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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weigh In 8/27/11

I'm happy with my WI today considering the fact that I had a depressing crappy week. I lost 1 lb which brings me back down to 168.2 YAY! Total lost since the second week of Jan. 44 lbs. Not what I planned but still good. I hope my ww buddy did good today too we are so close to goal.

On other news I got my hair done which some of you may already know I went back to brown that's the only pic I have right now lol not a great one but I will post one later!

So school starts on Monday UGHHHH so not looking forward to it. Biology SUCKS lol I need to study my butt off and get a tutor I need a high b or an a I want my GPA to keep going up not staying the same or going down. I want a 4.0 or higher lol before I get to the actual nursing program :) so close just got to knock out this semester and 2 more Biology classes. I'm hoping to be in the program by summer or fall of 2012 this seems like its been forever already but its only been a year.

Well that's all for today I don't have anything that's really interesting to talk about so I hope all is well and everyone had great WI's this week. Stay motivated and keep moving forward. TTYL


  1. lol haha didnt notice how small that pic was its from my phone

  2. That's ok. The pic looks great though :)

    Great job on the loss this week. Next week, we need to make it 3 lbs to make up for it. LOL We can do it! You can do it!

    One of this weeks goals of mine is to not eat any of my weekly points. Do you have a specific goal for the week?

  3. Thanks :) And I will def. aim for 3 but we will see what happens.

  4. Hello One Chicky !! I am a new follower on the WWPoints + as well.

    Way to go on your loss !! And 44 lbs. since must be so PROUD of yourself !!


  5. Thank you rosie!! You will love this program. There are some times you will have ups and downs but you will get the hang of it. I am here if you need anything or have any questions. Good luck!