Do Not Quit

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My baby girl turned 4 today!!!!

Omg its so weird hearing that shes four it seems like just yesterday I had her. :( So today was off to a great start and being as we are going out with the family and I got to get all dressed up which may I add pumped me up even more so this turned out to be an AWESOME day!! LOL but anyway I feel like it is going to go down hill tonight :( I am going to this all you can eat place that my daughter is in love with because that's all she seems to want to do for her bday lol. Hey fine with me its cheaper and she can eat her butt off. So I was going to finally do a video blog so I could show you all how I look all sexied up lol and to finally do one, I have only been saying I would since I first started blogging lol. I'm way late and about to get later :)

So moving on my car is all messed up and I have no money to fix it and I start school in a month GRRRR why me everything always hits at the same time because all my money will be on important bills which means I may be busing it to school.... ewwww..... I don't ever go on a bus I walk before going on a bus. This is going to be a kick down in my self esteem lol Its ok though because I am not going to think about it or ruin my day I have been happy for the past couple days which is rare for me so my new outlook is truly working and I hope it keeps up :)

And here is a pic of me and my little girl since i talk and talk about her but you never seen her

Yes I straightened her hair today it is normally curly sue lol. Well I'm off to enjoy her and my day (yes mine I had her this is exciting for me too) TTYL hope all is well!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

WI Saturday July 23 2011

Ok so I thought I was going to gain 5+ lbs this week and lucky enough I only gained 2.2 lbs. I was excited to see this being as I was completely off program for 2 1/2 weeks. I promised myself that I would start off again the moment I walked out of there. HA i lied to myself so I said today still lied to myself but that's ok because just like a fellow blogger had a while ago I had an ah ha moment today when I noticed I was eating something I didn't even want. I was eating out of pure borednism lol and I also noticed last week I ate sweets just because they were there I don't even like sweets like that. I was having one of those I know I shouldn't have it so I want it weeks. I never act like this and never seem to have these problems until I fell off for 2 1/2 weeks. So in my ah ha moment i promised myself that starting tomorrow I would not do this to myself again. maybe have a snack or a sweet every once in a while but only if it fits in my points. Its not worth it. so today is my drink it up eat it up day because as soon as 12 am hits its seriousness time. Time to get my butt back in gear.

I do have an update on my new outlook on life... it seems to be moving a lot smoother. I had a very rough start but I am starting to get the hang of it. I have noticed that dressing nice is putting the boost back in my life that was missing. I have like no clothes now and no funds for it at this time lol so I have been wearing exercise stuff. That's bumbing it if you knew me you would know that. I always wore heels and nice clothes now I am stuck with exercise clothes and tennis shoes. :( UGH. I can not wait to go shopping. I know I have months till I can do this but ooooo it will be worth the wait. When I dressed the way I used to I could be in the worse mood ever and be breaking out thinking i look like poo but as soon as I put my outfit on I felt like a million bucks. I could of passed for a conceited person lol. No lie. and I am FAR from that. I suffered with self esteem issues since I can even remember. sucks but hey I have been dealing with it well for 5 years till I had to wear this crap lol.

What is new with everyone else its a little quiet on here once again. I hope to hear from everyone soon, hope all is well.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fell off terribly -Kim-

Ok so I am human even though it seems I have never fell off like this before. I have not been blogging or eating right for 2 weeks. I started my good streak on monday we will see if that helps weight loss wise come sat. I seriously think I have gained about 5+ lbs from gorging for 2 weeks ugh. Disgusted in myself. Oh well I am ready for any gain and ready to get it back off asap I am too close to goal. Way to close.

On the other hand I have noticed how when ppl lose weight they love how their body is looking well not me I am losing everything it seems but my nasty belly its annoying. I know I have lost the most from there but its least noticed. GRRRR!!! I need to get money fast so I can get a new wardrobe to sexy myself up. I feel unattractive specially to my bf :( Hes probably looking elsewhere now but I can not blame him if he is. I dont like the new me why would he?  This is a little bit on the depressing side so lets move on. lol.

I am trying to have a new approach and outlook in life we will see how it goes. I am trying the I dont care type lol Like live life to the fullest dont let things bother me and if it is something that is bound to do not dwell on it. Hopefully this will make me happier. Another thing is smile more. I found this to be hard sometimes but when you sit back and think of something you are grateful for it gets easy real fast. I am sure everyone has atleast one thing they are grateful for right?

