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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rough times -Kim-

I have already expressed how rough of a time I was having because of finals and now because its just so hard to get back on track. I had a table at a flea market yesterday and the only thing around to eat was McDonald's. That's restaurant is the devil. So fattening. so needless to say I had to eat breakfast there and lunch making me go over points, OF COURSE! That also made it so I could not weigh in yesterday and my plans were to weigh in today. Well that didn't happen either. I had an awful time getting to sleep last night. I have had 5 hours of sleep and for some reason I cant function to well with that. I missed today's weigh in by 5 mins. REALLY?? So I will be weighing in tomorrow morning and I already know I am def. not going to do good. sucks but I know it and I am not going to lie to myself. I have drank lots of water so I am hoping that may help just a little bit so I at least just stay the same and not gain. We will see and I will update everyone tomorrow.

I am glad to see a fellow blogger is doing the whole couponing thing. If anybody else already does this PLEASE HELP WITH ANY ADVICE. I need to save money and I don't care how many hours a week it may take. I have 2 and a half months to get the time down before school starts again. lol.

Any way how is everyone. I see lots of people have been slacking on blogging too, this makes me not feel as bad. :) I hope everyones weight loss has been going good. Keep it up people, everybody is doing so well.

Well that's all for now I will ttyl. Have a great Sunday!!

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