Do Not Quit

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Good news on my part I weighed myself as 168.8 which would mean I lost .07 this week. Hey I will take it since it seems all I have been doing was gaining. I just hope when I finally get a chance to step on that WW scale it says the same thing or (wishful thinking) less lol.

Okay as for my goals:
I was slacking on exercising and water this week :( tiss tiss on me
I worked out 2 times and I drank lots of water but not near my goal I think on average I may have got 80 oz a day.
Although I slipped on counting calories a couple days this week, I am loving my cookbook :) Have not opened the chicken soup book yet being as I just got it in the mail a couple days ago and it happened to be and still is try to study while babies are sleeping/gone. You guys should def. check it out 400 Calorie Fix the easy new rule for permanent weight loss by liz vaccariello.

So I was baby free (except my little one who just wanted free time with her Momma) from 2pm and still am until about 3pm today feels weird now not having my sis' twins here but they will be back my brother and his gf wanted to borrow them lol Go right ahead I have a test on monday you would be helping me out. But figures they wont keep them for football no matter how much I begged them lol.

I hope to read everyones updates later and actually get around to commenting everyone this week. Sorry to those of you that I could not get around to commenting last week So Sorry :( I will do my best today. Good luck this week all and I hope last week went good for everyone. Until next time TTYL

Sunday, September 18, 2011


So my starting weight was 168 and sadly now it is 169.5 what in the beeeeeep.... I don't know if its because of my TOM or muscle gain or what but ew lol. Some how I gained 1.5 lbs this is not what I expected but I WILL get this off. WILL!!!! This week it is on! Bug time! I don't know what happened I have been walking jogging riding my stationary bike so I def sis exercise on top of my diet I do not know what happened. No idea at all. UGH!

I hope everyone else had a great loss or maintained. I will get around to commenting tomorrow I seriously have my hands full right now. I wish blogger on my phone had all the features the website has because then it would make all this so much easier to maintain. I wish you all luck as always and like I have already said I hope you all had a great WI! I will blog later since this is so short. TTYL

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where Have I Been You Ask?

I have been doing fine so far this week some slip ups here and there because I have my sis' twins on top of my kids but I love them to death! They have got me some extra exercise in... I have been going on walks with them every morning for 3 + miles. Also on Tuesday I went to the track and did intervals of brisk walking and jogging/running. This completely killed my thighs lol Fist of all I felt like I could not breathe after the five laps and then I hit six seven and eight and I was breathing so heavy that I  was sounding like Herbert the pervert coming up behind people HAHA! The next day I woke up and started to walk down the stairs and OMG did they hurt... it felt like I was kicked or really beat down just on my legs though, I mean I had a little soreness in my ribs but I can still feel the pain in my legs today.

I have been doing great counting up points and calories and have been getting in lots of water I am a little short on the water but I am def. close. I have been getting in 112 ounces and I need 128 to make a gallon so "close but no cigar"

Well I hope all is well with everyone I have been going a little crazy over here with the babies and school and my daughter so I am sorry if I have been slacking on commenting your blogs. I am lacking on sleep right now so I am taking my butt off to bed before they wake up again to get some z's in. Good night all, stay motivated and stay strong!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

First update for cdcc

I have a break from class so I figured I would take this time to blog. This is my first official post besides the intro blog and I have to say today I feel sooooooo hungry and I don't know why... and don't get scared I didn't go over points or calories, its just whenever I eat it feels like I barley ate anything I don't understand this. I must have a tape worm or something. Other than that I have been doing great today I didn't get exercise in so that means tomorrow I def will. I need to find something for breakfast that is real filling and holds you for a long time and for me this is difficult being as I am the pickiest person ever when it comes to food.
Tomorrow I plan on riding my bike for 30-45 mins and attempt some crunches. I don't know if both will happen but they bike is a def. I was going to go for a walk today but I got side tracked :( I had to do all kinds of stuff for my daughters school that I forgot to do so my break away from her I was still taking care of her stuff lol. Tomorrow its on though!! I am getting two of my nieces tomorrow too for a whole month!! I am super excited just wish the others were here too I miss them all oh so much! I just hope this doesn't make things difficult for me.... I doubt it will but who knows, things happen at the worst times it seems. 
So how has everyone else done today? Did you get your exercise in? stay in calorie range and get enough water? I hope all is well and everyone is doing great. I have to go back to class so sorry for the short blog but I will def. ttyl. Luck to all!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge

I'm am posting this early because you may not here from me until Monday. Here's my goals dress and more....
I am starting off at 168 lbs (yes I gained weight.... Sad) I want to get down to 150 or 140 haven't decided yet we will see as we get closer :)
My dress size right now is an 8-10 I wish to get down to a 6-8 (right now I wear a size 10 pant so I want to be a size 8 pant size 6 dress)
My exercises will be bicycle crunches and my stationary bike
Daily Caloric goal 1200
Amount of water consumed a day one gallon
My books are 400 calorie fix and chicken soup for the dieters soul
My dress I have already posted but will post again...
I am here for any support or motivation needed by anyone just ask I do not mind trust me I love helping ppl and would not feel bothered in the least bit.I can't wait to read everyone's updates and can't wait to get to know everyone. We can do this ladies!!! Well I hope I didn't forget anything.... If so I will update. Ttyl

New skirt :)

I So I got my new skirt last week and have not worn it until today lol I have to say I am not too impressed with how it looks on me as of right now but I will get there. don't mind my many house clutters but here's the pics
I really hated this one I look fat and I didn't do my hair and as for this one....

