Do Not Quit

Sunday, December 4, 2011

CDCC update 12/3/11

What's this?? Kim is actually updating on time lol. First off thanks everyone for all you lovely comments I wish I had the time to comment back right now but I haven't.... So sorry everyone for me lack in support but I know you ladies are doing awesome you have been up to this and you haven't given up so I am proud of you all! Great job!! We have exactly 3 more weeks until Xmas wow did that go by fast. I am actually walking by this place at my job and They have a scale so we are going to check this out. Im going to put this on hold for one moment and see what's my damage. Well I'm down .03 lbs lol still a loss but def still looking like a plateau. Oh :( I was hoping to get down to my 150 goal and my my size 8-10 but not going to happen from the looks of it. It's ok though I'm happy where I'm at and I will continue to lose because I am never giving up. I hope all of you had a great weigh in and if not you have a good look on things like I do now, and will always have. Yes we all have the why moments and the depressed moments but in the end we have to have the I dont care I will get there and I'm proud of where I'm at I'm proud of what I've accomplished and what I will keep accomplishing. Good luck all!!! I gotta go before I get caught lol :@


  1. keep going! when you get time, Angela pea wrote a lovely blog that you should check out. plateaus suck. Thanks for updating! :)

  2. Angela wrote a blog about plateaus. I know its hard when youre stuck there. Look at what youre doing. Can you shake it up a bit. Lower calories, increase exercise. something to mix up the body.

  3. Maintaining is good and you'll get to where you want to be in time. Down some is better them me up one. It'll get better.
    You keep going girl.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  4. You got this, just keep at it & maybe change things up some..... you'll break through the plateau:-)

  5. Keep staying with it, that scale will move one of these days....just make sure that you are really eye estimates get me in trouble.