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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Triple "S" Challenge Update

Ugh I need a break the 3 hours I had at the wine festival was not enough at all!!! I have been ripping and running everywhere and doing everything it seems like. I did not even have enough time to make it to weigh in this weekend and I know its impossible to this week so I'm sorry but I have no weigh in this week ugh I should be thrown out of my own challenge lol I would tell ugly what i weigh from my home scale but it always wrong and far off sobi don't wanna give false info. I will def weigh in next week and let everyone know what's been going on. I'm sorry :( I'm stinking at this now that I got a job

Monday, April 30, 2012

Triple "S" Challenge Week 5

And here we go again gain gain gain ugh so exhausting I gained yet another 2 lbs almost 1.6 to be exact but that's ok im not mad I got a new job so I'm gonna be busy busy busy since I have a night time cleaning job which means less time to eat which means weight loss and more money yay!! But the downer is I'm gonna be soooo tired like I am now as I'm typing lol so no more long posts for me. Well atleast until I get used to things. So ttyl I'm taking my but to bed getting up at 5 30 and working til 10 at night is so tiring. Good night all hope the weight losses continue and start on my end.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Triple "S" Challenge Update Week 4

Im having a rough rough time and week I have hit rock bottom in my nice depression and my Mirena isnt helping me out too much. Tom wont stop visiting and is over staying his welcome. This being said I am very unhappy to say I gained 3 lbs this week. THREE?? Ughh I dont think this challenge is working out for me too much. I have had nothing but bad things happen since the first week. Its getting to be too too much. I am so sorry everyone for not updating my link up post I promised I would but have been too down in the dumps to do anything about it. SORRY SORRY SORRY. I wish I could continue this post with some awesome words of encouragement and support and whooo rahs but its not in me and I apologize deeply. Lets hope next week is better. I need some improvements. TTYL!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Triple "S" Challenge Update Week 3

WELL..... I am fashionably late for my own challenge lol. I did lose this week but unfortunately not much thats all my fault though.... tiss tiss i know right. I lost .7 almost a lb so now I am 170.2 I can not get back out of these dang 170's grrrrr. Well I dont have much to say at all except my water intake has been up there :) and I am joining the gym on the 25th YAY!!! And on another not..... If we dont have all 3 link ups or a comment telling me why you missed the link up I may just end the challenge it is not worth it if I am having no body link up or participate any longer. I dont want to sound like Capital "B" But you know... Im pretty close to deleting my blog anyway so I guess it wont matter too much. Well thats it a depressing update. TTYL hope everyone who still reads this has a great week.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Triple "S" Challenge Update Week 2

Hey guys hope this week went well for everyone! Sorry this is going to be short and to the point but I as well did not lose this week :( I maintained because of damn TOM I hate when he just shows up unwelcome and without notice geesh the nerve of some ppl lol So I am aiming on not gaining this week or maintaining again... but I already messed up today grrrr!!!! Damn holidays. Well I got to get back to cooking but heres some lovely pics of me and my beautiful daughter. Happy Easter All!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

If you do this.... do that...

So I have so many friends family member and some bloggers which I will not name who get in this groove this I AM READY FOR A CHANGE groove. They look around to see whats the best diet (that right there is their first mistake) which most of them have come to me for help and questions which is when I respond to them well.... The thing is you dont want the best "diet" you want the best Change... Life style change. I explain to them the difference and how diets are a temporary fix and you need to want to change or your results will be as temporary as your diet, and a life style change is something you will do for life that will keep you healthy and eating right. After this they usually chose weight watchers saying how I made a great point and when they look it up weight watchers seems to be the best choice too. "Great!!! Good for you, you made the first step to success" I say and I made a new weight watchers buddy lol.

Well they do good for a while no mess ups loving the program exercising living life weight watchers way :) and then...... they have a bad week which leads to a gain which turns that happiness to confusion  disbelief and "failure" (I quote this because I HATE THIS WORD WITH A PASSION) I explain to them that they are not a failure they are human everyone has a bad day even bad weeks s**t I had a bad month before WHO CARES! We all learn by our mistakes and this is what makes it a life style change not a temporary fix. Theres alway next week we can get through this. Well to some people that means nothing, while to others that was what they needed to hear to move on. From a good handful of people I get BUT I TRACKED EVERYTHING!!!! I didnt mess up once I stayed on point I didnt use all my weekly points and so on and so on. This is when I then turn around and say I dont want to sound like a jerk I dont want to sound like a know it all.....but.... I know you couldnt possibly have tracked everything or you wouldnt have gained. EEEEK i know right. People usually do not like when you tell them the truth when you go against their words when you tell them they are lying (even if them words never really came out).

