Do Not Quit

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tomorrow is school

I'm kind of worried about how I'm going to get my work out in and do everything I need to do through out the day with the little one on my butt lol I'm taking two subjects which require a lot of study time and work time. I can do this though Right?

I am determined this week to at least lose 2 lbs. I don't know if its going to happen but I am determined. I need to lose more than a lb a week. I am so close to goal and so close to 50 lb star :) I am thinking of if I am going to change my goal weight or not. I think I will be happy at 150 but then again 140 sounds pretty good too lol. We will see how I feel look wise and go from there I guess. I was 150 after I had my daughter and at the time that was the heaviest I had ever been and I loved my body until I kept gaining and gaining. Oh that was such a nightmare I could not believe I really gained over 60 lbs in a year. HOW?? I used to be 120 I could eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and I gained 60 lbs eating pretty normal compared to how I used to eat. It was devastating. I don't want to lose you guys with that already been told boring story again so lets move this blog on

Today I have had breakfast a snack and lunch already and I have 14 more points for one more snack and dinner which works well.
 a bagel thin and ww cream cheese for breakfast with some fresh cherries and fruit2o 5pp
healthy pop popcorn mini bag with diet green tea citrus 100% natural 3pp
a bagel thin with ww cheese deli chicken and ham(each are 1pp for 6 pieces, I use 3 pieces each) and mustard with 28 grams of lays light original fat free chips  with diet green tea citrus 100% natural 7pp
sour airhead strips ( it thin that's what its called lol) half pack 2.5pp
I know so not healthy but I have been craving sweets lovely TOM again 2 times this month REALLY?? I guess that's what stress does to you.
3 chicken Italian sausages(no bun) diced up with zucchini squash and hot peppers over white rice with either water or green tea 11pp

On the I'm going to try to persuade you tip have you every tried Lipton's diet green tea citrus 100% natural?? Its soooooo good!! and is 0 points its a healthy change from water.

Well this is a pretty long one so I'm going to wrap it up with I hope everyone had a good weekend and start of the new week and I hope everyones diet is going great. TTYL

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weigh In 8/27/11

I'm happy with my WI today considering the fact that I had a depressing crappy week. I lost 1 lb which brings me back down to 168.2 YAY! Total lost since the second week of Jan. 44 lbs. Not what I planned but still good. I hope my ww buddy did good today too we are so close to goal.

On other news I got my hair done which some of you may already know I went back to brown that's the only pic I have right now lol not a great one but I will post one later!

So school starts on Monday UGHHHH so not looking forward to it. Biology SUCKS lol I need to study my butt off and get a tutor I need a high b or an a I want my GPA to keep going up not staying the same or going down. I want a 4.0 or higher lol before I get to the actual nursing program :) so close just got to knock out this semester and 2 more Biology classes. I'm hoping to be in the program by summer or fall of 2012 this seems like its been forever already but its only been a year.

Well that's all for today I don't have anything that's really interesting to talk about so I hope all is well and everyone had great WI's this week. Stay motivated and keep moving forward. TTYL

Monday, August 22, 2011

Very depressing day

I for some reason was already depressed today about self esteem issues etc. and then I got news about a close friend of the family. He has stage four cancer basically all through his body and was told he will have 3-6 months to live depending on if he decides to have chemo. I couldnt believe it. I had dreams about this being his last thanksgiving or christmas not sure which one but i know there was a feast going on, anyway I had dreams about this but ignored them thinking I was just so worried i caused myself to have horrible dreams. This is crushing news which has made this a day from hell. I wanted him to be there for my graduation I wanted him to see I could and did do it! I lost my grandmother before my high school graduation which caused me to go to my lowest low and drop out of school and now him. WHY? sorry I am all teary eyes right now and can not type about this any more I just wanted to put that out there and the fact that when I got this news I seriously messed up with points REAL BAD! and I dont even care :( Please who ever is reading this I know you may want to say kind words that will "make me feel better"but if you write celebrate the life they have not how long they have left or something along those lines it will in deed just piss me off I hate to be cold and I appreciate the king gesture but Im selfish I guess that doesnt make me feel any better. Im gonna go now and leave it at that like I said sorry to be a cold hearted bitch but just wanted to save you your time. good night all im on my way to another glass of wine and a long path ahead of me of sorrow.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

EH not so bad

I have done great all day but for some reason when it got near dinner time I found myself snacking :( not too bad though I think if I went over it was about 5 points at most Oh well... I did ride 18 miles so I think I will be ok. I feel great about this whole getting back on track and moving forward. I feel more energized during the day and can sleep better at night.... well for the most part lol

Me and Jonita have 19 lbs to lose to reach goal we are trying to support each other through here and good old google+ to get to our goal and maintain it so we can become LIFE TIME MEMBERS YAY!! We can do this I know we can. If we lost 2 lbs a week from now on we would reach goal by October 29th That would be amazing so not only would I be having my Halloween celebration I could be celebrating reaching goal with a great online companion :) Then we would go through maintenance for I believe it is 6 weeks?? and we have to stay within 1-2 lbs to our goal weight. WE CAN DO THIS!!!!! I'm excited I have someone to do this with and that is literally the same distance away from goal as I am. I do however have an extra .2 but no biggie.

How was everyones weekend? Hope all is well and everyone is doing great on their way to their goals! TTYL

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Really Weight Watchers??

