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Sunday, August 21, 2011

EH not so bad

I have done great all day but for some reason when it got near dinner time I found myself snacking :( not too bad though I think if I went over it was about 5 points at most Oh well... I did ride 18 miles so I think I will be ok. I feel great about this whole getting back on track and moving forward. I feel more energized during the day and can sleep better at night.... well for the most part lol

Me and Jonita have 19 lbs to lose to reach goal we are trying to support each other through here and good old google+ to get to our goal and maintain it so we can become LIFE TIME MEMBERS YAY!! We can do this I know we can. If we lost 2 lbs a week from now on we would reach goal by October 29th That would be amazing so not only would I be having my Halloween celebration I could be celebrating reaching goal with a great online companion :) Then we would go through maintenance for I believe it is 6 weeks?? and we have to stay within 1-2 lbs to our goal weight. WE CAN DO THIS!!!!! I'm excited I have someone to do this with and that is literally the same distance away from goal as I am. I do however have an extra .2 but no biggie.

How was everyones weekend? Hope all is well and everyone is doing great on their way to their goals! TTYL

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  1. Yes "YOU CAN DO THIS!!!" I'm so happy for you. You have someone that will help to motivate you & for you to motivate them as well. Keep up the good work, 18 miles.. WOW!!