So whats the point of this long long story you ask? Well we all have these moments, we all have the times we want to give up, the times we want to throw the scale across the room, and the times we want to smash a cake into the persons face telling us we messed up somewhere. but lets face it we did we had to we just did not notice it.... This is why I like to remember The Bite Nibble Drink and Snack        

"If you bite it write it, if you nibble it scribble it, if you drink it ink it, if you snack it track it"

if we all do this and we all stick to this we will all be successful. Yes there are those moments where the scale doesnt budge but if it goes the opposite direction then we know we missed something. We had to have missed something... even the smallest licks bites drinks and snacks can be the most deadliest to our points. Do not beat yourself up move on there is always tomorrow and people like me are always there to help with words or support and a pat on the back. I am here to open your eyes because Id rather tell you the truth and possibly hurt your feelings for a minute than have you go backwards and hurt yourself in emotionally in the future.

Please do not do as other have done and give up after a gain and think its over get back on the wagon look through what could have possibly went wrong and pick up the pieces from there. WE ARE ALL STRONG WE CAN ALL DO THIS.....WE WILL DO THIS.

Have a great OP week....ttyl

Monday, April 2, 2012

Triple "S" Update Official Week 1

Ok so as you all know I had a ROUGH ROUGH week.... I did manage to pull through and I am doing better now (Thank you God for pulling me through this its amazing what he can do) I am still depressed but thats understandable considering I already have depression and what I have been through the past 3 weeks. I am happy to say though I lost 2.1 lbs this week WOOOT WOOOT at least as of friday when I weighed in I did. so this take me down to 170.9 I had to clear out a friend(uncle :( ) that passed house so my muscles are probably nice and swollen cuz I def can say I am feeling it. I have been drinking lots and lots of water but lacking in the exercise(except the move) this week. I even got two brita water bottles and a brita container for the fridge so no excuses if Im out and they say well we only have tap water or something. THAT IS A OKAY BRING IT!!!! You got the water I got the filter lol. I hope the food from the viewing and funeral days didnt mess up what I accomplished but even if it did Oh well I did great in my eyes. We will see on saturday. I dont even care if I went to weigh in on saturday and saw +3 lbs at this point 2 deaths funerals viewings emotional ups and downs and my already depression S**T I will take them 3 lbs and still be happy still being smiling and still say I got through this. I am strong I did not give up I stood tall and I jumped right back to where I had to be and I will get back to the weight I was. Nothing is holding me back NOTHING!!!! No gain no injury no depression no NOTHING!!!! Well now that I got that out Thanks for reading lol I hope everyone else updates by today and congrats to Robin and Tay you guys had amazing losses this week. Sorry again for the late link up I hope you understand with what I was going through and thats why I kept this open until today (monday instead of sunday) I hope everyone has another great week!!! TTYL!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The second loss

This is the second time I have received bad news in less than 2 weeks. This is the second loss I have had in less than 2 weeks. Im not good with loss Heck Im not good with emotions in general unless they are good emotions. :( This person was my Dads best friend he was closer to him than his brother. Hell I know him more than I know my Uncle. He was my Uncle. UGHHHH!!!! Tears are rolling as I type but I had to let it out had to reach out vent whatever you want to call it. No Im not going to write a short story on here just wanted to scream a little bit just wanted to let it out. Just wish I would have seen him before this but hey at least I got to talk to him thats more than some people get right? Hes better now hes not in pain hes not suffering and he went in peace which is all i wanted for him and all I could have asked for. Battling cancer for that long puts a toll on you and you body but outliving what they said you would is a blessing spending time with friends and family and going on your own with out hospice is even better. May you rest in peace. WE LOVE YOU AND TRULY MISS YOU ALREADY. RIP UNCLE POWELL!!! Sorry again for this depressing blog. Sometimes its just better to reach out to anybody and everybody you can. I hope I can continue to make good decisions this week and stay on point. even with these two losses and other issues. I can not wait for things to start looking brighter over here. I could really use some sunshine on these dark cloudy days.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tiple "S" challenge First Post

So as we know the last 2 weeks of the challenge I had some financial issues and a lot of emotional issues going on and ended up gaining 4 lbs YES 4 LBS!!! I then went to get the Mirena and am still bloated :( So my official official weight is mia lol I weigh 173 ughhhhh wth?!? I dont care though because I feel great about my accomplishments and how far I have come and my body looks better than it did even with the bloating ;) I would like to lose 23 lbs this challenge. I dont know if i am going to make it there and I was going to make it 20 but I said well that wont be a challenge if I know that is possible lol. If I lose this 23 lbs it will take me to goal and I will then start maintenance for my life time WOOOT WOOOT!!!


