Wait Kim calm down!!" I told myself don't get too happy and then weigh in tomorrow to find out you didn't loose that much. see if I am 177.6 I lost 5.2 lbs in a week. WOW! so lets add 2 lbs to that just in case its off 2 lbs again. I will still have lost 3.2 lbs. Still extremely exciting. However like I said who knows with my scale :( lol

In good news though I went bike riding with my lil girl today for an hour. Finally getting some exercise in yay! she was scaring me though riding in the alley because of cars and she fell once because of the hill :( so we went to the (what used to be) basketball court and road around there for a while. Still I got exercise in just was weird because I was going around in circles. Did any one get in their exercise today??

Also I'm sad to say I didn't reach my miles walked this month. Depressing but hey I had a rough month. I'm just happy I got in what I did get in. I think next month I am putting it back to 40 miles. That's a lot more reasonable and realistic as of right now. We will see how it goes. I have a 5 mile walk and a 3.1 mile walk this month so that's already knocking out 8.1 miles, just a little more than 32 miles to do by myself. this should be interesting. this is finals month and all them last minute tests and projects, which by the way I have tons. O well that's college life for ya!

So how has every ones week and day been? Are you getting your exercise in? Losing weight? Gaining weight? Whats been going on with you guys? lol Sorry I am bored!

Well I will talk to you all later I am off to try to entertain myself maybe some kinect. Happy Friday and TGIF!! Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Finally Commenting Back -Kim-

  First off I have finally got around to commenting back to the lovely women who commented on my blogs. Thanks and sorry it took so long Im so busy. You all had very nice comments and I want to show you guys it means a lot by commenting back, It just might take me a while. I finally did update but I still want to say Thank you all so much for the constant comments and support. You guys truly keep me motivated and help me get through all my issues. Thanks again!

Second I got an award from the lovely ropcorn Thank You So Much I am also handing it right back to you!!

                                           Thank You:

Versatile Blogger Award

1. Thank and link back to the blogger that awarded you the badge.
2. Share 7 things about you.
3. Award 5 or 15 other bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers to let them know about the award.

1. I am a Single Mother
2. I am a full time student
3. I love the outdoors
4. I have to admit I can be and will be a bitch when need be lol
5. I have an addiction to shopping (no lie)
6. I have about 35+ high heels/wedges
7. I have the most amazing boy friend in the world ( Love ya babe!!) ( I know mushy right? sorry ppl had to put that out there)

                                                        North OfA

I have a lot to do in such little time so I will try to blog again later if not ttyt! Keep up the good work as always!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Break Was Here? Really? -Kim-

So today was my first day back to school after spring break which in my opinion didn't feel like it even happened. I had by far the crappiest spring break ever!! I looked forward to this break for God knows how long and I ended up very disappointed. I had that incident I don't need to get into again my grandmother ended up in the hospital my cousin as well and had to have back surgery.... I could keep going down the list. this was supposed to be a relaxing break not a whats gonna happen next break.

The good news though as you may have already read I did loose another lb. I am now .8 away from my 30 lb mark. Exciting!! I also lost 3 inches off my stomach 3 from around my belly button and 3 from around my belly pouch. Also exciting.

Is any one doing the walk it challenge? I didn't think I was going to but now that I think about it I might as well. lol. I noticed that you get a key ring that says 5k if you complete it too I guess that's why you have to pay 25 bucks to walk. Weird I'm used to raising money to walk not paying. Which by the way I am still trying to get donations for for babies march of dimes on may 14th. My website it donations would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! I have to raise money to walk and each of the walking members have a goal of 200 sadly to say as of today I still have nothing :(  I am unemployed or I would pitch up some for myself lol haha I know cheater!! My friend said he would give me 5 bucks and hey every dollar adds up I just need help so I f you support the cause and would like to donate please stop by my page. Thanks so much in advance!

