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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tiple "S" challenge First Post

So as we know the last 2 weeks of the challenge I had some financial issues and a lot of emotional issues going on and ended up gaining 4 lbs YES 4 LBS!!! I then went to get the Mirena and am still bloated :( So my official official weight is mia lol I weigh 173 ughhhhh wth?!? I dont care though because I feel great about my accomplishments and how far I have come and my body looks better than it did even with the bloating ;) I would like to lose 23 lbs this challenge. I dont know if i am going to make it there and I was going to make it 20 but I said well that wont be a challenge if I know that is possible lol. If I lose this 23 lbs it will take me to goal and I will then start maintenance for my life time WOOOT WOOOT!!!


Starting weight

Goal Weight

Weight Watchers

Stationary bike, walking, dance central and more to come now that I got accepted for financial aid for a gym YAY!!

Water intake
at least 84.5 fl oz but want to get to 100+ oz a day

So after the math I have to lose 1.92 lbs a week so lets just say 2 lbs. Thats not too bad looking at it that way until you think if one week I only lose 1 lb it goes up lol.

I have yet to actually order my bathing suit because like I said financial issues :( But heres a pic and i will post it when I get it if I dont find a cuter less expensive one before then.

I want this one but in black or white havent decided. SOOOO excited.

Well thats it for this week Good luck everyone and lets cross our fingers for great losses :) TTYL!


  1. oh my gah..i love that bathing suit.. not feeling the just joking. that fits your personailty very well. you will have bloating with the merina for the next week abut once it goes down your weight will drop like crazy. i know you will lose your weight and love like the 50's pinup girl you want to look like, lol

  2. OMG, seriously cute swimsuit. I love it! Though your math scared me because I set my goal between 25 and 30. *pulling at tight collar* Good luck to us all.

  3. Thanks guys and tay you know I am not getting pink lol I wrote that too black or white :)

  4. Sorry Kim but the pink is fierce!! Come on, go with the Bold bright look.. Lol I love pink it's my favorite color., but sometimes wearing it is a different story depending on what it is :) 2 pounds a week is doable.. We can do it!! Thanks for all the motivation :)