Starting weight

Goal Weight

Weight Watchers

Stationary bike, walking, dance central and more to come now that I got accepted for financial aid for a gym YAY!!

Water intake
at least 84.5 fl oz but want to get to 100+ oz a day

So after the math I have to lose 1.92 lbs a week so lets just say 2 lbs. Thats not too bad looking at it that way until you think if one week I only lose 1 lb it goes up lol.

I have yet to actually order my bathing suit because like I said financial issues :( But heres a pic and i will post it when I get it if I dont find a cuter less expensive one before then.

I want this one but in black or white havent decided. SOOOO excited.

Well thats it for this week Good luck everyone and lets cross our fingers for great losses :) TTYL!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

An update for my Not an update

Im so sorry but I just lost a friend and I'm having a hard time I will not be updating today but I will update as soon as possible. I just wanted to let you know.its easier losing a friend due to illness rather than murder. I Gtg I'll ttyl


Ok so i have been having a hard time but Im going to get to the point here i gained 2 lbs last week as we know and another 2 lbs this week. REALLY!?! I mean I expected the gain this week with all the crap I went through but not the week before so this messed up my overall weight loss for this challenge :( Thats ok though because the triple s challenge starts tomorrow and I am ready!!! I can not wait to read your first post Im excited YAY!! Sorry again for the late comments everyone!!

Friday, March 16, 2012


If you are interested in being in or want to participate in the Triple S Challenge (sexy swimsuit summer challenge) please follow the blog and post a comment letting me know. The challenge starts on march 22nd and ends june 21st. The challenge details are on the page which you can get to by following the link above blogs titled challenge pages and I will have a post later this week for the first post. I look forward to seeing some of you there :) Have a great day!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

FDOS Update Week 10

This has been an awful week for me I gained 2 lbs :( So depressing. I have been having financial problems and we all know if we barely have an money to make it stretch and still get food we go for cheaper foods and cheaper foods means less healthy UGHHH. This is awful and I hope that after this week I will be financially stable ( well food wise lol) so I can get my butt back on track and eating good again.
Its so weird how fast you can gain weight back but how long it takes to lose it. Im really bummed right now and I know I shouldnt be because of the fact that I could not help it at all this time. But it still sucks I was only 4 lbs away from from my 50 lb mark and now im going backwards :(

Sorry to be all bummed and depressed but It just one of those weeks and I hope to God it gets better. Tty all later. Hope everyone else had a good week atleast.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dressing up

I hope Im not the only one but I like to do my hair and make up and get dressed all up even when Im not going anywhere lol. I think it pumps up my mood and def makes me feel better about myself. Basically I was on the phone with my friend who was asking me what I was doing and when I was going about my getting prettied up routine she asked why where are you going and I said nowhere and she laughed.... This was odd to me. Am I the only one who does this? There something about sexy or pretty clothing and high heels that immediately puts a smile on my face :) so this is what i accomplished

Sorry about the smudge on the mirror lol and my daughters toys EVERYWHERE!!!

So very random blog just to see if Im alone. TTYL.

Monday, March 5, 2012

FDOS Update Week 9

So this is going to be sweet simple and to the point because I am majorly blah today. I weighed in down one lb which brings me to 166 yay! No where near where I wanted to be right now but I am still happy with it. I did not get to work out this week because of everything I have been going through emotionally and I have been having a busy busy schedule. This week is going to be majorly tough because I am having financial problems right now so I hope I can manage to lose and not gain but we will see. I hope everyone had a great week and I hope this week goes great for everyone. SOrry again this is so short. TTYL

Saturday, February 25, 2012

FDOS Update Week 8

I had a rough ROUGH week this week. I dont know what was wrong with me but I was sooooooo freaking hungry. I used up my weekly points on the weekend so they could not help me with what I was going to endure. I went over every night this week by at least 3-4 pts if not more. I told myself OH WELL I did this to myself I deserve what I have coming to me on the scale and I am not going to run away from this by not weighing in this week either. I made this blog to show people the good the bad and the ugly lol And I will be damned if I let a bad week make me hide. Nope not me Not Kim! It happens to everyone once in a while right?

