Do Not Quit

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

CDCC update 11/28/11

I know I know I am late as usual but late is better than never right?? lol Seriously though Im sorry but I am going to be late most of the time if mir will allow me I work all the time now and am in school. This week has been oh so hectic where do I even begin? So my job for some reason did not pay me for three weeks straight which made it so I could not grocery shop so that brought my thanksgiving dinner to SUCK majorly no healthy eating for kim :(  it finally did come on weds. the 23 but they sent it to the wrong store so I had to drive 45 miles to get it an 45 miles back home. then guess what.... YUP you guessed it no one was open to cash it. WTH!!!!! luckily I have the greatest bf ever and he lent me the money on thursday thanksgiving so i could go shopping YAY!!! So the one good thing about this story thats still not done is I got to go black friday shopping and when I was there I got the last leap pad tablet for my daughter and when I say the last one I mean the last in the store. I had to ask the guy who had one in the back :) and no you can not find them ANYWHERE. So the end to this horrible story is my daughter ended up sick on saturday sunday and today with either a virus or the flu.... I hope she gets better soon its so sad :( my poor baby. And now the drum roll.......

I MAINTAINED AGAIN!!! what the heck.... I think I hit a palteau. This weight is not moving, I guess thats better than gaining though so I am happy especially since I didnt gain during the holiday. Now I just have to defeat xmas and new years with no gains.

How has everyone else been? I hope you all lost or maintained as well. I will try to blog again later, and if I do it will be a late one as always lol. Good luck all.

Monday, November 21, 2011

CDCC update hope I'm still in

Overly overly sorry guys I have tried so hard to check in but I have been working until 1-3 am almost everyday so by the time I get home I just want to sleep. This is probably the earliest I have gotten in for 3 weeks and I still just want to sleep. So here it is unfortunately I gained last week AGAIN!!!! And then this week I maintained :( I need to get these lbs off. I know why I gained last week and I'm actually surprised I didn't gain this week too. I'm sorry for not checking in last week believe me I tried just couldnt seem to get the time or keep my eyes open once I got in. I did exercise this week so yay for me now I just got to get my eating back on point. I hope I'm still able to be in this challenge and if not I completely understand I mean I missed two updates :( we will see. I will def try to check in again this week when I have time to sit infront of a computer and not my phone. Sorry again guys!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cdcc update 11-6-11

Let me start this off by saying WAY TO GO RAVENS!!! I dont care if we even make it to super bowel beating the steelers twice is my super bowel!!! Now on to the weight I stayed the same which I am happily excepting right now because its not a gain and for some reason thats all I have been doing lately. I am also happy because I got a job :) its only seasonal but hey it gives me christmas for my little one and family so Im happy. I just hope I can pull my grades up and work all day. We will see. I have got some work outs in this week too which I feel great about, still battling depression though. I dont know whats triggering it but it needs to go somewhere lol. I am last minute updating right now because as you can see I was watching the game, and what a GREAT game it was. Now I got to take my butt to bed so I can get up early study some more and go to school and take yet again another biology test GRRR!!! lol I hope all the weigh ins went good this week and I hope to have some of these lbs gone next week but like I said as of right now I am pleased with maintaining. It works for me. I will check in later if I have a break this week if not tty next update. sorry its so short but I have 3 mins to link up lol.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

cdcc update

Ok so I have tried this for days and multiple times a day.... lets see if it will post this time around. I am a very unhappy camper not only do I and have I felt like butt all week but I gained 3 lbs WHAT??? The babies are gone... I know my depression and my midterms are here but really???? Three lbs???? I dont have that much time to chat about this but I feel like a complete failure like I let and am letting everyone down :( I wont give up though!!! I just hope I dont look like the failure of the group because as of right now I am and I feel like a waste of space in this challenge that someone else could of used :( Sorry it took so long posting this but I have had a problem with blogger this week it would let me type everything up but it wouldnt save or post GRRRR and when you keep typing the same thing over and over again it pees you off! Well Im gonna go now I will check in sunday and hope I dropped down some I cant keep taking this gaining stuff its draining depressing and overwhelming. Hope everyone else had a great weigh in this week. TTYL