Do Not Quit

Monday, December 19, 2011

Last CDCC 12-19-11

Oh my I'm so sorry I was out of state and it slipped my mind :( then I come back to a shooting outside of my job and having to make sure my employees are ok ect. What is the world coming to seriously??

Any way with out further ado I did lose this week FINALLY!!! I am down 2 lbs yay!!! This puts me at 170  ugh that's up from original weigh in of 168 but I'm still a size 10 and measurements are still the same thank god! In any other case I'd be disappointed with myself but with what I went through and what I managed to do I'm not upset at all I know I will keep losing and get the where i want to be it's just when my body is ready not when I am. I can deal with this now. I have loved being in the challenge even though sometimes I was late on posting and got so overwhelmed with things in the end tha I couldn't comment like I should have. Sorry to all of you for that. Well I didn't get the dress I had in mind due to money issues but here's my new addition :)

Gotta love my bathroom pics and sorry bout the smudge on the mirror lol.
And here is what I was doing out of state

I hope everyone did great on this challenge and are happy with what they have achieved. I am proud of everyone who stuck with it even if they were in a situation like me. We will continue to lose we will continue to be healthy. I hope to still hear from everyone and continue to see great posts. Good luck and keep losing!!!


  1. Wow, that is a big tattoo. The dress looks great. Keep striving for your goals and you'll get there.

  2. For you, like me, maintaining is a victory also. This a lifelong thing so we move forward and press on. LIfe happens... we deal. We get better with time. I love you new tattoo. I wanna get another one even more now that I seen yours. I am thinking about doing a challenge for 2012. Hope you join in you are get blogger and web friend.

  3. OUCH!!! That tattoo is huge but beautiful and you know something else? So are you. Love your dress. Keep up the great work. You really are doing fine, maintaning is good.
    Take care and I'll be wathinc and learning and keep tabs on you. Blessings my friend!!

  4. Have a good holiday season. The tatt is pretty. Keep up with taking care and you should do fine.