So this morning I got up got ready and headed off to weigh watchers. I had my mind set I was going to gain I was going to be ok with it and I even told the woman weighing me in the same thing. So I step up on the scale and she looks and says Ok Kim I got you (this is what they always say when someone gains) she hands me my stuff and she says you lost .8 WHAT!!!???!!! really?? Wow so not expected but so loving it :) so this week I am very proud to say I lost .8 lbs not much to anyone else but a lot to me.

I did not get my exercise in this week AGAIN!! but I did drink lots and lots of water. I am hoping to get back on track with exercise and points this week. I dont know what happened to me but I have just been BLAH this whole week. Nope not next week(or this week lol) though I will conquer this and plan on having a great loss next week. This puts me behind on my challenge goal WAY behind but as long as I make the 20 lbs I meet the challenge and that is good enough for me. Theres alway next challenge to make goal. I will make goal next challenge I WILL!!!

I hope everyone else has a great weigh in and another great week!! We are almost there!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

New challenge in 4 weeks!

If you have not seen it at the top of my page I have a new challenge starting on the 22nd of march you can click the link there or copy and paste the link below

Check it out and comment/follow if you would like to join. Thanks!
Sorry I would have linked it on here too but for some reason it wont let me link up today. Hope to see you stop by :)

FDOS Update Week 7

Update!!! I started the page for the next challenge I got bored lol heres the link

Ok so this week was kinda rough. I went out on saturday so I ate A LOT of points and then following this we all know was valentines day. Well my sweets bought me carrabas very fattening and I ate it you only live once and I can disappoint my love on vday. then two days after vday was my birthday so we went out to pf changs. I had a lot of outings this week and expected to see a gain but instead I maintained. I am ok with this but Im scare about next week because sometimes my bad weeks show up the week after :-? I hope not in this case. I didnt get exercise in AT ALL :( I know bad right but hey too much was going one. Ive got to try extra hard this challenge to make my 30 lbs now I dont know if I can lose almost 4 lbs a week but Im going to try. I can at least say I got close. I will get to at least 22 lbs lost since the challenge I was hoping for 30 but still will meet the challenge just not my personal challenge that will be next one. So four weeks from now I will have the Sexy Swimsuit Summer Challenge It will begin the day after this challenge ends and will end June 20th 2012 The first day of summer. I love first days of seasons can you tell lol. I would love you all to join again and if you do I will allow a couple more people so your spots would be guaranteed if you let me know before the start of the challenge and the other openings are to be requested and I will only take a few that I feel would be better for the challenge. If you know anyone that is looking for a challenge feel free to let them know. I will post the page soon.

I hope you all have another great week!!! TTYL

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I found the right one!!

YAY!! So as you all may know I am running the first day of spring challenge. In this challenge you can choose to have a goal dress or not. I have been looking and looking to find the right dress and I found one cute one but today I found THE ONE!!! See in the spring and summer I go to the vineyards for wine festivals and stuff so I wear a spring/summer dress there more comfortable and light weight for outside. The dress I found is overly expensive in my eyes but hey I will basically be at goal if I lose these last 14.4 lbs so this could be my challenge goal dress and my actual goal dress too. Even if it isnt losing 30 lbs is worth a nice present to me :).

So here it is....

Isnt it sooooo pretty!!!! lol It comes in this color (sandcastle) black and chocolate. Im pretty sure I will go with sandcastle even though I love black dresses. We will see.

Did anyone else come up with a dress for the challenge? I can not wait to get the money for this dress and finally wear it. to cute!! I can see me know lounging on a blanket at the winery listening to the bands play and gazing at the stars with a nice glass of wine in my hand. Ahhh I can not wait for warm weather.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

FDOS update week 6

So this was an interesting week I have been overly sick as you all know from my previous blog and thought i was almost better on Saturday and then boom Sunday here comes a terrible sore throat. Why!! I feel like I have a spiked golf ball in my throat :( not fun.

