Do Not Quit

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One good thing out of a ton of bad! -Kim-

  Hello again fellow bloggers I have missed you.... but most of you are still MIA. I have been(past tense) doing great I weighed in on Saturday the 2nd and lost 1.4 really 1.2 considering I gained .2 the week prior So depressing it was my first gain in the whole almost 5 months I have been on WW. I guess .2 isn't bad though and it was the tom. Well.... moving on.... so my nice loss this week has most likely been destroyed. That's not exaggeration either I mean DESTROYED!! I did good on Saturday but the past 3 days have been terrible. Cook outs left overs just a whole handful of bad decisions. I will get past this and when I WI again I will lose I am determined.

So I am going to Georgia to be with my sister for a week :) shes delivering the twins on the 11th and I am driving down on Saturday early early morning so no WI this week or next week til Sunday I cant see the damage I have done. Grrr. I am taking food with me though so I can attempt to stay on point and they have  a pool and an elliptical so I can and will get my exercise in.

Now for the other bad... This was shocking to me... It ruined my WHOLE ENTIRE DAY!! The Casey Anthony verdict. OMG!!!!!! I have been watching this damn trial for 3 years and with the prosecutions closing arguments and rebuttal I was sure she would be tried as guilty. ALL CAME BACK NOT GUILTY??? Did we have the 12 most stupid ppl in Florida for jury members? Were they asleep these three years? LACK OF EVIDENCE? EVERYTHING AND I MEAN EVERYTHING POINTED TO HER. I HOPE THEY CAN LIVE WITH THE FACT THAT THEY LET A MURDERER GO. THE FACT THAT THIS MURDERER WILL BECOME A MILLIONAIRE OFF OF HER DAUGHTERS DEATH. ugh makes me sick to my stomach!!! I actually cried, yes cried when I heard this. That poor little girl will never have justice because its going to walk out the door this Thursday...most likely. I can only hope and pray that (pardon my french) this bitch gets what she deserves. People are saying OJ # 2 no no no OJ didn't even have this much evidence against him he didn't kill and innocent defenseless child. What could a child do to you to make you toss it out like garbage? She is  a sick person and I hope someone or something gets her in return. Pardon my french again but FUCK YOU CASEY ANTHONY I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!!

cough cough lol sorry I could have wrote a story on this, shit maybe I will before she gets a chance. A story explaining all the emotions and confusion through out the case to the pure and utter disbelief and shock of the outcome.

Any way now for my good out of all this bad besides the twins coming :) I got a blogger back. Exciting I thought I was annoying her, and if I was at least I annoyed her enough to make her come back lol.  Happy to have you back Ashley we have missed you and I have never stopped believing that you can and will get to your goal. Let me know if you need anything at all. I am here.

Well that's all for today. TTYL and hope to hear from you all.


  1. I am glad you are back, your really the only person on blogger that takes the time to read others stuff and post well!

    Oh gosh, your past few days sounded like mine! I am going to gain like a million pounds this week probably! I am trying to be good though for the rest of the week... I can't wait to be better so I can get back to doing the zumba and hopefully get back on track.

    Also, Don't worry that woman surely will be punished, and it will be worse then if she went to jail :)

    Good luck with the rest of the week I know you will do well!

  2. Girl, I feel the same way about Casey Anthony! I was so pissed off and upset! I'm supposed to help out in having a little thing for Caylee and other little children who have left the world early on Caylee's birthday in my town. Hopefully it's a success and works out the way it's supposed to. Everyone is supposed to let balloons go in honor of her, and bring toys for kids in shelters, etc. It'll be nice if it turns out the way it's supposed to!

    Oh, and looks like Target is the closest place to me that sells Pop chips. It's not super close so I'll just have to make my way over there when I can. :) What's your favorite flavor/s?