Do Not Quit

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The second loss

This is the second time I have received bad news in less than 2 weeks. This is the second loss I have had in less than 2 weeks. Im not good with loss Heck Im not good with emotions in general unless they are good emotions. :( This person was my Dads best friend he was closer to him than his brother. Hell I know him more than I know my Uncle. He was my Uncle. UGHHHH!!!! Tears are rolling as I type but I had to let it out had to reach out vent whatever you want to call it. No Im not going to write a short story on here just wanted to scream a little bit just wanted to let it out. Just wish I would have seen him before this but hey at least I got to talk to him thats more than some people get right? Hes better now hes not in pain hes not suffering and he went in peace which is all i wanted for him and all I could have asked for. Battling cancer for that long puts a toll on you and you body but outliving what they said you would is a blessing spending time with friends and family and going on your own with out hospice is even better. May you rest in peace. WE LOVE YOU AND TRULY MISS YOU ALREADY. RIP UNCLE POWELL!!! Sorry again for this depressing blog. Sometimes its just better to reach out to anybody and everybody you can. I hope I can continue to make good decisions this week and stay on point. even with these two losses and other issues. I can not wait for things to start looking brighter over here. I could really use some sunshine on these dark cloudy days.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tiple "S" challenge First Post

So as we know the last 2 weeks of the challenge I had some financial issues and a lot of emotional issues going on and ended up gaining 4 lbs YES 4 LBS!!! I then went to get the Mirena and am still bloated :( So my official official weight is mia lol I weigh 173 ughhhhh wth?!? I dont care though because I feel great about my accomplishments and how far I have come and my body looks better than it did even with the bloating ;) I would like to lose 23 lbs this challenge. I dont know if i am going to make it there and I was going to make it 20 but I said well that wont be a challenge if I know that is possible lol. If I lose this 23 lbs it will take me to goal and I will then start maintenance for my life time WOOOT WOOOT!!!


Starting weight

Goal Weight

Weight Watchers

Stationary bike, walking, dance central and more to come now that I got accepted for financial aid for a gym YAY!!

Water intake
at least 84.5 fl oz but want to get to 100+ oz a day

So after the math I have to lose 1.92 lbs a week so lets just say 2 lbs. Thats not too bad looking at it that way until you think if one week I only lose 1 lb it goes up lol.

I have yet to actually order my bathing suit because like I said financial issues :( But heres a pic and i will post it when I get it if I dont find a cuter less expensive one before then.

I want this one but in black or white havent decided. SOOOO excited.

Well thats it for this week Good luck everyone and lets cross our fingers for great losses :) TTYL!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

An update for my Not an update

Im so sorry but I just lost a friend and I'm having a hard time I will not be updating today but I will update as soon as possible. I just wanted to let you know.its easier losing a friend due to illness rather than murder. I Gtg I'll ttyl


Ok so i have been having a hard time but Im going to get to the point here i gained 2 lbs last week as we know and another 2 lbs this week. REALLY!?! I mean I expected the gain this week with all the crap I went through but not the week before so this messed up my overall weight loss for this challenge :( Thats ok though because the triple s challenge starts tomorrow and I am ready!!! I can not wait to read your first post Im excited YAY!! Sorry again for the late comments everyone!!

Friday, March 16, 2012


If you are interested in being in or want to participate in the Triple S Challenge (sexy swimsuit summer challenge) please follow the blog and post a comment letting me know. The challenge starts on march 22nd and ends june 21st. The challenge details are on the page which you can get to by following the link above blogs titled challenge pages and I will have a post later this week for the first post. I look forward to seeing some of you there :) Have a great day!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

FDOS Update Week 10

This has been an awful week for me I gained 2 lbs :( So depressing. I have been having financial problems and we all know if we barely have an money to make it stretch and still get food we go for cheaper foods and cheaper foods means less healthy UGHHH. This is awful and I hope that after this week I will be financially stable ( well food wise lol) so I can get my butt back on track and eating good again.
Its so weird how fast you can gain weight back but how long it takes to lose it. Im really bummed right now and I know I shouldnt be because of the fact that I could not help it at all this time. But it still sucks I was only 4 lbs away from from my 50 lb mark and now im going backwards :(

Sorry to be all bummed and depressed but It just one of those weeks and I hope to God it gets better. Tty all later. Hope everyone else had a good week atleast.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dressing up

I hope Im not the only one but I like to do my hair and make up and get dressed all up even when Im not going anywhere lol. I think it pumps up my mood and def makes me feel better about myself. Basically I was on the phone with my friend who was asking me what I was doing and when I was going about my getting prettied up routine she asked why where are you going and I said nowhere and she laughed.... This was odd to me. Am I the only one who does this? There something about sexy or pretty clothing and high heels that immediately puts a smile on my face :) so this is what i accomplished

Sorry about the smudge on the mirror lol and my daughters toys EVERYWHERE!!!

So very random blog just to see if Im alone. TTYL.

Monday, March 5, 2012

FDOS Update Week 9

So this is going to be sweet simple and to the point because I am majorly blah today. I weighed in down one lb which brings me to 166 yay! No where near where I wanted to be right now but I am still happy with it. I did not get to work out this week because of everything I have been going through emotionally and I have been having a busy busy schedule. This week is going to be majorly tough because I am having financial problems right now so I hope I can manage to lose and not gain but we will see. I hope everyone had a great week and I hope this week goes great for everyone. SOrry again this is so short. TTYL