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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weigh In 5/28/2011 -Kim-

I weighed in today and am please to say I have lost 1.8 lbs in 5 days :) I am only .8 away from the 40 lb mark. so exciting. I am getting so close to my target I can almost taste it lol. But in all honesty I can actually say I am overly proud of myself. I do need to do some ab exercises because I don't want my stomach to stay looking like this. I hate baby pouches. grrr! lol

So what is everyones plans for this lovely weekend? Unfortunately I have to be stuck at home :( I will try to make the best of it and have a nice cook out here and try to do something fun with the kiddie. I was trying to go to ocean city but didn't have the funds. Her last months tuition took me flat broke. Oh well that's the life of a single mother lol.

Well I have been keeping these short and sweet. Sorry but I havent had much to do which leave not too much to talk about. Have a great weekend and be safe on the roads we all know drunks are out on this nice holiday weekend!! Ttyl


  1. have a great weekend!enjoy the time with the kids.and congrats on losing youll be in a tiny black dress in no time:)