Do Not Quit

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just when I thought

This will be over soon I will give the twins back and have my weight loss life back and my my school/blogging life right?? NOT!!! I just got a call yesterday to add to an already way beyond the point of hectic telling me the jets are coming back in from Afghanistan on the 15 and I have to work that weekend so now I wont be there to pick up the kids until the 22nd. Well that would be ok if I wasn't in school. I am already failing the most important class I have right now and its going to be rough to bring my grade up I was hoping to have the first week of no babies to study for the second test that I was going to have which is literally the week after they would have left. I think the 19th or 20th well.... THAT WONT HAPPEN!!

I am also so drained always tired I feel like I am at the burn out stage. ( I hope you guys know a little bit about psychology and don't think I am talking about a burn out *pothead* lol) I don't know how I am even functioning anymore no lie. Its exhausting its putting all my goals plans and more importantly my career on hold. I love them to death and I love my sis to death but its like I already did this for a month I cant do it anymore. I would take them to her if I had the money but I am broke as a joke. No lie. Sorry I had to vent :)

I was ready to go up to the YMCA and ask for their financial assistance like I had at one point of time so I could start going to the gym again. They offer babysitting while you work out so that's a plus and the fact that I could then throw my daughters bday parties there and she could have swim lessons all at discounted prices because I am a member. I hope I can still get up there to drop off the form it would be nice to go somewhere and work off all this exhaustion and anger I face on a daily basis haha!.

Well I am trying my hardest to do better this week but Its not happening to well. Yesterday I did good until dinner time I was at 22 pp and then It went down hill because me being stupid said well I am already over my points and I figured since the fam was getting chick-fil-a why get a 12 pp salad if I could have a meal for near the same points. Cough Cough DO NOT EVER THINK LIKE THAT THERE EVER I ate a freaking 30 point meal REALLY!!!????!!! I didn't know that was possible. Def. will never make that mistake again sticking to salads there.

So today I did good so far but I do see me going over 3-4 points :( not too bad though and I am going to try to make it so that doesn't happen by make my food even smaller lol I have to and I will do this, with or without babies. I know I have said that before but I am messing up everything I worked so hard for. Everything!!! Well that's all I think I got my venting and my mistakes out there. I will ttyl. I hope everyones day/week is going great!!


  1. Wow.. There's a lot coming your way. I'm praying for you that you can get through this all. It's a lot of work to do this journey without children or a job.. But you have it all: a job, your daughter & the twins, work & school. You're doing your best with all of your daily duties. If you can, try to take some "YOU" time for a mental break. You are doing great with all that's going on, keep on working towards your goals. YOU WILL GET THERE :)

  2. I'm sorry that you're feeling so stressed. I'm experiencing the burnout hardcore too. It's so impressive that you can keep up with everything in your life.

    I know that when I'm in this crappy place, I can try to make lists and plans in order to prevent more stress. Menus and well planned grocery shopping have saved my eating habits lately.

    You can do this! I believe in you! :)

  3. You seem really overwhelmed but things will work out. It sounds like you will be getting back on track with the points and do well :) Good luck with everything!