Do Not Quit

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tomorrow is school

I'm kind of worried about how I'm going to get my work out in and do everything I need to do through out the day with the little one on my butt lol I'm taking two subjects which require a lot of study time and work time. I can do this though Right?

I am determined this week to at least lose 2 lbs. I don't know if its going to happen but I am determined. I need to lose more than a lb a week. I am so close to goal and so close to 50 lb star :) I am thinking of if I am going to change my goal weight or not. I think I will be happy at 150 but then again 140 sounds pretty good too lol. We will see how I feel look wise and go from there I guess. I was 150 after I had my daughter and at the time that was the heaviest I had ever been and I loved my body until I kept gaining and gaining. Oh that was such a nightmare I could not believe I really gained over 60 lbs in a year. HOW?? I used to be 120 I could eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and I gained 60 lbs eating pretty normal compared to how I used to eat. It was devastating. I don't want to lose you guys with that already been told boring story again so lets move this blog on

Today I have had breakfast a snack and lunch already and I have 14 more points for one more snack and dinner which works well.
 a bagel thin and ww cream cheese for breakfast with some fresh cherries and fruit2o 5pp
healthy pop popcorn mini bag with diet green tea citrus 100% natural 3pp
a bagel thin with ww cheese deli chicken and ham(each are 1pp for 6 pieces, I use 3 pieces each) and mustard with 28 grams of lays light original fat free chips  with diet green tea citrus 100% natural 7pp
sour airhead strips ( it thin that's what its called lol) half pack 2.5pp
I know so not healthy but I have been craving sweets lovely TOM again 2 times this month REALLY?? I guess that's what stress does to you.
3 chicken Italian sausages(no bun) diced up with zucchini squash and hot peppers over white rice with either water or green tea 11pp

On the I'm going to try to persuade you tip have you every tried Lipton's diet green tea citrus 100% natural?? Its soooooo good!! and is 0 points its a healthy change from water.

Well this is a pretty long one so I'm going to wrap it up with I hope everyone had a good weekend and start of the new week and I hope everyones diet is going great. TTYL


  1. Hey girl !! I think you can do it all if you set your mind to it. It is all about planning ahead.

    How old is your little one ?

    Thanks for the links...I already follow Jonita, she is an amazing inspiration. I have to think about joining in on the other challenge. I have to re-read the rules...however I will support you both !!

  2. the little girl just turned 4 last month she for some reason is more of a handful now then ever lol. I might be getting my nieces too for a month which mean I will have 2 2 month old twins and my little girl :) You should def. do the challenge with us Its going to be fun and challenging. I will do 5 or more miles a day on my bike and check in with you... you know so you have some support. I love helping ppl out.

  3. You can do it! I am going back to school next week too. I went back last semester after having my daughter and managed to stay OP while also taking 2 classes. This semester I am taking 3..we got this!!


  4. Yea I know we both can do this I also took classes last semester and stayed op with 5 classes :) I have just had a lot on my plate recently thanks so much for the support though and let me know how your first day goes!

  5. Hi, saw you on the blogroll for Christmas dress challenge!! Glad to join you there, it's going to rock! Will take some time catching up on your blog. Best wishes!