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Thursday, September 1, 2011

A test on the second day?

So as you all may have read I started my new semester at school yesterday. I am only taking 2 classes this semester being as I only have biology classes left and I'm not going to confuse myself with multiple bio's So this semester I am taking bio 110 and math 111, two awful classes if I may add. Any who I got told by my bio teacher well you don't have class Friday because that's your lab day and you don't have class Monday because of labor day but when you come back on Wednesday you will have your first test. WHAT? WHO DOES THAT? so not looking forward to this :( Then my math teacher tells us we have 2 projects I never even knew you could do math projects.... Interesting.

Well moving on yesterday I didn't eat breakfast I know bad right...

Bagel thin ham turkey and ww cheese with 14 pringles light sour cream and onion with Lipton diet green tea citrus  7pp

3 fig newton cookie things lol cranberry citrus with water 3pp

Panera bread Pick 2 half cup of broccoli cheddar and a half Thai chopped salad with a whole grain baguette with grape fruit2o 14pp

Cherries 0pp

fiber one brownie (eh not as good as it looked) 2pp

I really feel like I ate something else but I guess not lol. I also signed up for myfitnesspal so I can start tracking calories too. Sad thing is you can only chose to lose 2 lbs a week at the most and even when I did that my calorie intake will only let me lose 1.4 a week :( I WANT 2 LBS LOL. so today I will be tracking calories with points This isn't going to be fun but should be very interesting. Well that's all for now I hope all is well with everyone. Have a great day! TTYL


  1. Good luck with your classes, hopefully they won't be as awful as you think.

    I found it doubly time consuming to count pp and calories at the same time, for me it is either one or the

    Have a wonderful day !

  2. Thanks and I hope so too. I did counting before but I counted calories fiber fat protein and crabs wow was that terrible lol I have to count calories for this challenge that starts soon so I am trying to get it down again. It majorly sucks though and Idk if I will continue when I am done the challenge but who knows.

  3. I love fitnesspal I use that as well. Yes I agree that counting calories & pp may be time consuming.. Do you have the WW app on your cell phone. That helped me a great deal so as soon as I put it my mouth I tracked it, I had to or I would conveniently forget.. lol. Great food choices today keep up the good work =)

  4. I do great with the points with or without the app but I do have it lol and the calculator. Im supporting a friend on there and counting my calories so I can hopefully lose more and so I can be ready for this blogger challenge

  5. LOL!! That's great your friend needs your support.. You'll do great on the blogger challenge, praying you will =-)