Do Not Quit

Saturday, February 25, 2012

FDOS Update Week 8

I had a rough ROUGH week this week. I dont know what was wrong with me but I was sooooooo freaking hungry. I used up my weekly points on the weekend so they could not help me with what I was going to endure. I went over every night this week by at least 3-4 pts if not more. I told myself OH WELL I did this to myself I deserve what I have coming to me on the scale and I am not going to run away from this by not weighing in this week either. I made this blog to show people the good the bad and the ugly lol And I will be damned if I let a bad week make me hide. Nope not me Not Kim! It happens to everyone once in a while right?

So this morning I got up got ready and headed off to weigh watchers. I had my mind set I was going to gain I was going to be ok with it and I even told the woman weighing me in the same thing. So I step up on the scale and she looks and says Ok Kim I got you (this is what they always say when someone gains) she hands me my stuff and she says you lost .8 WHAT!!!???!!! really?? Wow so not expected but so loving it :) so this week I am very proud to say I lost .8 lbs not much to anyone else but a lot to me.

I did not get my exercise in this week AGAIN!! but I did drink lots and lots of water. I am hoping to get back on track with exercise and points this week. I dont know what happened to me but I have just been BLAH this whole week. Nope not next week(or this week lol) though I will conquer this and plan on having a great loss next week. This puts me behind on my challenge goal WAY behind but as long as I make the 20 lbs I meet the challenge and that is good enough for me. Theres alway next challenge to make goal. I will make goal next challenge I WILL!!!

I hope everyone else has a great weigh in and another great week!! We are almost there!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

New challenge in 4 weeks!

If you have not seen it at the top of my page I have a new challenge starting on the 22nd of march you can click the link there or copy and paste the link below

Check it out and comment/follow if you would like to join. Thanks!
Sorry I would have linked it on here too but for some reason it wont let me link up today. Hope to see you stop by :)

FDOS Update Week 7

Update!!! I started the page for the next challenge I got bored lol heres the link

Ok so this week was kinda rough. I went out on saturday so I ate A LOT of points and then following this we all know was valentines day. Well my sweets bought me carrabas very fattening and I ate it you only live once and I can disappoint my love on vday. then two days after vday was my birthday so we went out to pf changs. I had a lot of outings this week and expected to see a gain but instead I maintained. I am ok with this but Im scare about next week because sometimes my bad weeks show up the week after :-? I hope not in this case. I didnt get exercise in AT ALL :( I know bad right but hey too much was going one. Ive got to try extra hard this challenge to make my 30 lbs now I dont know if I can lose almost 4 lbs a week but Im going to try. I can at least say I got close. I will get to at least 22 lbs lost since the challenge I was hoping for 30 but still will meet the challenge just not my personal challenge that will be next one. So four weeks from now I will have the Sexy Swimsuit Summer Challenge It will begin the day after this challenge ends and will end June 20th 2012 The first day of summer. I love first days of seasons can you tell lol. I would love you all to join again and if you do I will allow a couple more people so your spots would be guaranteed if you let me know before the start of the challenge and the other openings are to be requested and I will only take a few that I feel would be better for the challenge. If you know anyone that is looking for a challenge feel free to let them know. I will post the page soon.

I hope you all have another great week!!! TTYL

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I found the right one!!

YAY!! So as you all may know I am running the first day of spring challenge. In this challenge you can choose to have a goal dress or not. I have been looking and looking to find the right dress and I found one cute one but today I found THE ONE!!! See in the spring and summer I go to the vineyards for wine festivals and stuff so I wear a spring/summer dress there more comfortable and light weight for outside. The dress I found is overly expensive in my eyes but hey I will basically be at goal if I lose these last 14.4 lbs so this could be my challenge goal dress and my actual goal dress too. Even if it isnt losing 30 lbs is worth a nice present to me :).

So here it is....

Isnt it sooooo pretty!!!! lol It comes in this color (sandcastle) black and chocolate. Im pretty sure I will go with sandcastle even though I love black dresses. We will see.

Did anyone else come up with a dress for the challenge? I can not wait to get the money for this dress and finally wear it. to cute!! I can see me know lounging on a blanket at the winery listening to the bands play and gazing at the stars with a nice glass of wine in my hand. Ahhh I can not wait for warm weather.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

FDOS update week 6

So this was an interesting week I have been overly sick as you all know from my previous blog and thought i was almost better on Saturday and then boom Sunday here comes a terrible sore throat. Why!! I feel like I have a spiked golf ball in my throat :( not fun.

Well moving on I thought I was gonna gain because for some reason while everyone else loses weight when they are sick my weird body gains lol. But lucky lucky me I lost another 2 lbs :) yay I guess it was because of all the exercising I did the previous week. Idk I must have done something right... Right?? So now my new weight is 167.8 wooohoooo I'm getting there slowly but surely!!!!! 14.6 lbs down and 14.4 more to go I can do this!!!! I gotta try hard to get it but it's possible. That means I have to lose 2.9 lbs a week a lot but possible.

I did not get to work out of course cuz i was sickly but that will be different this week even if I'm sick. I will push on.

I can not wait to read the rest of your post but to the ones I read already I want to say congrats congrats you guys are doing awesome a few more week lets keep pushing. I hope everyone will have a great week again! Ttyl!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Very sorry!!

Ok guys I am so sorry I have not been a great support because I have been sick since saturday night and have not motivation to move let alone read. Ive been super dizzy and light headed. I just wanted to let everyone know that I did not forget about them and as soon as I start feeling better I will be checking up on you guys. Also Hannah and Julie for some reason I just got sent your guys mail back dont know why Everything was correct and I had the right amount of stamps. This new mail person has been messing up lately so tomorrow Im sending it to the post office with my lovely mommy :) Im too sick to get out. Sorry Sorry!! Just remember when you get it try to send it right out to ww so they get it in time. I will update as soon as this goes away. Sorry again everyone!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

FDOS Update Week 5

Week five.... Wow.... week five. I had another good week. 2 lbs down :) WOOOHOOOOOOOOOO. This brings me to 12.6 lost in this challenge so far and 17.4 more to go. I can do this!!!!

So I dont know if I informed you all this because im having a slow week lol. I bought zumba and dance central 2 for kinect and have been working my butt off. It is so much fun!!! More so dance central though. Time completely goes by faster when you are doing something that doesnt seem like exercise. So of course thats my goal for this week is to do lots of dance central and zumba and my stationary :) I need to lose another 2+ lbs.

I have a lot going on right now so this is going to be short sorry But I am very very proud of all you ladies we are doing this!!!! We will meet our goals and look hot the first day of spring. Cant wait to see all your posts and I wish you all luck this week. TTYL.