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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Not too exciting -Kim-

So as you all may have noticed I am not blogging. GASP... I know right. I have been actually pretty boring lol. I did get a cleaning job at night 2 hours a day 5 days a week 100 a week. I guess that's ok since its only 10 hours right? So Its been too hot here to do anything to exciting. I just hang out with my little girl and then work at night.
  I think i told everyone that I passed all my classes right? Well my dumb ass of a teacher gave me the wrong grade so now I am waiting for them to fix it. I was like really you gave me a C and I got A's on everything except one test I got a B and one test I completely failed. I should at least get a B and he was like Ooo your right I am sorry. YOU SHOULD BE!! lol j/k. We will see if it is ever posted.
  For more conversation my bf's kids officially hate me for no reason at all. and I mean at all!!! So I can only be there to stay the night now when his kids are not there. His oldest like lives there now so depressingly I will never see my bf now. Sucks! Especially when your used to seeing someone almost every day. I have stayed at his house at least 5 days or more a week for the past 3 years and now I will only see him if I am lucky twice. UGH!! I'm gonna be a lonely sad Kim. I would just love to know why they hate me so much or most of all why 3 years later is this going to come out? What have I done to them? I try to help them when they are going to get in trouble, I try to give them rides, food etc. Idk I think someone is pumping their heads with BS about me or something because I have done nothing but good to and for them.
  Other than that I have completely indulged for the past 3 days... I feel disgusting! I think I probably gained too which is depressing but hey I had fun. I will just have to step my game up to lose them extra lbs. I cant even be sad or mad about it because I knew exactly what I was doing and even thought twice about it but said eh what the hell... Which then brings me here. Feeling disgusting, fatter, and stupid. O well!!
So how has everyone else been? Hope all has been good. I will blog again when I am not so boring LoL

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