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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Final Grades Are In!! -Kim-

I got a lovely text message from a friend in school telling me that grades were posted. I hurried and got to my computer to find out I PASSED EVERY CLASS AGAIN!! Yay!! Not with all A's like I always hope for but it works. It says I got 3 A's and 2 C's. I hate C's but the thing is either they mixed up two classes or I really have  4 A's and one C which would be awesome. I talked to my psychology teacher prior to grades being published and he told me I have an A and they posted I had a C, and my sociology I know I wasnt doing great but my final could have either brought me up to an A or kept me at a C. I emailed my teacher and asked him what happened and if he know how I could fix this problem. So we will see. But I am super excited I have only been in school 2 semesters and I have a 3.4 GPA. I think thats good I really dont know though HAHA!!

Also I told her I was going to blog this so today in the first day in the history of me and Brittany lol she admitted to being wrong today! GASP!! I know right? lol I had to put that out there it was quite amazing as she has never admitted being wrong to me before.

....Moving on.... lol How has everyones day gone? Mine was pretty shitty until I had a small chat with a great blogging buddy:) Thanks Ashley you are a great friend and there when I need to talk to someone.  And then it just got better as the day continued and I received my grades.  It been kind of quiet on here once again.... Just trying to check up on everyone. Well thats all I got for tonight. TTYL!


  1. Grats on all passing grades! That is always fun! Are you doing any classes in the summer?

  2. I wanted to but it doesn't look like I will have the funds to this summer :( and I am on call basically for my sister. She is having twins and as soon as she feels a pain shes supposed to call so I can head down to GA