As I think all of you know already today is my WI day. Well I weighed in and lost absolutely nothing lol. I did actually lose weight I just don't know how much because my scale is off a couple lbs. I weighed myself after my cheating 2 weeks again and I gained either 3 or 4 lbs and when I weighed in today I was back at 169.2 This gives me hope for next WI. Now Your probably looking at my title and thinking well whats the problem with WW right? Here it is.... Me and my mother have been going to WW since the 2nd or 3rd week of Jan. of 2011. My mom has always been able to go in every month to every month and a half and WI and they never said anything. So she goes to WI with me today  (4 weeks later) and they tell her not only does she have to pay the 14 for today but she has to pay 14 for each week she missed up to now WHAT???  IS THIS PAY AS YOU GO??? I THOUGHT THAT WAS THE POINT SO YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO GO EVERY WEEK?!?!?!?!?!?! So needless to say unless I can afford another 39.95 a month and get her to come to WI every weekend I lost my WW buddy :( WHY???? just when I was getting back on point. Go figure.

Today was a depressing day I got bad news about a close friend of the family I ate completely like shit. I mean today usually is my cheat day but for some reason I felt bad about it, and I didn't get to ride my bike as of now. Maybe I will try to get it in later who knows.

So how was everyone elses WI if they had one today and if not how has your day/week been going? I hope all is well and everyone is getting their work outs in.

Friday, August 19, 2011

I reached it!

Today I hopped my butt on my bike again (stationary if I never said that) and peddled another 17 miles which brought me to a grand total of 101 miles in just 6 days/6 hours. YAY!! I did it!! I'm so proud of myself I don't think I have ever did that many miles in a week on any machine. I am hoping I have got back to my 168 tomorrow at WI and knocked off everything I may have gained. That would be nice and I am crossing my fingers for it.

I was watching TV and I keep seeing these commercials for these cookies that are "Good for you" called whonu? and decided to give them a try. They are pretty darn good lol. They have 20 different vitamins and minerals the same amount of fiber as a bowl of cereal and all kinds of stuff read up on it and try them some time they are pretty tasty.

Sorry but I am going to keep this overly short for me because I am so tired and just want to relax, and I don't have much to say either lol I am anxious about tomorrow. Hope all is well with everyone! TTYT so I can write about my WI. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why Yes I Did Change My Name....

So as you and everyone following me can see I have changed my blogger name. I sadly went from 3 chicks on weight watchers to 2 chicks on weight watchers to now riding solo as one chicks journey on weight watchers. "I'm feeling like a star, you can't stop my shine I'm lovin' cloud nine, my head's in the sky I'm solo, I'm ridin' solo I'm ridin' solo, I'm ridin solo, solo "
Oh well a life change isn't for everyone I guess. Who knows maybe they will find a diet that works for them... I always thought blogging helps guess that's not for everyone either. Sad But the good news is I no longer have to post my name after every blog title lol haha

Any who... moving on I think the reason I am falling off the tracks and jumping back on just to fall off again is because of the fact that I am not 1. blogging daily or almost daily  2. chewing gum (yes I said chewing gum)  3. Dragging my butt to every WI and blogging it ( it needs to be thrown in my face when I do bad or else I will continue with out any guilt) and  4. find some WW or dieter friends on here and outside of the computer life ( This seems to be the best motivation and I'm thankful for Faithfulgryl for helping me out there already )  I am going to continue collecting evidence of my failures and why they even occurred later but I got off to a good list just right now lol

Anybody else who is having difficulties or that just wants some extra motivation I encourage you to email me with your name so I can invite you to Google+ this would give us a chat option and we could read short posts not only paragraphs to easy contact and motivation. The more the merrier...

Hope everybody's day goes great... Hope to hear from you all soon!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No I am not Dead LOL -Kim-

First things first I'm pretty sure this blog should officially be changed to One chick on WW :( or Kim's journey on WW, but anyway... I have been completely MIA on everyone for weeks now. Thing is I have been going down hill with my diet I keep falling off for weeks at a time its annoying. I started again on Sunday... We will see how much I gained on Saturday I'm pretty sure its a good amount although I have been peddling my ass off on my new stationary bike :) I completed 50.5 miles in three days one hour each day. HOORAY!! lol Needless to say I felt horrible the whole time cheating but even after starting over again I find myself cheating through the week too. What is going on here. I was so close to goal and I am slowly going backwards. Ugh frustrating. I am crossing my finger to go to WI on sat. and see I have maintained but that is so unlikely. I have been stuck between 168-171 for the past month it seems maybe more. I was hoping when I started school Id be at goal guess not so now my new goal is to reach 145-150 by the middle of October beginning of November. I have to maintain this goal I WILL MAINTAIN THIS GOAL!!!

On top of the things listed in the first paragraph I am super excited that it is football season already and I will be having my Sundays and some Mondays to be glued to my TV screen yelling like a maniac lol HAHA and then I cant forget school. I am making it my mission to get a tutor or whatever possible to receive an A or B in Biology I want my GPA to stay up there... actually me being greedy wants it to raise .8 lol I start a seasonal job in the end of October or the first of November not quite sure but this will give me some type of money to spoil my kid with... and myself :) lol. I will be so happy when I finally put a new piece of clothing on my body. I want to go vintage as i told lots of my friends and family I am in love with vintage inspired clothing and will rock it to the fullest.

Enough about me... How has everyone else been?? I haven't seen post from most ppl and for the lovely ones that never stopped posting I have been reading and I will get around to getting to everyones Pages to comment! ALSO WELCOME NEWBIES AND NEW FOLLOWERS!! It puts a big smile on my face when I sign in and see I have acquired yet another lovely blogger. I just want everyone to know and I know I have stretched this beyond belief but hey it never hurts to remind... I am here for anything you may need a friend to talk to or to vent to or for any type of questions or support you may need. Do not feel afraid to ask I have either been there before and am there now lol. If it is personal feel free to email me  Keep up the great work Guys and Gals you are all amazing! Until next time....