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Saturday, May 14, 2011

March For Babies & Weigh In -Kim-

I went to walk today for the march for babies march of dimes. I have to say I did not raise what I wanted to :( I was pretty depressed about that. I walked the four miles in 1 hour in the rain. Sucks that it rained but I still enjoyed myself. My mother and I got there 30 mins late for the walk and there was nobody just arriving to register and walk. We did not see anyone really except for four people for 2 miles and then I guess we are fast walkers or something because we ran into crowds of people for the next 2 miles. I mean crowds and we kept blowing past them. It was funny. This one guy we were walking next to saw his dad far up and left who he was with to run to catch up to his dad. I was just walking and somehow ended up getting up to him and passing him lol he was like I had to run to get up here as I just blew past. HAHA! I am a speed walker and it took me until today to notice this.

Well after I walked I went to weigh In even though when I was going to the gym they told me never to work out and then weigh in because it will cause you to gain weight due to swollen muscles. If that is true I weighed in and still lost 1 lb so that could possibly mean I lost more? Either way I am happy I lost at least one pound :) cheers me up and that takes me down to 175.4 YAY!

How is everyone else doing today? Hope you all are enjoying your weekend and not stressing too much on finals like me lol. Well that's all I have for right now I will ttyl!


  1. Great job on the loss! I am busy, busy, busy right now so I'm struggling with tracking and blogging. But...I'm still here and doing well with my food and exercising. :) I'll be surprised if I have another good loss since I had such a good loss the past couple of weeks, but we'll see.

  2. Grats on the loss, that's awesome!!!