How has everyone else's spring breaks going or just week lol I don't know if a lot of you are in college or not. Has anyone weighed in recently? Any ups or downs? Its been a little quiet on this side of blog spot Just wanted to check up on people. Well I don't have much to say right now so I will ttyl. Good luck and Keep up with all your hard work. From the people updating I see its been paying off.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter All!! -Kim-

Have a great safe Easter everyone enjoy but try to remember we are dieting. WATCH YOUR PORTIONS and stay away from candy don't deprive yourself though if you have the points left eat one piece, but please please please one piece. You don't want to look like this....

And remember if your not hungry you don't need it... and if you have no points left DON'T DO IT LISTEN TO THE CAT!!

LoL haha sorry I thought it was funny! I don't want to offend anyone with out humor. But if all these attempts to stay on track fail and you end up gorging on all the food and sweets I just found out everyone has been weighing in wrong so maybe you should try weighing in this week exactly like below.

Lol have a great Easter everyone! I hope my jokes and weird humor didn't offend anyone. Be safe and stay on target. Good Luck! (who would of thought you would hear them words on a holiday)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weigh In and Measurements -Kim-

I weighed in today and I weirdly am happy to announce I lost 1 lb. lol. Any other time this would frustrate me but with all my cheats and lack of exercise I am happy. I stepped on my scale and it kept switching from I weighed 180.4 to 182.6 (reminder my scale is off 2 lbs from ww) So I went in having no idea what I weighed at my house I was facing I either gained a pound lost a pound or stayed the same. I was actually nervous rather than anxious to step on the scale but I did it and I'm happy with my results.

I also took my measurements last night and am happy to say I lost 3 inches around my belly button area and 3 off of my "pouch" anybody that had a baby or knows the after math of babies know what I am talking bout. 1 inch off my bust and 1 off my hips everywhere else is being stingy, they are here for the looooong ruuuun lol. 

I tried a pair of my jeans on from last year when I was smaller and I can fit into them again :) that was exciting so I went from a 16 or 14(depending on the pants) to a 12 already 14 just slide right off now days. And when I went to old navy with baby girl yesterday I bought 3 shirts which were 5 a piece with 30% off (great deal) I got 2 larges and one medium. I found out I can not wear a large anymore. NOT HAPPENING!! My girls like to sneak out for a peak when I bend over.... tiss tiss I told them they were punished and down graded to the mediums where I am staying for now. HA! 

Now I have some cooking to do for Easter and exercise to try to get in while its sunny out. This weather is making me mad!!  Let me know how everything is and if there's any good or bad news that you want to talk about. Happy Easter everyone I hope you enjoy it and have a great time with friends and family!!  As always Be Safe people like to take advantage of holidays and drive under the influence. Until next time.....

Friday, April 22, 2011

Busy day and a fat week -Kim-

I have been having an as I call it "fat week" all week long!! Fat week is my way of saying I cheated all week long, and I mean all week long. Ughh I know I know what happened right? I never really cheat and I surely do not cheat more than once a week if I cheat. Well lets see besides it being hard to adjust to my new points I also have been out on the go and had no choice but to eat out. I think this happened 3 times this week and that added on going over 2 points a night because I am not used to staying at 30 points is ALOT of extra points. I also only walked like 5 miles this week too. No exercise and too many points.... This means what you ask? Weight gain in worse case scenario or if I am lucky just stay the same. I would say if I'm lucky a weight loss but I doubt that will happen being as I cheated :( shame on me! lol oh well we only live once and I accept all responsibility and have no regrets because I will keep my head up high and still fight my way through.

Now to the busy part. Not only have I been running around like a chicken with its head cut off I have also been trying to keep up with school work(not doing well there, Thank God I have 3 days left) and my lovely daughters needs on top of my nice hectic happenings this week too. So today I decided to take my little girl to see Rio she behaved so well and had a great time, BUT yes but here's the story for that. I left out at 10 something in the morning to make the first showing of Rio, which needless to say had way too many people there to make the first showing. We ended up going to the next showing which was 3 hours later. So for 3 hours we went to old navy so I could buy Kay some new clothes, to Barnes and Noble so I could but yet another points plus cookbook, and out to eat because baby girl was hungry. We looked at 4 different restaurants trying to find one that wasn't packed and that served something reasonably healthy. That by the way didn't really happen. Then I came home to pick up my niece who I have until 9 tonight and have to boil eggs for them to dye. Long day but I am glad I am home to somewhat relax.

