Do Not Quit

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Did you miss me? -Kim-

I havent been on here to blog much but I have been trying to check up on your blogs. I have noticed it makes no sense to write about something that nobody will read lol. I did however weigh in on saturday and lost .2 lbs so I am still .4 away from losing 40 lbs. I have been having one of those situations where I am always hungry... It stinks. I did go bike riding on sunday with my little girl for an hour and 20 mins. it was fun but little girl was so tuckered out. I actually had to ride laps around her the whole time because her little legs and little bike took forever to get to the point of where I would have been if i continued to keep straight. I think if you calculated that I most likely rode it triple what we rode together lol. I did however get 18 AP's from it :) Not like I use them ever.

Lets see what else have you nice people missed. My sister is expected to delivery in the next 2-3 weeks which would mean I will be riding down to georgia I guess that will be a nice vacation Just hope I can WI somewhere down there and hope my bf doesnt do anything stupid while I am away. See he said he was gonna come with me and now he wants to stay home. I have been cheated on by every other bf so when situations that normal ppl wouldnt think anything of I get worried. Sucks. I mean dont get me wrong I trust him I really do I dont know what my problem is. :( If he was going to he would and I would never know anyway so I dont know why I am stressing it. I really wanted him to come with me though. We could go swimming together and all kinds of stuff it would be like a mini vacation with the love and I would get to see my sister It would be two great things in one. I guess this will be his time to relax and be free of having a gf beside him all the time. Men need a break some times to be a man and women need some time to be women. This will be fine. I will just be missing him for a week+.

So how has everyone else diets been? I have only seen a few updates. I feel a lot of people gave up on blogging everyday, I would everyday I just dont have anything to write about. When school starts again I will be at it strong lol. Once again for all my WW buddies I am online now feel free to find and request me and we can support one another on there too. my username is kimc87.

Well I will ttyl When I have something else to chat about.


  1. Hey, there must be something in the air because I have found the past 2 weeks hard with being hungry all the time! Grats on the .2 you are so close to 40 that is awesome. I feel weird writing sometimes too because I have barley anyone following me lol so I just don't. Have a good time in Georgia and try not to worry too much, I know it's much easier said than done but you will probably be a little less worried after you are there and talk to your bf on the phone or something.

  2. Thanks :) and I will def. try I mean I really think he wouldn't Im just messed up in the head from past bf's. Also I read your blogs if that makes you feel any better. Keep writing I will read I just dont blog because I literally have nothing to talk about lately lol