Do Not Quit

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My baby girl turned 4 today!!!!

Omg its so weird hearing that shes four it seems like just yesterday I had her. :( So today was off to a great start and being as we are going out with the family and I got to get all dressed up which may I add pumped me up even more so this turned out to be an AWESOME day!! LOL but anyway I feel like it is going to go down hill tonight :( I am going to this all you can eat place that my daughter is in love with because that's all she seems to want to do for her bday lol. Hey fine with me its cheaper and she can eat her butt off. So I was going to finally do a video blog so I could show you all how I look all sexied up lol and to finally do one, I have only been saying I would since I first started blogging lol. I'm way late and about to get later :)

So moving on my car is all messed up and I have no money to fix it and I start school in a month GRRRR why me everything always hits at the same time because all my money will be on important bills which means I may be busing it to school.... ewwww..... I don't ever go on a bus I walk before going on a bus. This is going to be a kick down in my self esteem lol Its ok though because I am not going to think about it or ruin my day I have been happy for the past couple days which is rare for me so my new outlook is truly working and I hope it keeps up :)

And here is a pic of me and my little girl since i talk and talk about her but you never seen her

Yes I straightened her hair today it is normally curly sue lol. Well I'm off to enjoy her and my day (yes mine I had her this is exciting for me too) TTYL hope all is well!


  1. Hey,

    Your daughter is so cute! And you look really good!

    I hope you guys have an awesome night! That really stinks about the car though :(

  2. thanks so much but i think these are crappy pics of me lol. we def had a good night but i know i had to have went over points o well!!

  3. Your daughter is so beautiful she looks just like you =-) Happy belated birthday to her & hope she has many more blessed Birthdays!