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Monday, May 23, 2011

Weigh in 5/23/2011 -Kim-

I weighed in today and surprisingly I was down .4 exciting news for me, I thought I gained. I would have actually put money on it lol. I also some how got sun poisoning Ugh I have never had this it is weird looks like a rash up my arm. Doesn't really make any sense either being as I didn't burn. O well.

I am glad to see some people came back and updated their blogs. Glad to see you guys are doing well and haven't forgot about us :). let me know if any of you need any help with anything. Also I think I told everyone I joined online ww... If you do online ww too feel free to look me up and we can be support there too. Kimc87 is my user name and I used as my email. I look forward to seeing you guys there as well. I am in a lazy mood today though so I don't have much to write. I will def. try to write again later or tomorrow. Until then have a great day and keep up the great work. ttyl.


  1. Thank you. <3 :)

    Congratulations on the loss! I wish I could say I had one, too. Maybe next week!

  2. Nothing too interesting has happened. I just haven't been on here much to read blogs; sooo busy! I'm trying to catch up though and read daily again, and I also think I'm gonna try to log my meals again on weekends, even if I have to walk around with a pen & paper and do it that way then update my blog when I get home. I think it will help me a lot.

    Oh! I had thought I gained a bunch of weight (like 8-10 pounds!) and I was upset about it and decided I wasn't gonna have that, so I got back on track hardcore this week, and somehow lost 7-8 of those pounds in the first 2 days. Lol. I think it must have been a lot of water weight because I had just gotten off my T.O.M a few days before, but I am sooo glad it's gone. I was not a happy camper.

  3. Aww, I'm sorry. :( Wish you could blog about it! I'm here for you aswell!!