Do Not Quit

Monday, April 30, 2012

Triple "S" Challenge Week 5

And here we go again gain gain gain ugh so exhausting I gained yet another 2 lbs almost 1.6 to be exact but that's ok im not mad I got a new job so I'm gonna be busy busy busy since I have a night time cleaning job which means less time to eat which means weight loss and more money yay!! But the downer is I'm gonna be soooo tired like I am now as I'm typing lol so no more long posts for me. Well atleast until I get used to things. So ttyl I'm taking my but to bed getting up at 5 30 and working til 10 at night is so tiring. Good night all hope the weight losses continue and start on my end.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Triple "S" Challenge Update Week 4

Im having a rough rough time and week I have hit rock bottom in my nice depression and my Mirena isnt helping me out too much. Tom wont stop visiting and is over staying his welcome. This being said I am very unhappy to say I gained 3 lbs this week. THREE?? Ughh I dont think this challenge is working out for me too much. I have had nothing but bad things happen since the first week. Its getting to be too too much. I am so sorry everyone for not updating my link up post I promised I would but have been too down in the dumps to do anything about it. SORRY SORRY SORRY. I wish I could continue this post with some awesome words of encouragement and support and whooo rahs but its not in me and I apologize deeply. Lets hope next week is better. I need some improvements. TTYL!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Triple "S" Challenge Update Week 3

WELL..... I am fashionably late for my own challenge lol. I did lose this week but unfortunately not much thats all my fault though.... tiss tiss i know right. I lost .7 almost a lb so now I am 170.2 I can not get back out of these dang 170's grrrrr. Well I dont have much to say at all except my water intake has been up there :) and I am joining the gym on the 25th YAY!!! And on another not..... If we dont have all 3 link ups or a comment telling me why you missed the link up I may just end the challenge it is not worth it if I am having no body link up or participate any longer. I dont want to sound like Capital "B" But you know... Im pretty close to deleting my blog anyway so I guess it wont matter too much. Well thats it a depressing update. TTYL hope everyone who still reads this has a great week.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Triple "S" Challenge Update Week 2

Hey guys hope this week went well for everyone! Sorry this is going to be short and to the point but I as well did not lose this week :( I maintained because of damn TOM I hate when he just shows up unwelcome and without notice geesh the nerve of some ppl lol So I am aiming on not gaining this week or maintaining again... but I already messed up today grrrr!!!! Damn holidays. Well I got to get back to cooking but heres some lovely pics of me and my beautiful daughter. Happy Easter All!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

If you do this.... do that...

So I have so many friends family member and some bloggers which I will not name who get in this groove this I AM READY FOR A CHANGE groove. They look around to see whats the best diet (that right there is their first mistake) which most of them have come to me for help and questions which is when I respond to them well.... The thing is you dont want the best "diet" you want the best Change... Life style change. I explain to them the difference and how diets are a temporary fix and you need to want to change or your results will be as temporary as your diet, and a life style change is something you will do for life that will keep you healthy and eating right. After this they usually chose weight watchers saying how I made a great point and when they look it up weight watchers seems to be the best choice too. "Great!!! Good for you, you made the first step to success" I say and I made a new weight watchers buddy lol.

Well they do good for a while no mess ups loving the program exercising living life weight watchers way :) and then...... they have a bad week which leads to a gain which turns that happiness to confusion  disbelief and "failure" (I quote this because I HATE THIS WORD WITH A PASSION) I explain to them that they are not a failure they are human everyone has a bad day even bad weeks s**t I had a bad month before WHO CARES! We all learn by our mistakes and this is what makes it a life style change not a temporary fix. Theres alway next week we can get through this. Well to some people that means nothing, while to others that was what they needed to hear to move on. From a good handful of people I get BUT I TRACKED EVERYTHING!!!! I didnt mess up once I stayed on point I didnt use all my weekly points and so on and so on. This is when I then turn around and say I dont want to sound like a jerk I dont want to sound like a know it all.....but.... I know you couldnt possibly have tracked everything or you wouldnt have gained. EEEEK i know right. People usually do not like when you tell them the truth when you go against their words when you tell them they are lying (even if them words never really came out).

So whats the point of this long long story you ask? Well we all have these moments, we all have the times we want to give up, the times we want to throw the scale across the room, and the times we want to smash a cake into the persons face telling us we messed up somewhere. but lets face it we did we had to we just did not notice it.... This is why I like to remember The Bite Nibble Drink and Snack        

"If you bite it write it, if you nibble it scribble it, if you drink it ink it, if you snack it track it"

if we all do this and we all stick to this we will all be successful. Yes there are those moments where the scale doesnt budge but if it goes the opposite direction then we know we missed something. We had to have missed something... even the smallest licks bites drinks and snacks can be the most deadliest to our points. Do not beat yourself up move on there is always tomorrow and people like me are always there to help with words or support and a pat on the back. I am here to open your eyes because Id rather tell you the truth and possibly hurt your feelings for a minute than have you go backwards and hurt yourself in emotionally in the future.

Please do not do as other have done and give up after a gain and think its over get back on the wagon look through what could have possibly went wrong and pick up the pieces from there. WE ARE ALL STRONG WE CAN ALL DO THIS.....WE WILL DO THIS.

Have a great OP week....ttyl

Monday, April 2, 2012

Triple "S" Update Official Week 1

Ok so as you all know I had a ROUGH ROUGH week.... I did manage to pull through and I am doing better now (Thank you God for pulling me through this its amazing what he can do) I am still depressed but thats understandable considering I already have depression and what I have been through the past 3 weeks. I am happy to say though I lost 2.1 lbs this week WOOOT WOOOT at least as of friday when I weighed in I did. so this take me down to 170.9 I had to clear out a friend(uncle :( ) that passed house so my muscles are probably nice and swollen cuz I def can say I am feeling it. I have been drinking lots and lots of water but lacking in the exercise(except the move) this week. I even got two brita water bottles and a brita container for the fridge so no excuses if Im out and they say well we only have tap water or something. THAT IS A OKAY BRING IT!!!! You got the water I got the filter lol. I hope the food from the viewing and funeral days didnt mess up what I accomplished but even if it did Oh well I did great in my eyes. We will see on saturday. I dont even care if I went to weigh in on saturday and saw +3 lbs at this point 2 deaths funerals viewings emotional ups and downs and my already depression S**T I will take them 3 lbs and still be happy still being smiling and still say I got through this. I am strong I did not give up I stood tall and I jumped right back to where I had to be and I will get back to the weight I was. Nothing is holding me back NOTHING!!!! No gain no injury no depression no NOTHING!!!! Well now that I got that out Thanks for reading lol I hope everyone else updates by today and congrats to Robin and Tay you guys had amazing losses this week. Sorry again for the late link up I hope you understand with what I was going through and thats why I kept this open until today (monday instead of sunday) I hope everyone has another great week!!! TTYL!