I like....Nice side shot so I could show you the shoes that def. blended in with everything :(

The tights are real cute they have a pattern on them which unfortunately you cant see either. I tried!

So I have everything ready for my first blog of the CDCC I am excited and ready I need to get these last couple pounds off so I can reach goal all ready. I have it I will reach goal by then even if I change my goal weight by then. I am aiming for 150 but may drop it to 140 depending on how I feel once I reach that weight. I think I might do 2 different exercises for this challenge because I need this pouch to disappear or minimize itself sometime soon. If that was gone or small I would LOVE my body right now but because of it ughhh.... I feel like butt. HAHA!! 

So I am off to study for my test tomorrow. I hope everyones week has been going good and sorry for not commenting on blogs for the past couple days I am trying to get this studying in. I will catch up later. Have a great day... or night!! TTYL

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Christmas challenge

I can not wait for this challenge to begin I am super excited. I have already got my calorie counting down and have picked out a dress and a book :) EXCITING!! This is the dress I chose...
I love this dress may have to wear a body shaper with it because I don't want my pouch to be hanging all out lol I am in love with this dress I mean IN LOVE WITH IT hehe I have multiple challenge with myself for Christmas 1. Meet the challenge (on here and on ww) 2. Buy my daughter lots and lots of presents 3. Buy my bf a trip to Poland 4. Buy my parents and siblings presents. which brings me to 5. SAVE UP ALL MY MONEY!!! all of it every last dollar no spending for Kim unless it somehow will fit into my goals. My bf's trip alone is 2400  my daughter usually takes 1000+ and the parents and siblings 500(unless I send the parents to Vegas then that will be raised to 1000) which means I need to save up at least 4000-5000 bucks WOW I work a seasonal job and that basically means that's every check in the bank but the plus side is I can get my bf's present a few weeks after Xmas. I'm gonna be a busy girl with nothing to show for it besides smiles on everyones faces! That's priceless so I am willing to do that. Savings starts October 1st.

So moving on I am on point today and plan to stay that way. Its hard when you have barley anything healthy to eat in the house and you have no grocery money until tomorrow night. How have you been doing with your diet? Good I hope. Well I have to get my butt back to studying just wanted to take a little break and blog. I will ttyl. Hope all is well with everyone.

Monday, September 5, 2011

WI 9/3/11 and more

I went to WI on saturday which I believe everyone knows and am proud to say I lost 2.2 lbs :) Good for me I havent went past the one lb mark in ages. I am now down to 166. How was everyone elses WI?

I also went to a wine festival this weekend where a local celtic rock band was playing. I had a great time! I love the irish!! The atmosphere was incredible and the people were friendly this is a must for next spring and summer I think I just might go each week lol

I didnt do good yesterday points wise and everyone is aware that saturdays are my day to do me so I got to kick my butt into high gear this week. I have to manage to study for two tests and somehow get some exercise in. I can do this!!

I can not believe I have two test already so my second say of class for bio I have a test and my second day of lab I have a test. I think they are trying to kill me already in the beginning of the semester. AHH!! haha.

Well I am little busy with studying right now but had to drop in and see how everyone was doing and let you all know how my WI and weekend went. Enjoy your labor day and be safe!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A test on the second day?

So as you all may have read I started my new semester at school yesterday. I am only taking 2 classes this semester being as I only have biology classes left and I'm not going to confuse myself with multiple bio's So this semester I am taking bio 110 and math 111, two awful classes if I may add. Any who I got told by my bio teacher well you don't have class Friday because that's your lab day and you don't have class Monday because of labor day but when you come back on Wednesday you will have your first test. WHAT? WHO DOES THAT? so not looking forward to this :( Then my math teacher tells us we have 2 projects I never even knew you could do math projects.... Interesting.

Well moving on yesterday I didn't eat breakfast I know bad right...

Bagel thin ham turkey and ww cheese with 14 pringles light sour cream and onion with Lipton diet green tea citrus  7pp

3 fig newton cookie things lol cranberry citrus with water 3pp

Panera bread Pick 2 half cup of broccoli cheddar and a half Thai chopped salad with a whole grain baguette with grape fruit2o 14pp

Cherries 0pp

fiber one brownie (eh not as good as it looked) 2pp

I really feel like I ate something else but I guess not lol. I also signed up for myfitnesspal so I can start tracking calories too. Sad thing is you can only chose to lose 2 lbs a week at the most and even when I did that my calorie intake will only let me lose 1.4 a week :( I WANT 2 LBS LOL. so today I will be tracking calories with points This isn't going to be fun but should be very interesting. Well that's all for now I hope all is well with everyone. Have a great day! TTYL