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Monday, September 5, 2011

WI 9/3/11 and more

I went to WI on saturday which I believe everyone knows and am proud to say I lost 2.2 lbs :) Good for me I havent went past the one lb mark in ages. I am now down to 166. How was everyone elses WI?

I also went to a wine festival this weekend where a local celtic rock band was playing. I had a great time! I love the irish!! The atmosphere was incredible and the people were friendly this is a must for next spring and summer I think I just might go each week lol

I didnt do good yesterday points wise and everyone is aware that saturdays are my day to do me so I got to kick my butt into high gear this week. I have to manage to study for two tests and somehow get some exercise in. I can do this!!

I can not believe I have two test already so my second say of class for bio I have a test and my second day of lab I have a test. I think they are trying to kill me already in the beginning of the semester. AHH!! haha.

Well I am little busy with studying right now but had to drop in and see how everyone was doing and let you all know how my WI and weekend went. Enjoy your labor day and be safe!!


  1. 2.2 is great!! Good luck on your tests.

  2. Good for you, awesome loss for the week Kim!!!

  3. I did not so hott this weekend too! Let's have an awesomely OP week!!! :)

  4. Thanks guys!! I hope this WI goes good too and my tests lol. Hope all is well with everyone

  5. Wow 2.2 pounds that is great Kim.. Keep up the good work you can't do it!!

  6. Can't wait to start the challenge. I know you will do awesome! Good luck :)