Do Not Quit

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cdcc check in

Ok so this was my last weekend with twin and you would think I'd be happy but instead it's the complete opposite I have a had a streak of depression going on and I think I just need some kind of a break I wish they had a damn pause button in life. Well any way this is gonna be a rush type of blog but I promise next weeks check in.... It's on lol. I am sad to announce that I maintained my weight this week grrrr when will this up maintain thing come to an end??? This week I will do better this week I have the time to do better this week I Must do better. I hope everyone had a great weigh in though and I hope all went well for everyone I will def. try to check in within the week but right now I'm so depressed I just want to go to sleep I'm sorry guys :(

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sick Babies + T.O.M. + midterms + depression=

Yes equals a slight gain. I am up 1.5 lbs which means I am back up to 168.3 GRRR! Im disappointed in myself but crossing my fingers that its just from T.O.M. Sorry I did not get around to commenting last week I was completely Overwhelmed, and I didnt get to post on sunday because I was in the hospital with what I thought was severely sick babies which thank god turned out to be severe allergies. This is my last week with them. I am happy and sad all at the same time.I am very sorry for this short short post but they have had me going bonkers all day and i had school and my cleaning job on top of that so I right now feel like a walking zombie lol. I will try to write soon and get around to all your blogs. I hope you all did well this week though. Keep up the great work and stick in there if you had a gain like me. Good night all!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

CDCC Update 10/9/11

So I stepped on my scale today and saw 166.8 I don't believe it and usually my scale is off a lb anyway so I am posting it as 167.8 just to be safe. which means I am down 2 lbs since last weigh in :) I am so happy I am not seeing a gain again this week. Hopefully next week will be even better. I can learn how to be healthy with everything that is happening I will learn!! I am slacking on my books this week and maybe even next week(just a heads up) because I have 3 tests and a practical. blah. I also am sucking on the exercise part this week which I hope to be up next week we will see. as for water... drinking plenty and staying in my points range not too sure about calories though oops. This is a short post and I'm real sorry but I def need to hop to these books. I CAN NOT FAIL THESE TESTS!! or I will fail my class. I got screwed over with trying to study and handle 3 kids at once I cant do it and I give major props to ppl who can. Good luck on next week everyone and I hope weigh Ins were great this week. TTYL

Friday, October 7, 2011

A giveaway?!

So one of my fellow blogges is having a give away of a craft she made. I entered this because she is such an amazing women and here blog is awesome! She made a cute little craft out of cork board that days motivation very cutely around the top of it. It's honestly a great craft that I would never have thought of(major props BTW) you could hang your motivational pictures and quotes off on it and it would be a daily reminder of why you are doing this and keep you going strong even when your discouraged. You can change them too which is awesome so you don't have to stare at the same one all the time.The best part of all it won't take up any space you cab hang it on your wall :) I hope I when this because it would mean a lot to me one because a fellow Blogger, weight loss friend, and challenger made this herself to help a person in need and boy am I in need right now LOL and two because I like never win anything so sad I know haha well anyway you all should check it out and even if you don't win you will have a new interesting blog to read right? Well the choice is yours and good luck....
I hope that shows up I am posting this on my phone if not I will edit it later. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just when I thought

This will be over soon I will give the twins back and have my weight loss life back and my my school/blogging life right?? NOT!!! I just got a call yesterday to add to an already way beyond the point of hectic telling me the jets are coming back in from Afghanistan on the 15 and I have to work that weekend so now I wont be there to pick up the kids until the 22nd. Well that would be ok if I wasn't in school. I am already failing the most important class I have right now and its going to be rough to bring my grade up I was hoping to have the first week of no babies to study for the second test that I was going to have which is literally the week after they would have left. I think the 19th or 20th well.... THAT WONT HAPPEN!!

I am also so drained always tired I feel like I am at the burn out stage. ( I hope you guys know a little bit about psychology and don't think I am talking about a burn out *pothead* lol) I don't know how I am even functioning anymore no lie. Its exhausting its putting all my goals plans and more importantly my career on hold. I love them to death and I love my sis to death but its like I already did this for a month I cant do it anymore. I would take them to her if I had the money but I am broke as a joke. No lie. Sorry I had to vent :)

I was ready to go up to the YMCA and ask for their financial assistance like I had at one point of time so I could start going to the gym again. They offer babysitting while you work out so that's a plus and the fact that I could then throw my daughters bday parties there and she could have swim lessons all at discounted prices because I am a member. I hope I can still get up there to drop off the form it would be nice to go somewhere and work off all this exhaustion and anger I face on a daily basis haha!.

Well I am trying my hardest to do better this week but Its not happening to well. Yesterday I did good until dinner time I was at 22 pp and then It went down hill because me being stupid said well I am already over my points and I figured since the fam was getting chick-fil-a why get a 12 pp salad if I could have a meal for near the same points. Cough Cough DO NOT EVER THINK LIKE THAT THERE EVER I ate a freaking 30 point meal REALLY!!!????!!! I didn't know that was possible. Def. will never make that mistake again sticking to salads there.

So today I did good so far but I do see me going over 3-4 points :( not too bad though and I am going to try to make it so that doesn't happen by make my food even smaller lol I have to and I will do this, with or without babies. I know I have said that before but I am messing up everything I worked so hard for. Everything!!! Well that's all I think I got my venting and my mistakes out there. I will ttyl. I hope everyones day/week is going great!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

cdcc 10/1/11

I am on a roller coaster. Seriously my weight keeps going up and down and up and down. I can not wait until the 15th so I have more me time, which means more exercise time and more planning meals. Last week I was 168.8 and now once again I gained and am at 169.8 WHY?!?!?! lol I know why just cant seem to help it much with not time to myself. My schedule consists of waking up at 7 getting my daughter bathed and dressed for school making her breakfast and feeding babies. At 9 I take my daughter to school try to get babies to take a nap so I can do some homework and studying which let me tell you when one sleeps the other is wide awake and craving attention. This goes on until 11 30 when I pick up my daughter from school and then I start to get ready for school myself and fix lunch for me and my daughter and feed the babies again. At 12 30 I leave out to school and am there until 4 which then I ride home to make dinner and be back to school by 5 45 until 7 30 from there I drive home pick up my mom and we go to our cleaning job from 8 30 til 11 then I come home take a shower and try to study some more and wait to see if the babies wake up again. I usually don't get to sleep until 1 am and then wake up at 7 and do everything again but on Tues. and Thurs. its a little different. UGHHHH!! so exhausting!!! Only 2 more weeks though and I'M FREE!!!!!!!!!!

So I did drink plenty of water but did not stay on calorie as I should of. I also have yet to have time to sit down and read my chicken soup book. I hope to get to this soon I love these books so much. As I said last time though I love my 400 calorie book. I also was slacking in exercise this week too. I only exercised probably 2 times this week and nothing too exciting either. I feel disgusted in myself eww lol I have noticed that my first post I posted I wear a size 10 pants now and a size 8 dress.... well I have noticed that's was only true with stretch pants and and only certain dresses. so I think I will be changing my goal dress size to an official 8 or a 6 in the same brand dress I have now that already fit me. If that makes sense lol. I know from experience V.S. dresses are a little on the smaller side so I don't want to have a goal I know wont happen.

Well I hope everyone else had a great WI and a great week! Sorry for the long post and I promise give me 2 weeks and I will be back and stronger than ever, but for now I'm on a roller coaster ride. TTYL