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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weigh In 5/28/2011 -Kim-

I weighed in today and am please to say I have lost 1.8 lbs in 5 days :) I am only .8 away from the 40 lb mark. so exciting. I am getting so close to my target I can almost taste it lol. But in all honesty I can actually say I am overly proud of myself. I do need to do some ab exercises because I don't want my stomach to stay looking like this. I hate baby pouches. grrr! lol

So what is everyones plans for this lovely weekend? Unfortunately I have to be stuck at home :( I will try to make the best of it and have a nice cook out here and try to do something fun with the kiddie. I was trying to go to ocean city but didn't have the funds. Her last months tuition took me flat broke. Oh well that's the life of a single mother lol.

Well I have been keeping these short and sweet. Sorry but I havent had much to do which leave not too much to talk about. Have a great weekend and be safe on the roads we all know drunks are out on this nice holiday weekend!! Ttyl

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Final Grades Are In!! -Kim-

I got a lovely text message from a friend in school telling me that grades were posted. I hurried and got to my computer to find out I PASSED EVERY CLASS AGAIN!! Yay!! Not with all A's like I always hope for but it works. It says I got 3 A's and 2 C's. I hate C's but the thing is either they mixed up two classes or I really have  4 A's and one C which would be awesome. I talked to my psychology teacher prior to grades being published and he told me I have an A and they posted I had a C, and my sociology I know I wasnt doing great but my final could have either brought me up to an A or kept me at a C. I emailed my teacher and asked him what happened and if he know how I could fix this problem. So we will see. But I am super excited I have only been in school 2 semesters and I have a 3.4 GPA. I think thats good I really dont know though HAHA!!

Also I told her I was going to blog this so today in the first day in the history of me and Brittany lol she admitted to being wrong today! GASP!! I know right? lol I had to put that out there it was quite amazing as she has never admitted being wrong to me before.

....Moving on.... lol How has everyones day gone? Mine was pretty shitty until I had a small chat with a great blogging buddy:) Thanks Ashley you are a great friend and there when I need to talk to someone.  And then it just got better as the day continued and I received my grades.  It been kind of quiet on here once again.... Just trying to check up on everyone. Well thats all I got for tonight. TTYL!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weigh in 5/23/2011 -Kim-

I weighed in today and surprisingly I was down .4 exciting news for me, I thought I gained. I would have actually put money on it lol. I also some how got sun poisoning Ugh I have never had this it is weird looks like a rash up my arm. Doesn't really make any sense either being as I didn't burn. O well.

I am glad to see some people came back and updated their blogs. Glad to see you guys are doing well and haven't forgot about us :). let me know if any of you need any help with anything. Also I think I told everyone I joined online ww... If you do online ww too feel free to look me up and we can be support there too. Kimc87 is my user name and I used as my email. I look forward to seeing you guys there as well. I am in a lazy mood today though so I don't have much to write. I will def. try to write again later or tomorrow. Until then have a great day and keep up the great work. ttyl.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rough times -Kim-

I have already expressed how rough of a time I was having because of finals and now because its just so hard to get back on track. I had a table at a flea market yesterday and the only thing around to eat was McDonald's. That's restaurant is the devil. So fattening. so needless to say I had to eat breakfast there and lunch making me go over points, OF COURSE! That also made it so I could not weigh in yesterday and my plans were to weigh in today. Well that didn't happen either. I had an awful time getting to sleep last night. I have had 5 hours of sleep and for some reason I cant function to well with that. I missed today's weigh in by 5 mins. REALLY?? So I will be weighing in tomorrow morning and I already know I am def. not going to do good. sucks but I know it and I am not going to lie to myself. I have drank lots of water so I am hoping that may help just a little bit so I at least just stay the same and not gain. We will see and I will update everyone tomorrow.

I am glad to see a fellow blogger is doing the whole couponing thing. If anybody else already does this PLEASE HELP WITH ANY ADVICE. I need to save money and I don't care how many hours a week it may take. I have 2 and a half months to get the time down before school starts again. lol.

Any way how is everyone. I see lots of people have been slacking on blogging too, this makes me not feel as bad. :) I hope everyones weight loss has been going good. Keep it up people, everybody is doing so well.