How was every ones day? Week? Any weigh in's? I hope everyone is doing better than me. Actually getting their butts up to exercise and staying in points range. Well I'm off to the kiddies. TTYL have a great Friday TGIF! Well... not for me but you guys still have hope lol.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Finally -Kim-

 So First off I have to bring up the fact that the weather is beautiful today!! Is everyone Else's too? This was def. a little bit of a motivation kicker for me, not as much as I hoped but enough to get me off my butt. I picked up my daughter from her school and went to the reservoir and went hiking up some trails not too long because her little legs couldn't handle it but enough.

I am now making the family dinner and after that I am going for another walk either my 2 or 3 mile don't know yet. I love weather like this not too hot and a nice breeze that comes and goes. I love spring! Hopefully it will stay longer than a day this time. I also think I am going to do kickboxing tomorrow morning. My body is gonna be sore again since its been like 2 weeks since I last did it :( So not looking forward to that.

 How has everyone else been doing today? Any workouts? Good news?? maybe even bad? I have somewhat bad news I cant seem to get in line with my new daily points. I stay going over by at least 2 points sometimes even four. Ugh its frustrating I have not had a problem with this until now. I have to find ways of making better meals and still not depriving myself. Wish me luck I def. need it lol. Well I dint wanna run on with boring news so I will ttyl Hope all is well. Keep up the great work guys and gals!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Crazy News -Kim-

I had told myself yesterday I was going to walk for the spca and get on her and blog. Well as you see I didn't do either. Being as I didn't raise any money in the day of registering it really didn't matter that I didn't show up. So anyway this is what happened to make my day completely stop....

I got a call from my friend in NJ a week ago saying her mother was taking her girls (my god children) to church and the cops showed up on her door step telling her that the guy they were seeing for choir was a registered child molester. Well first off how in the hell does the church fail to look this up??? Don't you have to do background checks on people who work with little kids??  So they took her kids for an interview to see if anything has happened, meanwhile cops were setting him up online. The cop told him he was the father of an 8 year old and would allow him to do as he pleases with her, needless to say he went to them and go arrested.

He then freely admitted to them he was going to go back and "groom" her kids. Her mother deny's knowing him at all or any of this happening, but they know he knows her and she received money from him every week when he brought the kids in. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE???? Pardon my french but this is mind boggling. I can not believe this I was speechless. The kids are even being interviewed again and they have to report back to my friend because the laptop has a lot of pictures of little girls and they have to go through them and see if any of them are my god children.

How can mothers protect there selves from these situations? How can we trust anyone when we can't even trust a church? WE CANT EVEN TRUST A CHURCH?? WHY? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?? WHHHHYYYY?? It doesn't make sense. church is supposed to be a holy place a place where people should feel safe. Ugh I gotta stop I cant type about this anymore.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weigh In And Some... -Kim-

So I went to weigh in today and I lost 1.8 lbs this week. Not so happy but that is def. better than nothing. I need to figure out what I need to do to make it 3 lbs a week again. I think its funny that my scale is now 2 lbs off ww's scale it just keeps getting a bigger gap between weights. Any way I am now 1.8 lbs away from 30 lbs ughh it feels like my body wants me to anticipate this so much that it isn't happening fast enough. This is the first meeting in a while I got to attend because there are too many ppl there on Wednesday nights so I decided to switch my weigh in days to Saturday morning. At the meeting however I got to announce that I have reached my 10 percent and my 28.8 lb weight loss. I got a weight watchers key ring for 10% loss and a key ring for first 25 lbs lost. here they are...

I also pampered myself and did my own nails here's a pic of them as well....