Well moving on I thought I was gonna gain because for some reason while everyone else loses weight when they are sick my weird body gains lol. But lucky lucky me I lost another 2 lbs :) yay I guess it was because of all the exercising I did the previous week. Idk I must have done something right... Right?? So now my new weight is 167.8 wooohoooo I'm getting there slowly but surely!!!!! 14.6 lbs down and 14.4 more to go I can do this!!!! I gotta try hard to get it but it's possible. That means I have to lose 2.9 lbs a week a lot but possible.

I did not get to work out of course cuz i was sickly but that will be different this week even if I'm sick. I will push on.

I can not wait to read the rest of your post but to the ones I read already I want to say congrats congrats you guys are doing awesome a few more week lets keep pushing. I hope everyone will have a great week again! Ttyl!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Very sorry!!

Ok guys I am so sorry I have not been a great support because I have been sick since saturday night and have not motivation to move let alone read. Ive been super dizzy and light headed. I just wanted to let everyone know that I did not forget about them and as soon as I start feeling better I will be checking up on you guys. Also Hannah and Julie for some reason I just got sent your guys mail back dont know why Everything was correct and I had the right amount of stamps. This new mail person has been messing up lately so tomorrow Im sending it to the post office with my lovely mommy :) Im too sick to get out. Sorry Sorry!! Just remember when you get it try to send it right out to ww so they get it in time. I will update as soon as this goes away. Sorry again everyone!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

FDOS Update Week 5

Week five.... Wow.... week five. I had another good week. 2 lbs down :) WOOOHOOOOOOOOOO. This brings me to 12.6 lost in this challenge so far and 17.4 more to go. I can do this!!!!

So I dont know if I informed you all this because im having a slow week lol. I bought zumba and dance central 2 for kinect and have been working my butt off. It is so much fun!!! More so dance central though. Time completely goes by faster when you are doing something that doesnt seem like exercise. So of course thats my goal for this week is to do lots of dance central and zumba and my stationary :) I need to lose another 2+ lbs.

I have a lot going on right now so this is going to be short sorry But I am very very proud of all you ladies we are doing this!!!! We will meet our goals and look hot the first day of spring. Cant wait to see all your posts and I wish you all luck this week. TTYL.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Please read!

While looking on the internet today I noticed this petition going on. This boy was suspended from school because he is growing his hair out to donate to locks of love. WHAT??!!! He had leukemia and survived and is trying to give back to other cancer patients. The school will not let him come back until he cuts his hair. The schools will not ban a bully but they will start to ban a kid doing a great deed for someone less fortunate. Please if you feel this is wrong and would like to sign the petition for him to stay in school and still help out cancer patients please please please scroll to the bottom of my blog and click on sign the petition. I have had many family members who have had cancer and when they lose their hair they lose a lot of belief in their selves some even think they are ugly. This could bring a smile back to a childs/grown ups face who is battling cancer. You may think this is nothing but if you were in their shoes what would you do? Wouldnt you feel blessed that someone is willing to donate 10 inches of their hair to help you feel beautiful alive and "normal". I believe that every cancer patient never loses any of the three things I just mentioned but some of them believe other wise. Help put a smile on their faces while opening up a gracious door to school children who love to help fellow people.

Monday, January 30, 2012

The winners are......

Sorry Im late :( I completely forgot but I drew two numbers out of a hat and congrats to

Hannah & Julie!!!!!

Congrats ladies!!! Email me at with your address please. Thanks!

Thanks everyone else who entered!! Im going to start thinking of good giveaways so everyone gets a chance at winning. So more at a later date.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

FDOS Update Week 4

I did not work out as much as I would have like to because I was sick with God knows what and still have some side effects that I hope go away soon. I did however eat good except my cheat night lol and tracked EVERYTHING!! I weighed in today 2.8 lbs lighter. YAY!!

Starting weight: 182.4
Current weight: 171.8
Goal Weight: 150

Total loss: 10.6 lbs
this is a little behind what I expected and needed to get my 30 lbs by march 21st but Im still going to try my hardest to get there. Who knows maybe I will get a great week with a 4 lb loss which would help me out greatly. I know wishful thinking but it is possible.

Starting lbs to lose: 32.4
lbs lost: 10.6
lbs to goal: 21.8

I want to get to exercise this week it all depends on if I can breathe though lol. This whatever bug is killing me. I tried to do something nice for myself today and I bought a pair of pants a dress and some tights. I will post them later for everyone to see. I hope everyones week went good and I cant wait to read your updates. Good luck all. We are getting closer and closer to 20+ lbs lighter.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Good news Good news to some of you...

