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Sunday, December 11, 2011

CDCC 12-11-11

Oh where oh where has my weight loss gone oh where oh where could it be lol! Seriously though this is unreal!!!!! Once again ladies and gents I have not lost anything not even an ounce. Good news though weight watchers has changed its plan I wasn't so sure about changing since you have the option to stay the same. I was like why fix what works haha but for real I have seen some amazing numbers coming from fellow weight watchers on the new plan so I'm thinking I'm goin to start tomorrow. I still have to go to a meeting to get all the details on how it works but from what I was told its pretty much the same just lower points. I hope this works for me because I have hit a MAJOR Plateau.

So way off topic but I was studying and happened to come across bag of bones series by Stephen king on a&e and let me tell you GREAT show or so it seems so far. It comes on tomorrow starting at 7 and repeats every four hours. So you can catch tonight's and tomorrow's. Seriously though you should def check it out :)

In other news my final is tomorrow and im crossing my fingers something serious haha. I have to hit the books again so I'm sorry but once again this is a short post. I plan on getting back to blogging more faithfully when i get a break from everything. I miss it :( I hope all is well with everyone and I hope everyone's weight loss has been going great. I will ttyl!!


  1. i saw bag of bones last night, im not going to lie i was scared a few Everything will be fine kim. i know you once finals are over you will be shedding pounds like crazy..keep it and go a ahead and try the new weight watchers plan. what harm could it do..make you lose more weight than hit me up and maybe on the weekend we can walk before its really toooo cold:)

  2. Finals, midterms and more finals. We've been up to our eyeballs here, too. Cherry Ames takes her last final tomorrow, and then starts a winter-mester on Friday. Princess Pea and the Architect have midterms every day this week, and DirtBike has them today and tomorrow. I've come home from work every day to find teens sprawled on the furniture with their noses stuck in books. The television hasn't been turned on in more than a week. I've spent every evening quizzing definitions for biology and chemistry, proofreading literary analyses, refreshing techniques for solving quadratic equations, recapping Texas History and trying to remember the basics of statistics so I can help review. Mr. Pea has been handling all of the grammar, spelling and vocabulary, listening to practice speeches, demonstrating program debugging, teaching mad excel and powerpoint skilz, practicing fractions and handling the Spanish and German language quizzes. I think he and I are studying as much as our kids!

  3. Less should get you shook up a little and hopefully get the weight loss started again. Also maybe a little more activity while on break. Hope the tests are going well

  4. Oh I missed that, I'll have to see if I can still catch it! Good luck with the school stuff and that new WW plan!