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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Not Bad

First i want to give a shout out to Kim (you called but i was at work so if u see this soon call me again lol). So yeah big ups cause while you may or may not have lost anything u didn't gain your still moving towards something not backing away kudos. So in other news I did good today...I think. I stayed with in my points, and i went for a walk. I didn't exactly count my points but i did make healthier decisions. Smart ones are on sale at target so im gonna go load up on those and pop chips for work. Now that the weathers getting warmer i can walk to work and walk my son to the park. The warmer weather has also got me thinking of bathing suites and its making me anxious. I've got this vacation coming up and every time i think of it i just want to go to the gym and run then the thought makes me feel sleepy then a lil hungry lol. I feel a new pair of running shoes are in order because i need some motivation to hit the gym after working 8+ hours. I was thinking about taping my old bikini on the wall ideally i'll be able to fit into it buy July. Well time to get ready for class gn readers.

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