Remember that lovely giveaway I posted before for the free weight watchers magazine? Well I told you Im a popcorn junkie and I went to the store and to my surprise I got some boxes of popcorn with the offer on them. If you are not the winners of last times(and you follow my blog) and you would like another chance at it I have 2 up for grabs again. One year free (6 issues) as long as you fill it out ad mail it before 3/31/12. Good luck and drawing is going to be random number out of hat trick :) and it will be on sunday. Also to shannon and nicole did you guys receive them yet? I want to make sure they didnt get lost in the mail.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

FDOS Challenge Week 3 And Girls day

So this week I accomplished a lot. I managed to do my exercise challenge and complete 3days. I also fell off on the last day too so shannon you are not alone :). I had lovely T.o.m. stop by for an un welcomed visit on saturday morning (my weigh in day) which peed me off because I gain the first day then it comes off. Well I weighed in at 174.6 (.6) up from last week. Its ok though because I weighed in this morning just to check and this is even after a night of fun and found out I already lost that .6 HOOORAH!! lol

My exercise this week: stationary bike all the way I managed to get about 32 miles in in just 3 days and 125 mins. (it was 31.67 miles i think) which gained me 25 activity points.

I stuck to points all week except 2 (game day of course) and the day my little girl had stuff done to her teeth.

This week I am keeping the challenge for the exercise the same since I think me and shannon are the only ones doing it and we didnt make the last day. I will stick to my points because yesterday was most likely all 49 lol.

Heres the run down for the girls day. Me and tay went to get out nails done and I got shellac nails and a pedicure. LOVE THEM!!! The service was great and people we friendly and really care about you as a customer not just about your money. after our nails were done we made our way up to hunt valley and went to Sakura's japanese steak house (the ones with the hibachi show) I absolutely love this place. The atmosphere is always great and the people there also are outstanding. we had a great meal I chose the filet mignon and shrimp with veggies and rice and tay got salmon veggies mushrooms and rice. After dinner we went over to their bar and had martini's and straight geeked with the bar tender all night lol. I also broke a glass :( damn elbow getting in the way haha. should not have reached for that book, seriously though tay I still believe thats what it said lol jk. They were so nice though wouldnt even let me  pay for the glass so i added a bigger tip and they took it off. Oh well cant say I didnt try. All in all it was a great fun filled night and day and I can not wait for another one. Its been a while since I had so much fun.

Also I bought a challenge dress and ordered it a size smaller so I had something to work my way into it came in and I decided to take a pic of it on so I could see how far I needed to come. well..... it already fits lol here it is 

so how did everyones week/weigh ins go? Did anyone go out and have a blast too. well I will ttyl Have a great 4th week and lets get them lbs dropping.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Work outs

Well I have been doing my challenge and completed the first day of 30 mins which was simple then today was supposed to be 40 mins well I decided to kick it up a notch I did not drop below 18 mph and kept between 18-22 mph for the most part I stayed at 19-20 then I had sudden outbursts of 21-22 mph PHEW was that a work out my legs felt a little like jello and I was sweating up a storm heres a little glimpse of my workout

 This is just the start of my lovely exercise on the good ol' stationary lol

 This is my shot of my speed and then I noticed I was a min over uh oh that meant stop but not until I got to an almost even number lol Im weird
 I did 11.31 miles in 41 mins and some odd seconds. That was the burst of 22 mph so I could make my .30 lol I was previously at 11.09 not having that haha

And this is me all red and sweaty all though the pic doesnt seem to show it. Thats a good thing right :)

I look mighty crazy in these pics but o well I have had a rough past couple days and I am surely not trying to impress anyone or get all prettied up to sweat hehe.

So for those of you challenging yourself to exercise what have you done this week? Any good butt kicking workouts? Did you try something new?

So i did pretty crappy this weekend with the football game and with my daughters dentist visit :( she had to get stuff done to her teeth and was in pain all day and I was so upset we ended up eating out. i know i know tiss tiss but I sprung back into action the next day and have been trying to kick ass ever since. I will do this I will not gain this week NO I WILL NOT!!!! I need to meet my goal by 3/21/12 Or a couple weeks after. I have plans I want to do things I will do these things. Nobody and no food is going to hold me back. Im here for good this time no falling off EVER!!!!!

well now that I got that random outburst out Im going to go :) Hope everyone has a great week and gets lots of activity in. Good luck all.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Ok so I know you have been waiting to hear this the two winners of free magazines for a year are as picked....

