Do Not Quit

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where is everyone? -Kim-

I have noticed that out of my little bit of followers only about 4-5 of them are still blogging. I have lost 20 bloggers? REALLY??? I thought being on here was to get support and motivation so you would not have the urge to give up. You would constantly have someone there telling you "you can do it, don't give up this is just a minor set back. You will kick the scales ass next week!" or something like that. I hope everyone is just not blogging and is actually doing well still. I hope nobody gave up or only a couple chose to. I have contacted a few and they have told me they have fell off and will be back. I hope so, especially with one person. She was side by side with me through this and we were always one lb above or behind each other. She tried hard and lost a lot, I hope she didn't lose all of her motivation, all that pushed her forward. She came to far to give up and if you are reading this I am looking forward to seeing you blog again. Do not give up anyone you are strong women and I have faith in all of you.

On another note I got my mom and Brittany to start again :) hopefully Brittany doesn't give up on me again. I know she can do it to. My mom is doing well she is slowly but surly losing weight in her words lol. I think she is doing awesome. She has lost about 20 lbs. I am still here for anyone that needs extra help/support and motivation. I will not be bothered feel free to ask ANYTHING!

I have been lazy lol but staying focused. I have a salad fetish even more than usual now days too. I have had like 4 salads in 2 days lol. Guess what I am having for dinner? Yup another salad. Chef salad mmmm. Oh and if you get a chance try chick-fil-a's southwest chargrilled salad. It is so good. It is 12 points plus for everything but I only use half the dressing so its about 10 pp. I don't care I think it is so worth it. Their salads are so good.

I have cheat weekends now. Not good I try for only one day but it keeps ending up sat. and sun. as cheat days :( Its so good though but I don't lose as much. As always I am not looking forward to Saturdays WI because I completely gorged on a cheese steak and fries on sat. I will take whatever comes to me for that because it was SO WORTH IT!! haha. I haven't had a cheese steak for a good while. I was craving it and I fulfilled that craving. I have always had a cheat day for me but 2 is too many I need to get myself together. I haven't gained in the whole 19 weeks I have been doing this and I don't need to start now. GET IT TOGETHER KIM!!

How has everyone who is still hanging in there doing? Good I hope. Good luck to everyone and keep it up you can do it! TTYL


  1. I understand cheat weekends... I specifically have my weigh in on Fridays so i can be bad Friday/Saturday and have the week to work it out lol. But it does end up turning into more days which is no good! So I am trying to get out of the habit lol.

  2. i kinda do a cheat weekend i do a day where i use alot of my weekly points in one day to have a high point day the lower point day thoughout the week. i do the high point day right after i weigh in on tuesdays.

    dont worry i'm still following ya~i'm sticking with ya, we have got to get into either bikinis or a little black dress, lol...

  3. Glad to see you are still here and to both of you I love my cheat days I weigh in on sat. so I can have fun and get the whole week to settle it down, but I feel thats y I am not losing as much because when I would never cheat I lost 2+ a week now I am lucky when I lose 2 lbs. I need to get it together.

  4. I love to have a cheat day every once in a while but then I feel guilty about it at weigh in. LOL But sometimes, it is totally worth it :)

    I love that you are crazy about salads right now. I am too. You can really have a lot of food for not so many points. It's great!

    Keep trying! You'll get to where you want to be :)

  5. Thanks sadly my whole week of nothing but salads made me gain .2 last week lol I think it was really the T.O.M. factor but its ok Hopefully I am down this week or Im going to be depressed :( last week was my first gain ever so .2 is ok but I dont want to gain again.

  6. Hey Kim, You haven't posted in a while, is everything okay? Hope all is well and your having a good 4th :)

  7. I'm on a new follower also on ww love the blog!!!