Do Not Quit

Monday, September 28, 2015


I have been Mia on here but that's because of many reasons.... Personal mostly but another is I have found most ppl don't interact on here like they used to. I used to love blogging keeping ppl motivated while others lifted my spirits when I was having trouble as well. It just hasn't been the same on here since I originally started blogging. I have found Facebook to be helpful and diet bet to be even better!!! If you have not heard of diet bet it's amazing!!!! I mean absolutely AMAZING!!!! You can join a bet or make your own and if you join the Kickstarter you bet anywhere from 10-100 dollars that you will lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days. JUST 4%!! That's pretty easy if you put in the time and effort. Now here's the fun part if you lose your 4% in 28 days you win your money back and possibly more. Those who do not win their money goes to the jackpot and gets split between the ones who did win. This holds you accountable and motivates you. And there is an activity part of the bet where everyone is there to cheer ppl on and continue to motivate each other through out the 28 days.

If you want to check it out the site explains everything in detail and I'm hosting a diet bet as we speak for $10 it stated today but you can join up to 14 days after it starts. I'd still urge everyone interested to start asap because no matter when you join you only have 28 days after the actual start date to lose the weight. PLEASE check it out and also let me know if you have a fb and want to stay in touch I have a group on there for weight loss.
Thank you all and I hope everyone has been doing great!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Instagram anyone?!

I figure a lot more people have time to go on Instagram and look at progress rather than read about it some times. If you are on Instagram please feel free to follow me @kimc87 I post motivational quotes progress pics etc. would love to see your progress as well so if you are on IG and send me a request please comment that you follow my blog and I will follow you right back. I love being there for my readers and I love helping people. Social networking does wonders for people on the go and makes motivation and support a lot easier to come by. Again please feel free to stop by and see pics like the one I posted today
Amotivational pictures like these
And motivational quotes like these 
I look forward to seeing/hearing from you all one way or another. Hope all is well!!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ahhhhh Improvements!!

I hate pictures always have but I have to say I'm becoming proud when i see them. I notice how far I am coming along, I notice what on my body is progressing and what I need more work on. I can honestly say I am very happy with how I've been doing. I wouldn't change anything, not even one mess up. We all learn from our mistakes and we are all human so we are going to make them and most likely lots of them. Learn from your mistakes embrace them and let them change you for the better :) on that note another progress pic lol 
Down another pound as well :) woot woooot and it hasn't even been a week 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Some More Comparisons

I first have to say sorry for the moment of disgust you are about to endure and second I must put my Warnings up.


this is my progress in 2 1/2 months.

starting weight 216 lbs (Possibly more 216 was my weight in January this picture was in November so I may be around or over 220 here)
my weight as of Friday 189 :)

I still have a lot of work as you can see but I think Ive been doing pretty good.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Before, later, and now

Okay so I promised a comparison photo. This was me at my highest weight on the left me in November 2014 after gaining a lot back and before I had my gallbladder surgery in the middle and then me a week ago on the right. For those of you wondering how my life change has been going. I also want to put it out there that I have only been doing this healthy thing since the end of January 2015. So just over two months.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What a Week

I have been doing great on my life change I do however seem to have weak willed moments a little more often then I am used to. This is strange to me I never ever had these issuse and I seriously cheated three times this week. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO YOURSELF KIM?!?!? LOL

I beleive that everyone is entitiled to a cheat day... well.... did believe that. I think cheat days are what trigger my cravings to start back up and give me my good old cheat day that turns into cheat DAYS! This needs to stop!! like seriously. so my challenge for myself is to only have one cheat day very two weeks and then im going to change that to one cheat day every month. Why? some of you may ask, well, because I want there to be a point in my life that I wont need them anymore at all because the thought of unhealthy food and the taste of it will get me sick. Im pretty much there with carbonated beverages. I havent drank them in so long that when I do the taste is appauling(except one kind, hopt that changes soon too).

The good news is I have not gained the bad news is I only lost a few ounces, but hey a few ounces is better than nothing right? I will be posting comparisons as soon as I log on from a computer that isnt at work lol.

How has everyone else been? I hope doing great! well... until next time keep on losing!!!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Stress and working out

I seem to have the fitness friends that when I am stressed say take your stress and anger out in your work outs. Now I know I'm not the only one who hears that, buuuuut.... I may be the only one who thinks Id rather sit on my butt and watch something or talk to someone so that What's bothering me disappears for a while, If not the night. How does one change that? How do you go from your normal comforts when you are stressed to being a workout freak? Some people it comes naturally and always has been for them and then there's people like me that are like blaaaaaah screw this I just wanna cuddle up in my bed in fetal position with a nice cuddle buddy hahaha sad but true. Don't get me wrong I push myself and I will continue to push myself until this workout because natural to me as well. I will be a beast and I will make working out my drug!!!! So to keep you all updated with my eating habits I have been doing great! I mean im human so I did have a cheat day lol but other than that I have been feeling amazing and have been sticking to it. I have also had ppl complimenting me on how much I've lost and how good Ive been doing which is one of the most wonderful feelings ever if I do say so myself. ;) and I have had 2 ppl ask me to make them meal plans and help them out work out wise. I've finished one meal plan already and can not wait to see her progress. Id love to help ppl like this for a living. Nothing feels better than helping ppl and I bet it will feel 100 times better once I see their progress. I hope everyone has been doing as well as I have and if not please feel free to reach not to me with any questions or concerns, I will try my best to help. Thats all I have for now I dont want to drag this post out. I will update my progress once I weigh in again.