Coley Loree



CONGRATS CONGRATS!!! And sorry to those of you who did not win. There may be future giveaways so stay tuned :)

To the winners please email me and give me your address so I can send them out.Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy the magazines!!

FDOS update 1-14-12

Today was weigh in day I am officially 174 now which means I lost 2.8 lbs this week wooohoooo I'm so close to where I left off at. How exciting!!

So here's the run down
Starting weight: 182.4
Current weight: 174
Goal weight: 150
Lbs to lose as of start: 32.4
Lbs lost: 8.4
Lbs left to lose: 24
Exercise completed: stationary bike, stairs, walking, Xbox kinect

Goals for this week: exercise challenge.... For 4 days this week I am going to exercise. First day 30 second day 40 third day 50 and the fourth day 60 mins.

I want to score at least 16 activity points this week if not more. I hope more lol

I also want to lose another 2.8 lbs or more. If this happens every week I may meet goal by 3/21/12

Well that's pretty much it I hope everyone else had a great week and great weigh in results. If not there's always next week look over what happened and see if there's anything you can change or that happened that may have had an impact on your weight. I look forward to reading your results. Good luck!!! Week three here we come!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Saturday is when my daughter picks the winners(2) for the free weicght watchers magazine. If you would still like a chance to win and have not commented yet get to it. Don't miss out on a year of free magazines!! Good luck

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

GIVE AWAY (weight watchers)


Ok so I am a pop corn eater during movies always have been always will be. well when I was buying these bags of popcorn they had this thing that if you got so many upcs or what not that you get a free subscription to ww magazine. I thought I had 2 to give away but right now can only seem to find one  I wont be using it so I am giving it away. This needs to be mailed out with your information by 3/31/12. So if you want to be in the drawing please comment below if you already follow my blog if not, follow my blog and then leave a comment. On Saturday my lovely daughter will randomly select someone off the comment list (shes only four so shes not reading what you say lol) and I will mail out your free subscription to ww magazine. If and when I find the second one I will have my daughter pick again so If you dont win this time who knows you might be getting a comment from me and the near future. Good luck!!

One year subscription(6 issues) FREE!!


Ok so today I noticed some very disturbing image on my computer and I rubbed my eyes to see if they were wrong but they weren't they were not lying to me one bit it was all the truth I was staring at a picture of me at 212 lbs possibly more. Then i said I am going to take a picture of me to compare it with in close to the same pose(def. cant do the scenery) and compare to see what 7 faithful months of weight watchers has awarded me in 2011. Well heres what I found out, you all can be the judge.

I found out afterwards it was a bad choice to wear all black since everything blended in but I can still tell can you?

This one I hated because the after picture was taken way closer than the before which resulted in there not looking like a big difference but there really is, and Im not as turned in the first pic as I am in the second so you dont see the full roll hanging lol. O well.... If i find more before pics that someone managed to take of me while I was ducking from cameras I will def post them(and not wear all black lol). I had to share this because I was impressed. If 7 months of ww can do this imagine what it could have done if i stayed on all year, Imagine what it is going to do this year when I reach goal. Yes WHEN I reach not IF I reach, because I am going to make goal this year and me and Tay are going on a shopping mini spree lol :) I can not wait.

So what did you all think could you see a difference in my crappy pics? Was it a big difference? A little difference? Either way Im overly proud of what I accomplished and I can not wait to knock off more of these stubborn lbs. and add my final pic. My goal pic. AH! Im so close I can taste it!! Then maybe when I meet goal and maintain for 6 weeks I can become a leader and share my story, my pictures, what helped me etc. and be there to support and help others (I already do this and LOVE IT!!) I see a bright new future coming. TTYL!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

FDS Challenge (First Post)

I weighed in today, so what a great time to start my challenge post.

Starting weight: 176.8 lbs
Goal weight: 150 lbs
Diet/Life change: Weight Watchers Points Plus
Exercises: Hmmm well I've got many. Bender Ball, Walk/jog, Stairs, and I just put in for financial assistance (yes Im a brokie) for a gym so if they can help me out a lot more in the future.

