Do Not Quit

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Yeah soooo.... I've been mia lately for two reasons. A. I fell off the wagon. B. I haven't had the internet for like a month. But what ever in recent news, no i haven't been following any particular diet but i have been moving down the scale ever so slightly i'm 191 now. I'm planning on doing a cleansing fast (aka. The Master Cleanse), which is why I am blogging tonight. If you have never heard of The Master Cleanse its basically lemonade made out of water, lemons, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper, that you drink for however long you choose to do it. All you do is drink the lemonade, water or tea, and you don't eat any solid food. Although you loose weight doing this it isn't for weight loss, it is a detox diet which can be used to change your eating habits and bring your body into a certain equilibrium. So yeah this diet isn't for the faint of heart and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but i have done it in the past and have been really happy with my results. I know that this is a weight watchers blog and i should be talking about that right now but i feel like doing this detox will really help me stay on track with weight watchers. After the next ten days of detoxing i plan on really changing my eating habits and that is the most important part of it and weight watchers is a good way of learning to do that. I am going to blog about it everyday so that i can stay motivated to stick with it. So yeah i'm on my way to make some lemonade !


  1. So, you don't eat anything on this diet? Really? I don't think I would be able to do that. Even if it is just for 10 days. I wish you luck and hope that it helps you. I have fallen off the wagon many of times also but I keep on going everyday. I just think of my next meal as starting over when I mess up. I'm finally back on track and I know you can get there too, whichever way you have to do it. Let me know if you would like any help getting back on Weight Watchers track. :)

  2. My dad did that diet for a while, but he is one of those people who will try a different diet every few weeks. I would never be able to do anything like that! I need to have options and such especially when I am around my friends and they are eating. Good luck!