Well that's all for now I will ttyl. Have a great Sunday!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Yeah soooo.... I've been mia lately for two reasons. A. I fell off the wagon. B. I haven't had the internet for like a month. But what ever in recent news, no i haven't been following any particular diet but i have been moving down the scale ever so slightly i'm 191 now. I'm planning on doing a cleansing fast (aka. The Master Cleanse), which is why I am blogging tonight. If you have never heard of The Master Cleanse its basically lemonade made out of water, lemons, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper, that you drink for however long you choose to do it. All you do is drink the lemonade, water or tea, and you don't eat any solid food. Although you loose weight doing this it isn't for weight loss, it is a detox diet which can be used to change your eating habits and bring your body into a certain equilibrium. So yeah this diet isn't for the faint of heart and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but i have done it in the past and have been really happy with my results. I know that this is a weight watchers blog and i should be talking about that right now but i feel like doing this detox will really help me stay on track with weight watchers. After the next ten days of detoxing i plan on really changing my eating habits and that is the most important part of it and weight watchers is a good way of learning to do that. I am going to blog about it everyday so that i can stay motivated to stick with it. So yeah i'm on my way to make some lemonade !

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Its Finally Over!! -Kim-

I am finally done it is finally over!! I am so excited I took my last final today... Math ughh!! But now I have to play the waiting game, and I am not liking it one bit. I am so nervous and anxious I feel like I could cry!! If I do not pass my math I am stuck taking it again next semester and I cant start my biology classes which will put me back a year in graduating :(  My teacher said I will know my grade by tonight or tomorrow. I am hoping tonight. Then I have one other class to worry about other than that I have A's YAY GO KIM!! haha!

Sorry this is short but I just want to relax it feels like its been too long... I hope everything has been going good with everyone I have been internetless until today. TTYL

Saturday, May 14, 2011

March For Babies & Weigh In -Kim-

I went to walk today for the march for babies march of dimes. I have to say I did not raise what I wanted to :( I was pretty depressed about that. I walked the four miles in 1 hour in the rain. Sucks that it rained but I still enjoyed myself. My mother and I got there 30 mins late for the walk and there was nobody just arriving to register and walk. We did not see anyone really except for four people for 2 miles and then I guess we are fast walkers or something because we ran into crowds of people for the next 2 miles. I mean crowds and we kept blowing past them. It was funny. This one guy we were walking next to saw his dad far up and left who he was with to run to catch up to his dad. I was just walking and somehow ended up getting up to him and passing him lol he was like I had to run to get up here as I just blew past. HAHA! I am a speed walker and it took me until today to notice this.

Well after I walked I went to weigh In even though when I was going to the gym they told me never to work out and then weigh in because it will cause you to gain weight due to swollen muscles. If that is true I weighed in and still lost 1 lb so that could possibly mean I lost more? Either way I am happy I lost at least one pound :) cheers me up and that takes me down to 175.4 YAY!

How is everyone else doing today? Hope you all are enjoying your weekend and not stressing too much on finals like me lol. Well that's all I have for right now I will ttyl!

Friday, May 13, 2011

What In The BEEP!!! -Kim-

Has anyone else's blog been a little off? I tried to log on here last night and it wasn't happening. I sign on today and i check ppls blogs to see how they have been doing and I notice my comments never posted to their pages or somethings going on with blogger. Anybody having this issue or have seen this too?

Well I got 3 papers done but I completely failed a test :( sucks. My hardest project however I got an A on YAY! So I weigh in tomorrow and have my walk too. I am a little scared to be honest with you. I think I may have gained. We will see because I can never trust my scale anyway. I have been eating pretty crappy because of all my stress, but 4 more days and I am done. I can not wait I am overly exhausted, my eyes burn by 3 pm. I have one more big paper to write and 2 finals and I am DONE!!!!! well til next semester lol.

How has everyone been? Anything new going on? This is a shorty but I can barely see to type. I will ttyl. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So I Decided.... -Kim-

So I just decided that I would drop by and say hello! I feel like all I have been doing for the past week is study study study type type type write write write.... but see the problem with this is I never and I mean NEVER have a a break. It exhausting :( I am so drained. I need energy come Monday for finals but I can't even get past the last week of regular school with all of its papers projects and homework. I have two classes I am worry about.One class I need a high C on my final at least to pass with a B or a C(I suck on finals BTW) and I need an A on a paper for one class because I did poorly on a test I need at least a C in that class and my B***h of a teacher will not even tell me where I am standing as of today. I hate teachers that can't help I have been asking where I am standing since mid terms to this teacher and she always has an excuse. I love how some teachers just have no problem at all ruining your GPA you worked so hard to achieve.  That's just some of my stress right now.

