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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Christmas challenge

I can not wait for this challenge to begin I am super excited. I have already got my calorie counting down and have picked out a dress and a book :) EXCITING!! This is the dress I chose...
I love this dress may have to wear a body shaper with it because I don't want my pouch to be hanging all out lol I am in love with this dress I mean IN LOVE WITH IT hehe I have multiple challenge with myself for Christmas 1. Meet the challenge (on here and on ww) 2. Buy my daughter lots and lots of presents 3. Buy my bf a trip to Poland 4. Buy my parents and siblings presents. which brings me to 5. SAVE UP ALL MY MONEY!!! all of it every last dollar no spending for Kim unless it somehow will fit into my goals. My bf's trip alone is 2400  my daughter usually takes 1000+ and the parents and siblings 500(unless I send the parents to Vegas then that will be raised to 1000) which means I need to save up at least 4000-5000 bucks WOW I work a seasonal job and that basically means that's every check in the bank but the plus side is I can get my bf's present a few weeks after Xmas. I'm gonna be a busy girl with nothing to show for it besides smiles on everyones faces! That's priceless so I am willing to do that. Savings starts October 1st.

So moving on I am on point today and plan to stay that way. Its hard when you have barley anything healthy to eat in the house and you have no grocery money until tomorrow night. How have you been doing with your diet? Good I hope. Well I have to get my butt back to studying just wanted to take a little break and blog. I will ttyl. Hope all is well with everyone.


  1. That dress is classy and hot at the same time! WOW girl you're gonna rock the hell out of it!

  2. That dress is fierce... Rock it gurly, body shaper & Can't wait to see you in it. I'm rooting for you over here!!

  3. Thanks all.... I hope I'm skinny enough for it by then... But a little pooch never hurt no one right? Lol haha

  4. That is one sexy dress. I'd need some serious shapewear to manage that. In red, wooo....

    I'm glad you have goals and the motivation. Welcome to the CDCC. Let's make our goals together--save up the moolah, babe!!!

  5. Great goals for Christmas! You are going to do great on CDCC. :)

    I'm excited to be doing the challenge with you :D

  6. Thanks again all of you are too sweet :) cant wait to do the challenge with those of you in it either. super excited!