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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So I Decided.... -Kim-

So I just decided that I would drop by and say hello! I feel like all I have been doing for the past week is study study study type type type write write write.... but see the problem with this is I never and I mean NEVER have a a break. It exhausting :( I am so drained. I need energy come Monday for finals but I can't even get past the last week of regular school with all of its papers projects and homework. I have two classes I am worry about.One class I need a high C on my final at least to pass with a B or a C(I suck on finals BTW) and I need an A on a paper for one class because I did poorly on a test I need at least a C in that class and my B***h of a teacher will not even tell me where I am standing as of today. I hate teachers that can't help I have been asking where I am standing since mid terms to this teacher and she always has an excuse. I love how some teachers just have no problem at all ruining your GPA you worked so hard to achieve.  That's just some of my stress right now.

So moving on so I don't keep talking you heads off about school. I have to say I read someones blog today while I had a 5 min break in class and I have to call them out lol. Jess I have to say I am very proud of you! You have been working your butt off and I have noticed with all your logs. Jess is down 24 lbs and some ounces since January!! She has also noticed where he comfort zone was and has decided she will not settle for it anymore, which is amazing to me. Most ppl when they have a comfort zone do not notice it really wasn't that comfortable or healthy. Most people just stop at the lowest they have been or the lowest they have been comfortable with and do not even try for where they WANT to be comfortable at. This is amazing to me one because she noticed and two because she isn't going to settle. I had to comment on her page telling her I was proud of her and that statement because that statement brought a lot of truth back that I don't want anyone to encounter. Mine was not with weight but I settled and when I got smacked in my face one morning by my own hand saying dumb a** what are you doing I realized how much I was hurting myself, how much I was suffering, and how miserable I was for settling. I noticed where I could have been at if I didn't settle and what I lost out on for years. I promised myself I would never settle for anything again and I wouldn't let anyone settle either. So please Do not settle for anything because in the end you get less than what you actually settled for. When you settle you bring on frustration and misery. You let yourself down basically. Settling is like saying to yourself your not worth it, or you do not deserve this, when in all reality you are and you do. Once again I am very proud of you girly you are a great motivation and inspiration and I know you will continue to be. Good luck even though I know you don't need any and Keep it up You are doing great!!

I also decided to log everything I ate today so I don't keep slacking. I know I am busy but that's not an excuse. I do not want to gain my weight back NOT EVEN AN OUNCE. So I need to get my arse on the ball. How has everyone else been? Anything they would like to share? I hope everyones weigh in's go good this week, all of you keep your heads up and keep doing the great jobs you are doing. Who knows you might get me to blog about you too lol :) Well that's all for now. TTYL


  1. Aww! Thanks for the shout out, girl! :)

    This was a really great post. We are worth it!

    Good luck with school! I'm in the same boat. I should have been in bed nearly an hour ago and here I am just typing away, LOL. I just never get much time to myself between working, school, and the family so it's nice to get a little peace and quiet late at night.

  2. Your welcome and I feel you on that I am constantly running between the three its tiring. You would think when someone has a break from everything they would want to do somethin fun but when it cones down to it relaxing is the best break of all

  3. Logging is an amazing way of keeping track. I know my blog is probably boring as hell for most people because noone cares about what I eat every day, lmao. I don't write out regular entries very often. Most often it's just my food logs, but it helps ME and that's all that matters I guess!

  4. Your blog is not boring your logs can help ppl for meal ideas and you usually write somethin small with them to tell us what's been going on. I'm just very talkative so you all Are doomed lol. Look on the bright side I will get annoying before you do. Haha.