So moving on so I don't keep talking you heads off about school. I have to say I read someones blog today while I had a 5 min break in class and I have to call them out lol. Jess I have to say I am very proud of you! You have been working your butt off and I have noticed with all your logs. Jess is down 24 lbs and some ounces since January!! She has also noticed where he comfort zone was and has decided she will not settle for it anymore, which is amazing to me. Most ppl when they have a comfort zone do not notice it really wasn't that comfortable or healthy. Most people just stop at the lowest they have been or the lowest they have been comfortable with and do not even try for where they WANT to be comfortable at. This is amazing to me one because she noticed and two because she isn't going to settle. I had to comment on her page telling her I was proud of her and that statement because that statement brought a lot of truth back that I don't want anyone to encounter. Mine was not with weight but I settled and when I got smacked in my face one morning by my own hand saying dumb a** what are you doing I realized how much I was hurting myself, how much I was suffering, and how miserable I was for settling. I noticed where I could have been at if I didn't settle and what I lost out on for years. I promised myself I would never settle for anything again and I wouldn't let anyone settle either. So please Do not settle for anything because in the end you get less than what you actually settled for. When you settle you bring on frustration and misery. You let yourself down basically. Settling is like saying to yourself your not worth it, or you do not deserve this, when in all reality you are and you do. Once again I am very proud of you girly you are a great motivation and inspiration and I know you will continue to be. Good luck even though I know you don't need any and Keep it up You are doing great!!

I also decided to log everything I ate today so I don't keep slacking. I know I am busy but that's not an excuse. I do not want to gain my weight back NOT EVEN AN OUNCE. So I need to get my arse on the ball. How has everyone else been? Anything they would like to share? I hope everyones weigh in's go good this week, all of you keep your heads up and keep doing the great jobs you are doing. Who knows you might get me to blog about you too lol :) Well that's all for now. TTYL

Monday, May 9, 2011

Gosh Darn Last Week And Finals -Kim-

So I am going to be on here to blog when I can I will check in to see how everyone is and to drop some love but I am beyond crazy at this point. I have too much work to many snotty ass teachers and too many tests to do/study for/suck up to lol. Next week is finals Im stressing so much I could rip my hair out. I had a crappy mothers day and a crappy week besides my weigh in. I haven't been logging anything this week I haven't been counting points because I am so stressed Im just eating what I can when I can I just hope I don't gain this week :( I have never stressed so much in school come final time til this semester. It sucks. Well any way I just wanted to let everyone know why I might be M.IA. for a while. ttyl Hope everyone does well and like I said I will be checking up I just wont have enough time to blog.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Happy Mothers Day to all you beautiful mothers out there!! I hope everyone has a great mothers day and gets spoiled like they deserve. We all deserve to have one day of relaxation since all of our others are spent running around, with the kids, and waiting on the bf/hubby. So kick your feet up today ladies and have them (if your kid is old enough) or just the bf/hubby wait on you. Enjoy!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weigh in 5-7-11 -Kim-

Well as we all know today is my weigh in day. I lost 2.2 lbs this week for a total loss of 36.2 lbs :) Im super excited I love this losing weight thing Its completely boosting my self esteem up and everything. Im starting to think once I am skinny again I will be a conceited bi**h lol jk not me. I just joke around. I have and will always have a low self esteem idk why. Also when I went shopping for clothes the other day I purchased a size 12 thinking that was my size because I could slide in and out of my 14's with out unzipping or unbuttoning them. Well the 12 were too big I think I stated that but now like the 14's so I went to take them back thinking it would be a couple more weeks before I fit into a 10. I was wrong I now can wear a 10 depending on the jeans. Im thinking only if they are the stretch jeans but idk. I only bought a pair of capris a pair of jeans and a shirt though I don't want to but a lot of clothes that wont fit soon. 

How has everyone else been doing? Did anyone loose any more weight or fit into smaller jeans too? 

I tried out the warm up for the biggest loser kinect game and it was actually a good work out. I only did the warm up though so I will let you know what its like once I get into the real deal. which should be tomorrow. Wish me luck lol.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Stuff feels SOOOOO Good -Kim-

I went shopping today, it was so overdo!! Incase you aren't aware I am a SHO-O-HOLIC! No lie!! I love just about any kind of shopping it cheers me up. Even if it is just grocery shopping, it will put a smile on my face. Lol. So anyway...First thing first I bought biggest loser for kinect! Yay! I am going to get my exercise in while playing, this should be interesting. I will let you know what its like this weekend just incase you were thinking about getting it. It was that or zumba and I can see myself doing this before zumba, all though zumba seems like a lot of fun. After I got that I went to DSW for those of you who don't know what that is its the greatest place ever!! Well if you like high heels and such. I got these shoes I fell in love with....