So this is all for now sorry so short but I will update soon. I dont want to depress you guys I am in a confused feeling day as I try to switch my outlook and with everything thats been going on.  I will get past this in a few hours so dont worry about me. Songs for today Lynyrd skynyrd Freebird and 311 lovesong(also remade recently by adele). Hope all is well ttyl, and have a good day!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The best Mother, Wife, and Sister -Kim-

I wish I could be talking about myself but Im not lol. I am talking about my sister. I rode to Ga this weekend a 14 1/2 hour drive to come visit my sis my niece and her hubby. My sister is prego's with twin girls and is scheduled to deliver tomorrow morning I am so excited!!! I had to be here for her this time since last time I couldn't being as she lived in England :( You know when you sit back and watch how someone lives you notice a lot about them. I noticed how great of a mother she is she cares so much about her kid and soon to be kids. She was crying her eyes out because she feels having the twins is going to be taking liv's ( my nieces)  time away from her and that she wont be able to have as much fun/time with liv. She also thinks liv will be jealous and or depressed. The way she let her emotions out about this opened my eyes up to how big her heart was for her child and how big her heart will be for the new babies too. I also noticed how she is a great wife and takes care of her family to the T. yes she does have her flaws but who doesn't??  But the thing I noticed the most and the thing I will always know no matter how much we fight and get on each other she is the best and I mean BEST sister I could ever have. God gave me a good one and I love her so much!!!! I am tearing up over here just thinking about it and all the good times we shared... even the bad bring a smile to my face lol. I have to come down here more often I need to be here for her I need to show her I am here for anything and everything she the kids or her hubby may ever need.

Moving on this is too mushy lol I have been doing BAD on my diet Today was the first day of trying to stay on point I think I did ok, but I will not be surprised one bit at all if when I weigh in the scale reads 10 lbs higher. OH MY I'M SCARED!!! I need to get my butt back on track I don't know why I am having so much trouble with it this past week. UGH!!!

Well I am going to spend time with my sis before she has to be off to the hospital. I will ttyl. I can not wait to meet these beautiful little girls!!! Hope all is well!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One good thing out of a ton of bad! -Kim-

  Hello again fellow bloggers I have missed you.... but most of you are still MIA. I have been(past tense) doing great I weighed in on Saturday the 2nd and lost 1.4 really 1.2 considering I gained .2 the week prior So depressing it was my first gain in the whole almost 5 months I have been on WW. I guess .2 isn't bad though and it was the tom. Well.... moving on.... so my nice loss this week has most likely been destroyed. That's not exaggeration either I mean DESTROYED!! I did good on Saturday but the past 3 days have been terrible. Cook outs left overs just a whole handful of bad decisions. I will get past this and when I WI again I will lose I am determined.

So I am going to Georgia to be with my sister for a week :) shes delivering the twins on the 11th and I am driving down on Saturday early early morning so no WI this week or next week til Sunday I cant see the damage I have done. Grrr. I am taking food with me though so I can attempt to stay on point and they have  a pool and an elliptical so I can and will get my exercise in.

Now for the other bad... This was shocking to me... It ruined my WHOLE ENTIRE DAY!! The Casey Anthony verdict. OMG!!!!!! I have been watching this damn trial for 3 years and with the prosecutions closing arguments and rebuttal I was sure she would be tried as guilty. ALL CAME BACK NOT GUILTY??? Did we have the 12 most stupid ppl in Florida for jury members? Were they asleep these three years? LACK OF EVIDENCE? EVERYTHING AND I MEAN EVERYTHING POINTED TO HER. I HOPE THEY CAN LIVE WITH THE FACT THAT THEY LET A MURDERER GO. THE FACT THAT THIS MURDERER WILL BECOME A MILLIONAIRE OFF OF HER DAUGHTERS DEATH. ugh makes me sick to my stomach!!! I actually cried, yes cried when I heard this. That poor little girl will never have justice because its going to walk out the door this Thursday...most likely. I can only hope and pray that (pardon my french) this bitch gets what she deserves. People are saying OJ # 2 no no no OJ didn't even have this much evidence against him he didn't kill and innocent defenseless child. What could a child do to you to make you toss it out like garbage? She is  a sick person and I hope someone or something gets her in return. Pardon my french again but FUCK YOU CASEY ANTHONY I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!!

cough cough lol sorry I could have wrote a story on this, shit maybe I will before she gets a chance. A story explaining all the emotions and confusion through out the case to the pure and utter disbelief and shock of the outcome.

Any way now for my good out of all this bad besides the twins coming :) I got a blogger back. Exciting I thought I was annoying her, and if I was at least I annoyed her enough to make her come back lol.  Happy to have you back Ashley we have missed you and I have never stopped believing that you can and will get to your goal. Let me know if you need anything at all. I am here.

Well that's all for today. TTYL and hope to hear from you all.