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Thursday, March 3, 2011

And Then There Was...A Cheat?? -Kim-

So as you all see my fellow blogger brittany has finally blogged a couple days in a row YAY! lol Now you don't only have to read my boring blogs. Congrats britt for keeping up with the diet and for starting to i guess you would say be more serious about it.

In bad news I have no idea if I stayed in my points today. GASP i know right I don't think anybody has heard that from me for a good while. I don't know what it is but I cant cheat. Im determined!! Any way though back to me maybe going over points I went to cracker barrel and asked them for nutrition info. and they told me they dont have them in the stores to try the website they know its on there. So lucky that i have a good phone I got on the internet and looked it up Let me give you a little example of what this nutrition info looked like.

All of our food is made with high quality ingredients... blah blah blah

                             Turkey sausages are available for substitution of regular sausage
                             Grilled chicken and fish are on the menu instead of fried
                             Side salads are available for one of your sides
                             Salads are also available for entree's
So ummmm what are the fat calories carbs etc.
They actually wrote they don't know...well what ever happened to guesstimating???

So yea I had a half of a chef salad and a cup of vegetable soup which is really about a half of a cup. Idk how many points that is but I would hope not too much and that would me I stayed inside my points. If not I went over but I guess thats ok since I never go over my points. I keep to my diet like a crack head keeps to his/her habit lmao..... yea random I know

So once again I was in school during the day which was just chilly and now that I'm home and want to walk its cold outside again. Im not getting this weather how is it a high fifty degrees one day and then the next its low forties or thirties I don't get it one bit but its frustrating me. I JUST WANT TO WALK!! :(

Well Im about to get ready to go to the movies with my bf :) and see sanctum and then come back home and hop to all these nice papers due on monday... 2 more added on that list. So I now have 4 papers due monday morning. Wish me luck. Ttyl and let me know if anyone has any news they wanna share. Keep up the good work!!!

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  1. Don't worry about if you went over or not, there is always tomorrow to correct any mistakes.
    Have fun writing your papers for Monday LOL I feel for you I really do as I have three deadlines of Tuesday LOL
    Keep up the awesome work both of you :)