I think they turned out well considering the fact that they are old school glue type and they seem to be very secure. If you ever want temp nails try these they are kiss brand and pearl french tip. The pearl tip makes the nails look real, well in my opinion it does. 

I am also walking in yet another walk, One everyone should know of March For Dimes, March For Babies. It is a walk that brings in donations from each participant to help babies from/with premature birth, birth defects, birth illnesses etc. It is a 4 mile walk that takes place may 14 2011. I am raising donations for this as well if you would like to donate please donate on my personal site

Thank you in advance if you donate even just one dollar it means a lot to me as I know a lot of ppl that had problem with their children at birth or have lost their kids at birth. I also appreciate it because it helps me show how much I care when I raise money for this walk too. Thanks so much.

Well this is long enough. Does anybody have any good news for me??? Anything they would like to vent about? Its been overly silent on here they should change the name to lol haha jk. TTYL keep up the good work and have a Great Weekend. I walk tomorrow :) I will blog afterwards

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fundraiser for the SPCA!! Donations appreciated -Kim-

Ok so I just joined a walk for the march for the animals which is for the spca. If you dont know what the spca is its basically a pound for animals that does not put them to sleep. The walk is on sunday so I need to raise as much money as I can by then :( Im kinda scared being as thats not that much time ughhhh. Why did I do this to myself?? Well if you support this and are willing to donate please visit Thank you in advance if you decide to donate.
 "...All of the money raised goes toward our adoption center, pet owner education, and the care of lost and homeless animals."

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So I am posting this pic for Brittany its a progress shot of her at 195 lbs. In a bikini at first I said brave chick till I noticed she has a great body already as some of us just wish lol. Well without further ado...... this is Brittany!

Update. -Kim-

Ok so I have to update from my phone because my internet got shut off :( I'm officially a brokie I can not even weigh in today because I'm short 4 bucks. O well such is life but the good news is my scale says 182 which means I weigh 183 at WW so o lost 2 lbs atleast this week possibly more. Yaaay! Exciting! I am still trying to get a job but its not looking to well we will see. How has everyone else been? Any weigh ins? Any loss or gains? Any drama you would like to share?? My eyes are open. Well of ypu guys do not hear from me as much that is because of my lack of internet and I hate typing long blogs.on here. Maybe I will try a video blog. Who knows.... well ttyl and I hope to hear from you guys its been awful quiet lately.

Comparisons finally. -Kim-

So I was going through photos today and I saw this pic from the 13th of Feb.2010 and it was a side view as was one I took yesterday so I decided this is a great way of seeing my progress and wow I have lost a lot!! The first one is me drunk as shit at my bday party last year lol thats why I not only am big but I look stupid too lol and the second and third is a body pic of me now. Do you guys see the difference?? I do now but I didn't before. Now looking at it I don't see how I didn't notice a difference. But yay! Now.everyone knows how I started off and where I got to so far.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

..... -Kim-

Hello all! So I have one more week of this bs and I will be done!! YAY! Spring Break IS IT REALLY HERE?? lol. I am sorry I havent been blogging lately but like I said I've been busy busy busy and stressed. Ughh I could rip my hair out.
 So I have told everyone just about that I dont think I will have a good weigh in this week :( I just hope I dont gain at this point. I have been eating 31 points a day instead of 30 because they failed to tell me I lost points and I failed to look for myself because they usually tell me. Oh well too late now. I will be happy with one pound this week even though I am aiming for 3 so I can hit an exact 30 lbs. I love how when I step on a scale now days it says 185 not 212. It is such a great feeling.
 I have also been getting numerous comments from people about how good I look and how I look like I have lost a lot of weight. I love that they notice it because I cant! I can only notice my jean size difference I dont think my body has changed. I guess I dont see it because I see myself everyday all day lol Idk but seeing the difference on the scale keeps pushing me to see the 150 on the scale. EXCITING!
 How has everyone else been doing?? I see some people have continues to kick the scales ass as I slacked lol GREAT JOB!! Let me know what else is going on... weight loss, weight gain, stresses, accomplishments, problems, or problems tackled. Keep up the great work everyone. I am gonna push my self to get on track again. TTYL