Btw that isn't my feel lol I stole the pic from the site I saw them on.Aren't they sooooooo pretty? and then I went upstairs to the clearance section and got 2 more shoes which I will post later because they are in the room with the little girl, and I do not want to wake her up. They are gorgeous too. I have a shoe fetish, or really I should say a high heel fetish. I seriously have so many heels my bedroom closet kind of looks like the chick from sex in the city(the first movie with the shoe dream) After we left there I went to tjmaxx to see if they had anything cute and cheap. I found 4 things and they ended up costing more than 2 pairs of my shoes. can we say OUTRAGEOUS?? I have to take almost all of that back. 2 things I hated which was a pair of capris and a shirt the other shirt I dont know if I want to keep and the other capri's were too big. Which made me feel good cuz they were a size 12 :) that means now I am between a 10 and a 12 depending on the cut. Super ecstatic!

I also have been having trouble eating. I for some reason have no appetite what so ever until about 2 or 3 pm. Then I cant seem to get enough points in. I try though. This is kind of a scary thought because I dont want to gain weight from not eating enough :( But anyway like today for instance I ate fruit and 1/4 cup of milk chocolate m&m's at 4 which was 6 points and then I had a chef salad with olive oil vinaigrette dressing which was about 10 points I would say. I also had 2 tenders from bk which are 2 points. So all together I had 18 points all day and I am supposed to be at 29. Two days ago I only consumed 9 points all day long. Its bad! I dont know what to do. I am not going to force myself to eat when I am not hungry thats just crazy.

On another note I have successfully got 3 tests and 2 papers out of my way. Now I have 3 more tests 2 more papers and then 3 finals. Then I am done!!! Well at least for a little while. My nice summer break! Yes i have been dreaming about you! lol but for real I need it so much. Who knows though I may get bored fast and enroll for summer classes too. The only reason I havent yet is because my sister may go into labor, and I will be going to GA when she does. That means time off, and I dont want to fail a class.

Well Im done talking your guys ears off so I will ttyl. Let me know how everything has been going. Good luck as always on your diets :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Playing Catch Up -Kim-

So I have been overly busy with school and lost track of what day it was lol I know sad right. I have 2 more weeks left and I can RELAX. All of my stupid teachers are lazy and decided to jam pack 2 test or 2 papers in 2 weeks and a final. UGH don't they notice or care that most people are taking 4 or more classes? and poor people like me are there 5 days a week!! It tiring I don't get to rest at all. I'm surprised I have the 10 mins it might take me to type this. Well 10 is a little exaggerated but you know what I mean.

Since I haven't been on here I wasn't able to share with you that I bought the month by month ww, so now I get online too. I love online its so awesome with it's features and all. The cheat sheets are my fav. I know all of you have this already or have seen it multiple times on commercials but I have just got to try it out and its cool. I mean a lot of the cheat sheets don't have everything but you can get the gist of it. The log is also easier to use. I do not log ANYTHING I eat or drink. I seemed to have lost more weight when I didn't log. I guess I am ass backwards lol. We will see how this goes because I have been logging every day since sun. If I lose more weight than usual I can no longer say I lose more weight when I don't log. That will be interesting. I did skip a day of logging though, yesterday actually. I kind of feel like it didn't make since to log though seeing as I only ate a fruit bowl which was zero points a salad which was about 4 points and a petite fillet Mignon which was about 5 I am not logging 9 points. It would be a waste.

I have noticed that I have like no appetite at all during the mornings and almost all of the afternoon. I hope this doesn't make me gain because I'm not eating enough. That would suck. I am looking for good loss' each week now. I only have about 28 more lbs to lose til I reach Goal. I'm stoked!! I might end up changing my goal weight when I reach it if I am not happy with my body yet. We will see. I don't want to be 120 again I felt like I looked too skinny then but when I had my daughter I weighed 145 and I felt great. So I figured 150 would be a good goal weight and it keeps me in a healthy weight range. Where are you guys at weight wise now and how much do you have til goal? I don't know where most of you guys are standing weight wise or what you goals actually are. Keep me updated if you feel comfortable doing so. I want to congratulate when I should be :) and keep you motivated when I feel you need a push.

Everyone seemed to have a good weigh in this week and seem to be doing well on their diets. I have read some people fell and got right back up and ended up losing. Great Job!! You have my props. Keep it up. Quote for the day or week if you really like it We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.” So look past what things are perceived as and keep pushing forward you may just surprise yourself in the end.