Do Not Quit

Monday, September 28, 2015


I have been Mia on here but that's because of many reasons.... Personal mostly but another is I have found most ppl don't interact on here like they used to. I used to love blogging keeping ppl motivated while others lifted my spirits when I was having trouble as well. It just hasn't been the same on here since I originally started blogging. I have found Facebook to be helpful and diet bet to be even better!!! If you have not heard of diet bet it's amazing!!!! I mean absolutely AMAZING!!!! You can join a bet or make your own and if you join the Kickstarter you bet anywhere from 10-100 dollars that you will lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days. JUST 4%!! That's pretty easy if you put in the time and effort. Now here's the fun part if you lose your 4% in 28 days you win your money back and possibly more. Those who do not win their money goes to the jackpot and gets split between the ones who did win. This holds you accountable and motivates you. And there is an activity part of the bet where everyone is there to cheer ppl on and continue to motivate each other through out the 28 days.

If you want to check it out the site explains everything in detail and I'm hosting a diet bet as we speak for $10 it stated today but you can join up to 14 days after it starts. I'd still urge everyone interested to start asap because no matter when you join you only have 28 days after the actual start date to lose the weight. PLEASE check it out and also let me know if you have a fb and want to stay in touch I have a group on there for weight loss.
Thank you all and I hope everyone has been doing great!!!