Do Not Quit

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I dont know... -Kim-

I just don't know what is going on but I have been soooo tired!!! I think it's because I haven't been walking... or the weather I don't know. 

So on top of feeling tired all day long, I had a math test. Anyone that knows me knows I hate math. Ugh most of it is so rediculous because who is really going to use this in everyday life? Not me! Im going for nursing not to be some kind of math genius. Nursing all you need to know is adding subtracting multiplying and dividing numbers decimals and fractions. You don't need to now how to factor, solve equations with variables etc. lol Im all heated over here for no reason at all well except the fact that my school makes up classes that you "Need" when you really don't.

Another good example is ACDV (academic development) which in their way of explaining it is transitioning from high school to college. Hmmm well lets see I've been out of high school for 6 years I don't think I need that  and I have already been in college but it "Mandatory" This is called we want these peoples money so we are going to make up bull shit classes for them to sit through. WTF? not only is it 100 and something bucks but its worthless info. that nobody really need.

And now the last example before I move on. Why must we take a placement test to see where we need to be then it mandatory we take the class even though it's a noncredit course? You would think they would let you just take it and if you fail then you know where to go. I had to sit through math 081 and 082 which was baby math. Even my teacher said why the f**k are you here? lol too funny. All I could say after laughing was because this is where I was placed. They just want my money :( 

Moving on I took another walk today. It was 2.03 miles I believe. It was easy. I walked it in 40 mins. Idk if thats good or not. At least I will figure out if not walking is why I'm tired today. I walked 5 1/2 miles on saturday 5 1/2 miles on sunday and 2 miles today. Yay! so so far this week *which is sat to sat* I have already walked 13 miles! Im aiming for 44 miles a month at the least. We will see.

I weigh in tomorrow night. I stepped on my scale which is usually only 1 pound lighter than ww scale and its showing I lost 2 lbs again :) I hope its not wrong and it would be even better if it was more. I will let everyone know tomorrow. I know I ask this all the time but anybody have anything they would like to talk about? Good luck on weigh in's and everything else that might be coming up. Well thats all i have to babble about. Talk to you guys later, unless you email me. 


  1. I hate math too it's a joke. Congrats on the walk! I wish it was warmer out here because I'd be out walking too. Good luck on your weigh in tonight!

  2. Good for you losing 2lbs :)
    For your walking goal I would start out slow and then build up to the higher numbers :)
    It is good to be back!