My goals are not only to lose weight but to become fit. I want to tone up my body and be a healthy fit mommy for my little girl :)

And here is the moment of truth I took these pics in a overly tight tunic that I wore when I was 145  so this shows every roll (eww) I took the first one with my face so you can prove its me and then better ways of seeing everything. Im sorry for the pain your eyes are about to feel lol ahaha oh ps dont mind the dirty room

so as we can see her my big proble is my belly pouch I want it GONE!!! I dont mind having a booty ( I happen to love mine lol) and my boobs can stay too:).  I know I know Wake up right? Because lets face reality here that never happens. You can not just lose belly fat its all or nothing.  Oh well....

Im sorry if I hurt everyones eyes with my pictures  but this lets me see where all my problems are are. I hope everyone posts a pic because it really helps see how far you come. I am going to post a new one each month and then at the end. Good luck all I can wait to see everyones first post.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Weigh in tomorrow And first update!

Two exciting things tomorrow my weigh in and my first update/post for my challenge :) I'm excited!! My scales are oooo so confusing right now. one is weighing me with a major loss which I know can not be close to real and the second one shows me at all different weights every time I get on. Oh how I hate unreliable scales. I'm hoping to start this challenge off at least three lbs lighter since I gained during Xmas :( I have gained a lot during the past couple months especially during the cdcc challenge. I was so embarressed and ashamed of myself but then I realized something at least I didn't quit at least I fessed up to my gains and bad eating and then I realized I am human there's nothing to be ashamed of or embarressed about. I fell off but I got back on so I should be happy and relieved heck even proud before feeling in any negative way. I think this is what pushed me to move forward amd this is what pushed me to not let my mom give up I signed her up so now she can be right there with me learning the whole way through we will do this even if one of us has to kick each other in the but from now an then?

I hope everyone is doing great in their challenges or weight loss. I hope them lbs are dropping off! I will update tomorrow, Cross our fingers for me please! Good luck all!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I am excited in a few days The challenge starts :) I do not have members but 2 but its ok it will still continue and I will accept late starters if anyone chooses to join later. I already started this challenge on weight watchers the day after Christmas. I was looking forward to a nice number of participants as I have 400 over there and its only been active for a little over a week. Thank you to the people who did look into it and try to help spread the word of my challenge around. It was very very kind of you. It was just the wrong time to start a challenge I guess. I am going to bring every challenge I have there over here though so after 3/21 I will have yet another challenge lol. Hopefully the outcome will be different. We will see.

Either way this challenge ends I am happy. I have 2 people who have joined and that means a lot to me. I hope they are successful and lose the weight by then. I did alter the challenge a bit. I switched it a couple days ago from 30 to 20+ lbs or make goal because we dont have as much time here as we did over on ww so I figure it wasnt as reasonable.

I wish everyone on a challange lots of luck as well as single dieters. Hope everyone is doing well! TTYL

Monday, January 2, 2012

First day of spring challenge

Ok so as you all have seEn I am running a challenge to lose 20+ lbs or make goal by the first day of spring 2012. The link up opens on Friday the 6th at midnight and closes Sunday the 9th at midnight. If you would like to join please please visit the page I am trying to get more people by then looks like adding me there will only be 3 ppl. There are rules on there for the first post and to join. Thanks so much and I hope to have more people join.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sorry if you tried.....

A lovely fellow blogger informed me that the reason I may not be getting members for the challenge is because the link or page doesn't work I switched stuff around so here's the link

Sorry guys :-/

Nobody as of right now

Ok so I may close the challenge since I can not seem to get anyone who wants to join. I can always reopen if a miracle happens and people start asking lol. But I doubt that. I'm still doing it though because I have 200 lovely weight watchers members who follow my challenge on their site. I have always done challenges (owner wise) on weight watchers and it exceeds my thought of a successful group but some how or another I seem to fail once I come on here. O well there always next challenge right? I will give it 2 more days and then I'm shutting it down. If your interested please let me now within the two days. I know many people are busy with other challenges already so please don't feel you need to join this one on top of others that's too much on someone's plate just show that challenge whos boss and maybe next time we will meet in a challenge.

I hope everyones new year is going good and their new years eve was a blast. I made some yummy crab cakes last night off the ww recipes and boy was it good. Missing old bay (I'm such a Marylander) but boy were they amazing once added. Well I'm off to a busy day. I will check in later.