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weigh in -Kim-

So let me start off by saying I weighed my self this morning and I weighed 183 lbs. When I came home from school I stepped on the scale again and saw that as always it went up a couple ounces bringing it to 183.8 lbs. It was 3:00 pm and I haven't ate since 8:00 am I was hungry so I gave in and said I'm gonna eat a sandwich. I stepped back on the scale and haha believe it or not but eating a sandwich took me up a whole lb so I was going to weigh in and being my scale is one lb less than WW I was hoping to weigh in at 184.8 lbs but instead I weighed in at 185 CURSE YOU YOU DAMN SANDWICH lol.

Still I guess all in all I'm happy I lost weight on vacation how many ppl can really say that? Not many I know! So even though I know I actually lost 4. Something lbs I am only going to post my WW weigh in 3.4 lbs. Yay me! I'm so excited 35 more lbs to go. I'm almost there!!!!

I do need to get back on track with my exercising. I spoke to some of you about this already. Its hard going on vacation and hiking around beautiful Ireland and then coming back to this place. Ugh the scenery sucks here not a great motivation. It's more like a motivation killer. Then on top of that I have ppl or really miserable ppl trying to ruin me and my bfs relationship and just break me down in general. SUCKS! Goodbye Ireland hello piece of shit Baltimore Maryland. So what is my motivation working hard in school to pack my shit and get the fuck out of this little place I like to call the ghetto!! Sorry had to get that off my chest I couldn't stay pg 13 for that.
So I think Saturday is going to be my kickboxing day and as soon as I get done this homework and catching up my 3 and 5 mile walks are coming back into play.

Also in other good news for me I lost 2 inches off my belly pouch lol one inch around my belly button one inch off my thigh and the sad part I think I lost 1/2 inch to an inch off my booty :( I love my booty I don't want to part with it, my booty and my boobies have grown fond of eachother we have been friends since as long as I can remember... if they leave me I will loose 2 of my closest friend 2 of my best groupies lol Hahaha jk but for real they can't leave me they are my good qualities.... Moving on.... LOL

Anybody else did anything new or accomplished anything since I've been gone?? I'm dying to hear!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Hello again everyone!! I am back but if you look past my explanation points that's how I honestly feel about stepping my feet back onto American soil, well except a few places like Montana(Love it there) and Pennsylvania (certain parts). I feel like I did ok there points wise, but you never know so I am just crossing my fingers that I lost weight not gained. The food there was Amazing and I found out they have a lot of our products or chain restaurants but better. For instance our coca cola has 4 points plus value for one can and which is 355 ml and the coca cola in Ireland has one point per 250 ml which means one can is what 1.5 points. Also their coca cola is made with vegetable extracts as well as their potato chips. If anyone has had hunky dorys they will agree with me if not you HAVE to try them. MMMmmmmMM!!

Another thing I love about Ireland is how nice everyone is. Me and the bf stopped to look at something and I guess looked overly confused or something because whenever we did this someone had to stop and ask if we were looking for something or needed help with anything. And on the news a little girl in a Ireland was attacked by some older guy and the people passing in their cars decided to stop and beat this guy up and saved the girls life. Nobody where I live would do this or even attempt it. I love when people can get together no matter who you are what you look like or where you are from.

Also has anyone ever been to Ireland?? It is beautiful see take a look.....

That's just a few of my favorite. These pics have nothing on the real view. It does not even compare to what it actually looked like. I LOVE IRELAND. I'm telling you I am going to have a house there. Killarney, Ireland in Kerry is the best place to visit it is so pretty, or more like beautiful.

Congrats to everyone that has made progress with their weight loss and I am proud of everyone for still sticking to it. You all are amazing and never cease to amaze me. Keep up the great work, and as always I am here with open eyes to anyone that needs help wants to vent or just to talk.